A/N: Hey guys! This is my second AJPunk Fanfiction. I wrote my first story "A Great Friend" a few months ago and I thought for my first, it was an alright story. I am so caught up with school work and personal things that I haven't been uploading anything and with everything that has been happening in the WWE, I think it's time to be creative and make these story lines and feuds interesting again. This story is about my favorite WWE couple CM Punk and AJ Lee. Their storyline in the summer or 2012 and even their connection after that is so dynamic and essential in where they are so cute together. So I've decided to write a story about them but in a very different perspective. WARNING: May contain strong sexual activity, rape, and or abuse. Rated M.

AJ had ran to her office. She never in all her life would have thought that Punk would try to hurt her. She knew Punk had changed after Raw 1000 from his attitude to his appearance but he went too far. He knew her weak spot and so he took the challenge. Punk wanted to expose AJ, he wanted to humiliate her and make her feel what he has been feeling like for a while now and that is worthlessness. AJ abused her power. She didn't have the ability to be the general manager of Raw. To Punk, the worst part about AJ being the general manager was that she has all the control and that bothered him. Punk was always in control of anyone no matter what the situation was and he wouldn't allow AJ to get one over him. If AJ wants to play rough then he will play it rougher. This time, its Punk's time and he will not allow his former girlfriend to take control and think that she is in charge of him.

As soon as AJ stepped into her office she slammed the door with force, feeling enraged with anger and humiliation. Punk struck her nerve and he broke her down emotionally and she didn't understand why. AJ was so angry that she threw her phone at the wall not even caring if she broke it. She then started to cry. Tears began running down her cheek, her face hot as fire. Punk destroyed her and she couldn't handle the pain. With Daniel, she would cry and move on because she knew Daniel never loved her but Punk was always there for her. He was there when Daniel treated her like trash. He would comfort her and always be there to protect her but now he doesn't care.

AJ crying her eyes was so overwhelmed she felt like dying. Suddenly, she heard a loud knock on her office door. Without even looking or even thinking who may be knocking on her office door during the show she just opened the door. When she saw who was standing there before her she wished she hadn't.

"So is it that you feel like dying or is it that you really want to die?" Punk asked her sternly standing in the center of her doorway smirking as if he found that amusing.

AJ rolled her eyes and rested her head on her arm. "Do you like bothering me or are you just a dick?"

Punk looked down at her giving her an arrogant grin that always made her react a certain way and a way he liked. "Your words never seem to amaze me AJ. You are just so-." Punk got cut off by AJ.

"Don't even say another word to me Punk. Haven't you done enough?" AJ said annoyed.

Punk tucked his chin and looked at her bitterly. "I was just going to say sweet." Punk then spreading a slight smile across his face. AJ loved Punk's smile. It always sent chills down her spine but she knew it was fake now. It wasn't the same.

"Listen Punk!" AJ said taking a deep breath. "I don't know what your problem is or why you're treating me like trash all of a sudden but let me remind you that I am YOUR boss. I will not take your attitude and arrogant remarks. AJ's voice was demanding.

Punk scratched the back of his head. "Oh I get it. You won't take my attitude or arrogant remarks because I humiliated you? Please AJ, don't act all surprised, you know you deserved it." Punk said rather frustrated.

"Deserved what exactly?" AJ's eyes started watering up. "What did I ever do to you to deserve that Punk…you know what, I don't even care anymore. I have a show to run and you are just not worth my time." AJ said strictly looking into the eyes of the WWE Champion. She was standing up to him and that made him angry.

AJ was going to close the door on him until his anger exploded from her comment and he stepped into her office and with much force, grabbed her arm.

Punk's face was starting to turn color. "You want to repeat that to my face AJ?" Punk said gripping AJ's arm tighter.

AJ began to flinch from his fast movement. "Punk let go of me NOW." AJ said trying not to allow him to intimidate her.

"NO! You don't get to talk to me that way I am the WWE Champion and you should start showing me respect." Punk said screaming the words at her.

"I will not show you respect because you haven't earned my respect. You think you're so much better than everyone else just because you don't do drugs and don't smoke. You are just a loner and can't stand the fact that John Cena is better than you." AJ said now feeling a sense of regret by the look in the WWE Champions eyes.

"EXCUSE YOU!" Punk said gripping AJ's arm tighter and forcing her to move backwards.

AJ yelped. "Ow Punk that hurts."

"Shut Up!" Punk screamed now in control of the situation. AJ's back hit the wall with force. "Now I'm going to make this crystal clear so your pretty little head can plaster it. I am the WWE Champion! I am the face of this company and the Best in the World. Punk's words almost sounding fatal to AJ. John Cena is nothing compared to me. He is just like you in that sense…Worthless.

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