It was late in the evening at new-york.. but as people would know, New-york was never really quiet, the streets were buzzing with life, people walking back and ford, laughing.. and high up above, far way from all of them, stood a lonely mutant looked down.

He looked enormous in seize, like a huge dog, but a monster dog of its kind, he had bones sticking out his arms, his eyes were red. He was enormous and couln't fit through regular doors or even a regular elevator, so he had to go up, the long way to this room.

Only to be faced with all the many pictures, medals, trophies from a former life. I life he could no longer have. "ARGH!" Bradford shouted as he picked up a trophy and threw at his picture frame so they both crashed.

"Feeling down amigo?"

Bradford sneered as he turned around and was faced with that dreaded fish, he hated that man, hated Xever. "What do you want?" Bradford sneered dangerously. "Fishy."

"Just heard an awful lot of noise, and I was wondering, maybe my good old pal Bradford is having a bad day." Xever suggested though his tone was just dripping with sarcasm.

"How would you understand? We saved you from prison you twit, without us you would have zip." Bradford sneered. "Do you know how it is, to work so hard for some-thing! I made all of this! All these dojos, trained all these men, earned my spot in the world. AND FOR WHAT?" did he shout as he threw another trophy at another wallpaper of his former self. "All of my life's work! All my hard work gone in an instant! Because of this!" he looked at his hands, his big mutant hands. "Might be hard to imagine for you, but I was a big some-one!"

"Yeah right." Xever snorted as he leaned up against the wall. "Just because you found me in prison doesn't mean I never worked for any-thing, hell, living on the street to just survive is hard work, and when you move up to bigger things, staying alive is even harder, scraping by day by day. But you wouldn't have to faintest idea how that is would you rich boy? how much I had to fight to get into the position that I had!" he sneered. "And because of your stupid need to break the glass, I can't even breath or walk without help from these stupid things." He hissed grabbing his aquatic breathers attached to his neck. "You have any idea how repulsive the chicks find this look?"

"Oh so it's just the girls whom are important?" Bradford asked in a sneer. "Shows your priorities don't it?"

"I really wish I had never met you." Xever sneered dangerously. "So I wouldn't have to put up with your wining and self pity, but most of all, it weren't for you, this would have never happened!" he stated grabbing Bradford by the throat.

"If you want to fight go ahead." Bradford sneered. "I can take you, and even if you could take me, killing me wouldn't fix it, it would just make Shredder angry."

"Oh if killing you meant fixing it, you would have been dead a long time ago, believe me." Xever responded. "Shredder or no Shredder." he stated as he finally let go, looking like he had figured it probably wouldn't be worth the trouble. "But do yourself a favour and stop wining like suck a girl Bradford." Xever rolled his eyes. "I doubt any-one whom this happened to likes it, you're just the only one being such a girl about it."

Splinter sighed as he had ones again been brought out of his meditation due to noise, some-where behind him, two of his sons were sparring, listening a little more closely, he could hear that it was Leonardo and Donatello.

Splinter exhaled again as he looked at the picture in front of him, he was kneeing in front of his shrine looking at the picture of his former self along with his wife and little baby daughter, he remembered those days, though it seemed so long ago, he even knew that right after this picture had been taken, he had laid a hand on Tang-shens shoulder, now Splinter looked at his current hand, the hand with only four fingers on it, and longer claw like nails.

Splinter sighed ones again as he on cue bowed a little to the left, just as Donatello came flying and rammed into the wall with his head, laying on his shell looking up at Splinter with wide eyes.

"oh, hey Sensei." Donatello greeted him as he looked wide-eyed up at Splinter with wide open eyes.

"Evening Donatello." Splinter replied looking down at him.

"So erh.. hows it going?" Donatello asked still from the floor.

Splinter shrugged. "Same old, same old. I believe how-ever, that you want to role around and dodge in a moment." He stated.

"Oh?" Donatello asked.

Just in that moment Leonardo came launching. "HIYA!" he charged for Donatello, only for the Donnie to do exactly as what Splinter had just suggested and rolled aside to dodge, but that wasn't enough, in less than a second Leonardo had him in a full arm-luck. "Evening Sensei!" Leonardo grinned as Donatello was hopelessly trapped.

"Let go! You won all-ready, shesh!" Donatello hissed.

"Fine." Leonardo rolled his eyes as he let go, then bowed for Donatello in that way that indicated he had ended the battle and Donatello returned it the same way.

"Next time be a little careful about where you throw me." Donatello exhaled. "I almost rammed into Splinter!"

"You would have been fine." Leo stated as he rolled his eyes.

"Correct, Donatello would have been fine." Splinter replied as he stood up. "You how-ever Leonardo, I am not so sure about."

"Erh, hehe." Nervously Leonardo swallowed as he stood back. "Sorry Sensei." He at last told. "I honestly didn't see you, you were sitting very still."

To that Splinter stepped closer, until he was centimetres in front of Leo, then flexed hit finger, and thereby hit Leonardo with only one finger on the forehead.

"AUW!" Leonardo hissed rubbing his fore-head.

"A ninja takes in all of his surroundings so he knows precisely what obstacles he has to work with in a battle." Splinter lectured. "If you are not aware of your obstacles, you cannot use them to your own advantage, in worst case scenario they'll even make you trip! add it to the fact, that you might end up hurting bystanders or allies by mistake if you are not aware. You must always be aware of the entire room around you!"

"Okay I get it!" Leonardo stated. "Be aware if your surroundings! All the time!"

"Good then." Splinter nodded, then laid a hand on Leonardo's shoulder has he bowed a little over. "Great use of the Haka-Nayi technique, poor Donatello didn't stand a chance."

And Leonardo beamed in response as he smiled. "Thanks Sensei." He told.

"Yo guys!" Michelangelo duck his out from the kitchen curtain. "I've made pizza for every-body!" he stated.

"It's just regular pizza today isn't it?" Donatello asked. "Please say it's just regular pizza!"

"It's regular pizza." Michelangelo told making Dontallo exhale relieved. "WITH ANSHOVIES, BANANA AND GUMMIE-BEARS TOPPING!" he exclaimed, making both Donatello and Leonardo wrinkle their faces in disgust.

"And guys." Lazily Raphael poked his head out of the kitchen curtain as well. "For those of you with actual normal taste-buds, I cooked some rise."

"Bless you Raph." Donatello exhaled.

"Oh come on, my pizza is delicious to." Mikey tried to convince them.

"My son." Splinter addressed the turtle. "With great power comes great responsibility."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Mikey asked.

"When cooking food that has been known to make people feel sick, do you really think it's a good idea to force your family to eat it?" Splinter asked.

"Urh.." Mikey blinked then blushed. "He-he." He nervously laughed.

"I don't get why you don't just do things normally." Raphael rolled his eyes. "Then your cooking would have a chance of being actually good."

"Normal is boring!" Michelangelo stated. "And not my style at all!"

Splinter shook his head. "Apparently not."

"Beside we are mutants living in the sewer any-way." Michelangelo pointed out as he returned to the kitchen. "What is the point of even attempting to be normal?"

Splinter exhaled suddenly feeling a little tired as he looked across the dojo room and caught on last glimpse of his picture.. of a normal human life, before he turned around and went into the kitchen were his sons were, all collected for dinner.

In the evening the turtles were collected to watch a monster marathon, and Splinter even joined them for a little while, taking the opportunity merely to sit with his sons.

How-ever as Splinter retreated to bed he reminded all of the turtles that there would be training as always in the morning, and there wouldn't be any more mercy than usual just because they decided to stay up late.

The turtles ended up waving Splinter of, telling him he shouldn't worry, and Splinter made a mental note not to go easy on the turtles in the morning at all.

As Splinter laid on his futon, he felt unusually drowsy.. very unusually drowsy, he even yawned as the entire world started to seem blurry for him and strangely washed out, before he lost conscious to sleep.

The turtles as well were more hanging in the couch as they could barely keep their eyes open to try and watch their monster movie.. Garbage man, about a young man whom underwent a horrible mutation and now searched revenge on the bullies whom had bullied him.

"Sarah I'm a monster." The TV-monster spoke to his love interest. "This is not normal, none of it, it would be ridicules for us to be together."

"Kenny, we'll figure some-thing out! There has to be a way!"

"I wish there was Sarah, I really wish there were. If I could just be normal again, I would give any-thing Sarah! Any-thing.. but that's not how it works. So all I can do is to finish this."

"Mmm." Splinter groaned as he woke up, even before he opened his eyes he knew that he had over-slept, and he grimaced by the thought. He never over-slept! Not one day in his life, only when he had been ill, and those occasions had been exceptionally rare, finally Splinter opened his eyes and sat up stretching his arms, and felt very annoyed that he still felt tired at all.

Still, if his sons weren't in dojo as they should be, then he would have his reason to teach them a lesson, Splinter raised up as he grabbed for his robe.. and it was first then he realised what was so odd. His hand.. his hand had five fingers! Normal fingers at that. Shocked Splinter looked down at himself and almost fell down as the shock hit him.

Legs, feet's and none of them hairy, also were the tail lacking and.. oddly enough Splinter felt panick striken by the revelation of his missing tale. Scrambling to his legs Splinter threw his robe around himself and festooned it, before turning a mirror and was wide-eyed met with.. a human reflection. And a very recognisable one.

Splinter was looking at himself, his former self.. well mostly, a few gray hairs were to be found among the blacks, he looked older than before. Slightly older..

At last Splinter managed to shake his head, and took a deep breath to clear his mind as he closed his eyes, calming himself down. Then the next thought stroke down in him and Splinter opened his eyes. "My sons!" he realised and turned to the rice-paper door and opened it, only to be faced with an empty dojo, his sons weren't there.

Suddenly Splinter felt anxious as he started calling. "Leonardo! Raphael! Donatello!" He sprung down from the Dojo and entered the living room. "Michelangelo! My sons!?" then he realised.. the TV was still on, here in the morning now showing a news-programme. Splinter frowned as he walked towards the couch and the TV, only to wide-eyed stand back as he saw on the couch.. four turtles crawling around.

Only, they were four highly ordinary turtles, nothing special about them at all, Splinter reached down and picked up a orange mask that just laid on the couch no longer fitting its owner. "My sons." Splinter whispered trying to hold back a desperate tear, then it escaped him any-way as he gingerly picked one of the turtles up and held it in his hands. "Leonardo." He barely whispered as he held the turtle.

The turtle didn't react to his voice, didn't even look at him, but dully moved his gums as if he was chewing.

Very carefully Splinter let the turtle back down, then looked at the rest, putting a name on each of them. "Donatello." He whispered at the biggest but some-how thinnest turtle, whom was chewing on the couch. "Raphael." Splinter brushed the most robust turtle. "Michelangelo." Splinter sadly looked at the smallest turtle, then sighed as he turned around and was faced with a fifth turtle. "Spike." He almost muttered. Then he exhaled slumping down in a sitting position beside the couch, ones again exhaling trying to find out what to do, as he collected his legs in meditations position.

Soon after Splinter opened his eyes and went back to his own room, only to emerge again with a bag over his shoulder, very carefully Splinter put all four of his precious turtles in the bag, and took them with him as he exhaled and walked towards the exit and then he walked out.

Soon Splinter found himself at the wished ladder and looked up, to be faced with a man-hole. Beyond that man-hole there was new-york city.

A street filled with people walking back and ford, it would have to be around ten AM at this time, so the street would be filled with sun-shine.. and people. Naturally Splinter felt very hesitant about his action, but finally lifted the manhole and had to squint his eyes as he was met with sun-light, shining right into his face.

It probably felt more odd for Splinter than it should, to simply emerge into sun-light. But some-how it felt wonderful and terrible on the same time. It had simply been so long.. so very very long.

Splinter took a deep breath as he looked around the corner, at all of the people and collected himself before he finally.. merely stepped out. Out in plain sight where all the people could see him.

And no one cared! No one at all, ones again, Splinter was completely and absolutely, entirely unremarkable. The only thing standing out about him.. was his clothes. The dark red robe and his bare feet's wasn't exactly the best thing for a stroll in new-york.

But Splinter hadn't any-thing else, he hadn't even been able to wear shoes for the past fifteen years. And as it turned out.. shoes would be a very good thing for an ordinary human at the streets of new-york!

Another thing that would be use-full, Splinter realised.. would be a clue, or an aim.. or help to find out what was going on.

Splinter exhaled as he sat down on a bench in the park, and tried to gain a clearer perspective.

His problem was simple, some-thing had happened to his sons, and he wanted to know what and how to reverse it.

He didn't know what had happened, but also knew the Krang was probably his best bet at current time.

Another problem though was that Splinter knew absolutely nothing about computers or science. He was a master in nin-jitsu and spirituality, science were as far away from him as clouds were from the earth.

So he needed help, he could potentially break into a krang lab, but it would be dangerous, especially when being alone, even if he were a nin-jutsu master.

And even if he did that, he wouldn't know what to look for in there, or even how to use what he found. He needed a scientist.

Not just a scientist, a scientist that would believe his story about mutation and aliens from another dimension.

And a scientist whom would be willing to help for free as Splinter very literately had nothing.

Splinter groaned as he rubbed his forehead, this was a bit to complicated for his liking, things were indeed simpler back in japan, where all you had to worry about were other ninjas and their doings, things like that Splinter could handle.

There really wasn't any-thing for it, Splinter needed help, and he didn't know any-one! Any-one to put him in contact with some-one else.

Splinter exhaled as he reached for his T-phone in his pocket and opened it up to search through the individual numbers. Not that there were that many, just the four turtles and then April. Whom was the one he needed. Sighing deeply Splinter called her up, and then waited for her to pick up her own phone, it didn't take long just a few seconds.

"Hallo it's April." Aprils voice sounded.

"Hallo April." Splinter responded.

"Sensei?" Aprils voice sounded deeply surprised. "What a.. surprise. What owes the pleasure?"

"April, we are having a bit of a problem." Splinter told.

"Krang or ninja related?" Aprils voice asked.

"Potentially krang." Splinter admitted. "How-ever I cannot be sure."

"Why aren't the guys calling me about this?" April asked.

At that Splinter looked down in his bag he still carried over his shoulder, to see the four turtles.. it looked like they were all sleeping. "That's part of the problem." Splinter admitted. "It's a bit difficult to explain over the phone."

"I can come down to the sewer now, I just got free from school." April told.

"No need." Splinter told. "Tell me, where are you now?" he asked.

"On my way home from school." April replied.

"Go a detour to the park." Splinter instructed. "Go to the east-side of the park, by the water."

"I'm all-ready on my way." April replied. "I'll just call when I am there you can… instruct me about what I am supposed to do."

Splinter exhaled deeply. "It'll come to you." He assured. "Thank you." He at last told before they hung up and Splinter just had to wait.

He didn't have to wait to long before he saw her, April walking down the path in front of him, she looked very searching in all directions, yet her eyes skipped him, as if she searched for some-thing different, Splinter saw her picking up her T-phone and felt his own ringing in his pocket.

April stopped by the sound of the ring-tone and turned to him now seeing him. Aprils eyes opened wide as Splinter reached for his own T-phone and responded to it, keeping the eye-contact with April. "As I said, a bit of a problem."

Aprils mouth was wide-open as she just starred, at last she managed to form words. "Sen-sensei?" she asked.

"Close your mouth April, gaping does not suit you, and there might be a flie flying into that gape of yours." Splinter replied dryly making April close her mouth at ones as Splinter put his T-Phone away.

And April did the same only to run up to Splinter. "Sensei is it really you?" she asked as she stood in front of him, gaping for breath. "What happened? why are you?"

"It is me, I don't know and I don't know." Splinter answered all three questions.

"How did the turtles react?" April asked wide-eyed. "Why are you even up here? I mean even if you are.. why call me? What is going on?"

"April calm down." Splinter asked, then exhaled. "My sons reactions were minimum, and that's the problem." Slowly Splinter put ford his bag which April looked curiously at, and Splinter opened the bag for April to see.

Aprils eyes widened as she took a step back. "No." she shook her head. "Can't be."

Sadly Splinter picked up one of the turtles. "I'm afraid it is." He told and gently laid one turtle in Aprils hand, to close her hands around it. "Look." He asked.

And April lifted the turtle to look at it, tears forming in the corner of her eye. "Donnie." She whispered. "So this just happened to all of you?" April asked looking at Splinter again as she held the turtle close to her chest. "Your mutations just went away like that."

"As far as I can tell." Splinter exhaled.

"How many did it happen for?" April asked. "Did it happen to every-one?"

"Who can tell?" Splinter asked.

"I don't believe it!" Bradford was looking at his own mirror reflection. "I'm myself again!" he almost cried touching his face. "YES!" he ran to one of his broken picture frames on the floor and picked it up. "I can pick up where I left of! I can go back to my life." He almost cried he put the picture back in place on the wall, standing back with a big smile on his face.

"OH GOD!" a voice sounded from the other room, and a lot of splashes.

Bradford laughed loudly as he walked into the room with fish tank and reached down an arm to plug up a soaking wet and very confused Xever. "Drowning are we?" Bradford asked. "Can't have that, it would make Shredder angry."

"BRADFORD!" Xever exclaimed. "Your ugly mug is back!"

"Look who's talking." Bradford smirked and let go dropping Xever back into the water.

This time Xever got the jest of it a big quicker as he broke the surface and hung over the railing of the tank, then looked at his hands, then next looked down at his legs. "legs.." he whispered. "I got legs.. MY REAL LEGS!" he yelled. "I can breath! BREATH AIR!" he exclaimed and pushed himself over the fish-tank to land on the ground on his feet's. "Is it all back?" he asked touching his hair, then turned to the glass and caught his own reflection. "Man are you a sight for sore eyes sexy." He spoke to his own reflection. "I've missed you so much!" he exclaimed embracing the glass window of the fish-tank. "I LOVE BEING ME AGAIN! I've missed you so much!" he spoke to the mirror reflexing kissing it. "You sexy devil."

"No need to overdo it." Bradford snorted as he rolled his eyes while crossing his arms. "It's hardly an improvement you know." He stated, neglecting to tell how he head been ready to kiss his own mirror reflexion as well only minutes ago.

"But how did it happen?" Xever asked turning to Bradford.

"Maybe the mutagen just wore off." Bradford suggested in a shrug.

"You really are dumb aren't you, there's no way it's that simple." Xever hissed.

"All I care about is that I am normal again." Bradford sneered.

"And what I care about, is staying normal!" Xever exclaimed. "I will find out what happened, so I can be sure it'll continue happen! I swear to you Bradford, I'm never going back to being a stupid fish again." He sneered turning around.

Bradfords eyes widened as he realised what Xever had just said, and the point he had just made. "HEY WAIT UP!" Bradford yelled as he ran after him.

"Don't tell me you want to team up now?" Xever asked as he rolled his eyes.

"Oh I hate you as much as usual." Bradford assured. "But neither do I want to ever go back. So for this one I can acknowledge it, we want the same thing. It'll might pay off to stick around."

"Fine then." Xever exhaled. "Desperate times, desperate measures I suppose."