Impressive, mortal.

The voice rang out in her head. It was neither male nor female, neither raspy or smooth. It was simply there. It made her shiver, but she kept her focus. Her eyes remained locked with the creature.

His face had no eyes except for the suggestive area where you would presume them to be if they were actually present. Slender was used to draining someone's insanity extremely fast. It was fun. It was perhaps his best way of ending someone's life. His other favorites were suffocation and puppeteering. During the former, his dark, chaos based tendrils would choke the air out of someone, and the substance it was made out of would make the victim relive their worst memories over and over until they finally died.

In the latter, he took complete control of the victim and made them commit a form of suicide in various ways, whether it be knife, electrocution, and such.

But now, for the first time, he met resistance. This woman in her thirties, a college professor. She had an extremely high IQ, and so far she'd shown little signs of giving in. She was standing in an empty hallway at her University where she taught. She was going to lock the place up, but then, this interruption.

A drop of sweat slithered down her forehead. It was extremely hard to resist his luring, destructive aura. It made her want to give in and scream, and god she was frightened. But not enough to give in. She would survive. Actually that's what she DIDN'T tell herself. Because that would be arrogant and would probably result in her death.

Slender was the true master of Poker Faces. That was something her sub conscious registered.

He, it, whatever it was didn't show any sign of effort. In fact, this seemed to be merely a game for the terror.

In reality, Slendy was nervous.

He'd NEVER met anyone who actually seemed to shown signs of 'resistance'.

Of course, he'd win in the end. His omniscient being was virtually unstoppable.


Melissa Chandler, was her name. His mastering of telekinetic powers told him this.

Her teeth were gritted, and her face was soaked, but she didn't seem to be close to giving in. Her muscles tensed, when she saw that Slender had quietly snapped a finger. Suddenly the surroundings were full of fire, gnashing and writhing, whipping the air.

Melissas's mind told her it wasn't real, but she felt heat.

A black line formed on Slender's face. Small, but visible. It started to grow in a curved motion, starting up, tipping down and ending up with a northward tip.

I'd give in, now. Otherwise your fate afterwards will be MUCH more painful.

Suddenly, Melissa smiled. Slenderman staggered a few steps back in surprise. Now her mind's power was on the offensive, and Slender had never been used to such a thing. No longer defending, Slendy's psychic walls were falling apart.

For the first time in an endless eternity of murder, torture and endless hounding and stalking, the word Retreat flashed in his mind.

His form disappeared into a dark, swirling vortex. The flames disappeared and Melissa was now alone.

She breathed deeply for a few moments. Then she looked at herself. Her fingers were sharper, her arms surged with energy. She had an obscure idea. She thought 'fire', and a flame appeared in front of her.

Melissa grinned. She'd figured out the perfect counter strategy against Slenderman, and she'd lived. Now she was stronger from the experience. She focused on a tile a few yards away, and suddenly she was there.

Oh, yes. She was going to hunt down 'Slendy', and then conduct a research on her powers. Maybe keep Slenderman alive for some bizarre unhumane experiments. Her mind was darker, and she now saw the nefarious side of every choice she could make.

This was going to be fun.