A/N: Hey guys! So here is the last and final chapter of A Changed Champion. I hope you all enjoy.

Sheamus and Kaitlyn walked back to their car and sat in it both very frustrated and upset. Sheamus just really wanted to hurt Punk for threatening Kaitlyn. Sheamus couldn't hold back anything. He threw his hands at the steering wheel and started viciously banging his fists onto it, making Kaitlyn jump by his action.

"Babe calm down." Kaitlyn calmly said as she rested her hand on Sheamus' shoulder

Sheamus huffed and puffed with anger "I can't calm down. He blew it this time. He went too far."

Kaitlyn looked at the Celtic Warrior and gasped as she felt her lungs closing in. "I know that your upset but we can't do anything about that. What we need to do is find AJ and help her. She may be in danger."

Sheamus shook his head and turned to his girlfriend "I understand your concern for AJ, but this guy threatened you. This guy who we called a friend put his hands on you. So as much danger AJ may be in, he still put you in danger as well, and he made it personal."

Kaitlyn heard the seriousness in Sheamus' voice.

"What are you possibly willing to do?" Kaitlyn asked

Sheamus turned his head and looked Kaitlyn dead in her eyes

"I'm going to kill him"

This made Kaitlyn shake in fear. She knew Sheamus wasn't kidding around when she saw his most sadistic smile cover his face. Sheamus reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Kaitlyn sat there in the passenger seat shaking and shivering at the same time by her boyfriend's words.

Sheamus started dialing a number

"Who are you calling?" Kaitlyn suspiciously asked

Sheamus didn't answer but instead started talking to the person on the phone

"I'd like to inform you that there has been a kidnapping and that immediate services need to take place"

Kaitlyn looked at Sheamus and gawked in surprise

"Babe you're not rea-"

"A man that goes by the name Phil Brooks aka CM Punk. He just kidnaped a woman who goes by the name of April Mendez aka AJ Lee and viciously assaulted her and other people including myself and my girlfriend."

Kaitlyn shook her head as she hoped he wasn't calling who she thought he was calling.

"Babe who are you talki-"

"I'd like him to be tracked down and arrested."

Kaitlyn knew exactly who he was talking to once she heard the word arrested. She couldn't believe he was bringing the police into this.

The police on the other line started asking questions to Sheamus about his appearance, vehicle, and if he knew where he was heading. Sheamus gladly gave the police everything that he knew.

"Sir, do you know the exact destination of where this man is heading?" The officer asked

Sheamus was pissed off. He didn't want to answer questions that he didn't know the answer to. "If I knew then I would be handling this situation on my own. Your job is to track them down isn't it?"

Meanwhile Kaitlyn was building up tears as she sat there next to her boyfriend and listened to him rudely talk to an officer and go as far as having them track down Punk and arrest him. Kaitlyn hated Punk for what he did but she knew why he was acting like that. It wasn't hard to figure out after all, Punk's monstrous acts were half a part of his heel persona. The rest was just because he feels disrespected and that's understandable.

"Sir I'm going to need you to calm down and answer these questions respectfully and thoughtfully." The officer calmly replied

Sheamus eased down his temper and took a deep breath

"Alright, now do you know the exact vehicle this man is driving?" The officer asked

"He has a tour bus. Black with white lining and red stars around it. It says Best In The World on both sides of the bus."

"Okay and this man goes by the name of Phil Brooks?"

"Yes that is his real name. CM Punk is his wrestling name. He is wrestler as am I" Sheamus replied

"Alright! We are tracking him now and it seems like he is heading out of St. Louis to Chicago." Said the officer

"Is there something special about Chicago?"

"Yea he lives in Chicago" Sheamus answered

"Okay Sir, he seems to be heading to Chicago so we'll alert the Chicago police department and they shall handle it from there."

Sheamus looked confused "So you're not going to go find him. You're just going to wait until he arrives in Chicago in hopes that he will end up where in expect him to?"

"Sir, I understand your concern but we can't do anything about this. Being that he is leaving St. Louis, we can't leave and follow him all the way to Chicago. We are tracking him down so one way or another he will be captured."

As angry and annoyed Sheamus was, he understood the officer's reason for not being able to capture Punk and arrest him the way he would want to. So he wouldn't waste any time to drive down to Chicago and stop Punk himself.

"Thank you officer for your help."

"No problem Sir and we promise you he will be found and caught."

Sheamus got off the phone and looked over at Kaitlyn who was frozen in place by what she just heard.

"Kaitlyn snap out of it" Sheamus snapped his fingers but Kaitlyn would not even blink

"Kaitlyn, hey, everything we be find. Punk will be captured, AJ will be saved and everything we be to back normal again." Sheamus said as he shook her, "Kaitlyn"

Kaitlyn turned to face him and her eyes were droopy and watery.

"Kaitlyn talk to me."

"I don't know what to say. You just set out on an investigation to have our long-time friend arrested so I can't even think straight let alone feel anything good anymore. Do you realize what you've just done?" Kaitlyn was shaking as every word left her mouth.

"Sweetie, this guy is not our friend anymore. He's changed and hurt me and AJ and you. How can you be so remorseful towards him?"

"Because Sheamus, he still means something to us. Like you said to me the other day. Punk will always be our friend. And friends never question each other no matter what."

Sheamus saw the hurt in Kaitlyn's eyes. She never wanted it to come down to this. She never wanted to destroy a friendship. She was torn by this.

"Kait baby. I knew Punk for a long time now. I knew his good side and his bad side. No matter how his day was, how angry he was, he never treated me like he did today. He never treated any woman as horribly as he is doing now. I don't want to do this to him. He brought this upon himself. I am doing this for the sake of everyone. He needs to be stopped….and he will"

Kaitlyn looked at Sheamus and cried even more now. As much as she wants to take trust in Sheamus, she just can't live to see Punk arrested and in jail. Punk is this lovable jerk, everybody's friend. At times can be a pain in the ass but that's what makes him likeable, unique and above all a great friend. He isn't as bad as people think he is. Sheamus thinks so because he assumes Punk isn't who he says he is anymore. Kaitlyn wants to prove Sheamus wrong. Sheamus may want Punk to be stopped but Kaitlyn wants what everyone else would want and that is to save Punk and to help him to become good again.


Punk and AJ were enjoying their hot and steamy night that they both oh so desperately yearned for. Punk was giving AJ exactly what she deserved and what she needed. He spent about fifteen minutes just marking up her body with slimy wet kisses. All the way from her neck down to her collarbone to her beautiful breasts to her smooth toned core. He was claiming her as his possession, his girl again. She was never Daniel's. She never belonged to Kane. She sure as hell wasn't Cena's. She was and always will be Punk's.

AJ was giggling as Punk continued to kiss down her body. Soft pecks on her breasts and lightly nibbling on her nipples. AJ couldn't help but make slight moans of pleasure as Punk bit down on her left breast sending bolts of electricity throughout her entire body. This made Punk smile as he watched his one and only love feel worshiped and loved. That's all he ever wanted for her. Punk made his way down to her lower abdomen and kissed lightly across until he reached her sweats. He was glad they weren't jeans because the torture that would of came out of trying to remove those things. He looked up at her and smirked as he loved watching her privately moan in her mouth and arch her back. Her own pleasure was just enough for Punk's pleasure. Punk contacted his eyes back to the jaw string of her sweats and he bit down on it, roughly pulling the string with his tongue. He growled while doing it which just about made AJ come out of her own world and realize what he was going after.

AJ jumped up and looked down to see Punk aggressively tugging on the string of her sweats. Punk smiled as he felt her hands push his face away but he would have none of that. Not now.

"AJ don't even think about it" Punk hissed at her

AJ started clenching the bed sheets as she tried pulling away from him but that only made him tug on the string harder.

"P-Punk I can't-"

AJ was cut off by Punk's hands touching her waistline as he dipped his hands under neat her sweats and started slowly pulling them down. Punk kept his eyes locked on AJ as he saw her nerves pick up. He stopped half way and slowly motioned himself up towards her face and kissed her gently, trying to relax her.

AJ was nervous about Punk touching her. She trusted him with her but the thoughts of him hurting her again would keep popping up in her head. She didn't want Punk to know that she was scared but she couldn't help these feelings as they overcame her each time Punk would touch her. It felt right but in another sense she still had doubt and that worried her.

"AJ you have to relax sweetheart please, don't be scared." Punk said in between kisses being placed on her neck

AJ turned her head a little bit to give him more access to her neck. She felt more relaxed when he kissed her. It showed his love for her and how much he wanted to show that love instead of just saying it.

"I'm not really scared Punk, I'm just being brought back to what happened the other day. I don't want it to happen again." AJ told him as every word she said had a sound of fear coming from it.

Punk stopped kissing her neck and took his hand and forced her eyes to meet his. He looked into all the fear and pain that was building up in her and his eyes were telling her to let it all go. That Punk is gone. He is dead. The real, lovable jerk that fell in love with AJ is back and this is how he will remain forever. Never will he turn his feelings off for AJ nor will he ever stop loving her. She makes him who he is.

"AJ, That guy is gone. The monstrous, mean, bad Punk is dead. I will NEVER hurt you like that again. That's a promise I give to you."

AJ heard the good and honesty come from his voice when he said that. A promise he gives to her is to never hurt her again. AJ nodded her head and smiled. She can now move forward from that fear and enjoy her night with Punk. She plans on spending more than one night with him though. She was feeling playful now and wanted that aggressive, beastly Punk to come out and play. She loved the romantic, soft spoken Punk, but he was nothing compared to the rough and aggressive Punk.

"You know, you may call yourself the Best In The World but right now, you're not really living up to it."

Punk was just about as confused as anyone would be. Did she just say he wasn't the Best In The World?

"Excuse me?" Punk said with a tint of laughter in his voice

"You heard me. You've been acting all sweet and polite and now you lost all your beastly aggressive acts. If I knew that was going to happen I would of stuck with the monstrous Punk."

Punk chuckled right after she said that. She thinks he lost his beastly aggressive side? She better think again. Better yet, she is going to wish she hadn't mentioned it because if its beastly and aggressive that she wants, then he will have no problem giving that to her.

"Well in that case, since you were so nice enough to once again doubt me in being the Best in the World, then I guess you will have no problem with me showing you why I say I am the Best."

That was just enough to make AJ burst out in laughter. She didn't believe him for one second. Punk took offense to that and now she has no other choice but to allow him to show her. Punk kissed her roughly on her lips, not even giving her warning as he right away slipped in his tongue and started French kissing her until he felt satisfied. Once he parted his lips away from hers, AJ was out of breath. He was sure giving it to her.

AJ needed more from him though. If she was going to remember him as being the Best in the World, she needed that full time reminder of why she called him that in the first place.

"You're going to have to much better than that mister if it means getting me to say you're the Best in the you knows what."

That was just enough to set Punk off in a playful manner as he leaped down and bit her neck. He was trying to sink his imaginary fangs into her and suck out every drop of blood until she wouldn't be able to insult him anymore. AJ gasped at his sudden movement once he bit down on her neck. She could feel the pain in it but she did ask for it. Punk pushed his hands onto AJ's shoulders once he felt her squirming beneath him. As he continued to suck and bite down on her flesh, he bruised up her neck and once he left his mark on one side of her neck he didn't waste any time and moved straight to the other side. He did the same damage on the other side as he bit down and roughly sucked on her pulse point, making it harder for her to breathe. AJ continued squirming beneath him as she tried getting some sort of leverage to push him off but with his hands still on her shoulders, pinning her down to the bed, she was not going anywhere.

Once Punk was finished marking up both sides of her neck, he moved down to her exposed breasts where he used his talented tongue to lick around the sensitive bud.

This made AJ moan slightly. She arched her back as Punk continued to lick and suck on her nipple. As much as she would moan and arch her back, Punk would not give her a release. As he kept on sucking on her left nipple, he decided to make AJ's head spin full circle as he then grabbed her right nipple with his pointer finger and thumb and started tugging on it in a slow movement all while sucking on her left nipple. AJ's head was sure spinning a full 180 as Punk was giving her a mixture of pain and pleasure as he roughly ate at her breasts.

Once he was satisfied with his process he moved even lower and kissed a trail straight down her stomach. AJ arched her back again and Punk forcefully pushed her down. He then reached her sweats again and this time pulled them down quickly just stopping at her knee. He stopped when he noticed how wet she was. He stared right at it and then slowly drew his eyes back at AJ.

"You are such a tease" Punk seductively told AJ as he started rubbing his finger over AJ's wet panties.

"Me a tease" AJ said as Punk continued to rub her clit that was hiding under her wet pantie. "You're the one who's teasing me with your slow predatory movements and touching's."

Punk smirked as he continued tracing his fingers over AJ's clit. He lifted his eyebrows because she was right, he was being a tease. He loved teasing her. When she teased him it was not necessary but teasing AJ was fun and a whole lot of pleasure came out of doing it.

"Sorry sweetheart but you're so fun to tease." Punk laughed as he said that

AJ was softly moaning as Punk teased her. He knew the torture he was bringing to her and she didn't appreciate it.

"Punk quit teasing me and get to it now." AJ demanded and she once again arched her back

Punk smirked "I don't take orders from you sweetheart."

AJ hissed "Punk I swear if you don't do it then ill-"

Punk chuckled under his breath "You'll what? Torture me? Tease me? Insult me some more?

AJ tried lifting her head to look at him but she was too weak now. His teasing was as torturous as anything he has ever done to her.

"I don't know yet but it will not be good for you"

Punk bowed his head and silently laughed to himself. She could never be as dominant as him. Ever.

"Well since I know I have nothing to be afraid of, then I guess I will continue to tease you until you can't take it no more." Punk said as he pressed down harder on her clit.

AJ growled at him as she started to kick him playfully.

Punk moved back, dodging her vicious kicks and grabbed her legs and parted them.

"Thanks for trying to kick my teeth in" Punk playfully gestured at her

"Just stop teasing me and I won't have to hurt you" AJ protested

Punk raised his eyebrow at her "You want to hurt me?"

"If you don't stop teasing me then you won't give me any other choice but to hurt you." AJ responded back in an annoyed tone

This only challenged Punk. He loved to be challenged and so he would put that challenge to the test.

"I'd like to see you try and hurt me AJ" Punk said as he tickled his fingers along the inside of her thighs.

"Well if that's what you want" AJ said before quickly jumping up and straddling him off the bed.

Punk fell to the floor with AJ on top of him and she pinned him down to the floor. Punk laughed as she did it because she fumbled off the bed as her sweats made it hard for her to move. AJ realized that Punk hadn't fully removed her sweats so she let go of his arms without even thinking and sat down on his legs to remove the sweats.

"Ow you mind?" Punk laughed as she sat on his legs "You know I have knee problems"

AJ laughed "Hurts doesn't it?"

Punk grinned as he lifted himself up and grabbed AJ by her hair and pushed her to the floor.

"Hey no fair! Why do you always get to have the upper hand?" AJ asked sadly as Punk roughly started climbing on top of her.

Punk smiled at her and saw the need in her eyes. She wanted for once to be the dominant one.

"Can't I get it for once?" AJ asked with lustful eyes

Punk smiled at her as he rested on top of her and shook his head "Absolutely Not!"

AJ pouted once he said that but he still wasn't giving in. Instead he bent down and roughly kissed her, hearing the whimpers escape her mouth. She was at his mercy and it shall remain that way when it comes to him.

As much as AJ loved making out with Punk, she decided to catch him off guard when she out of nowhere grabbed him by his muscular arms and with all her strength, turned him over onto his back and she was finally on top of him. Punk laughed in amazement as he never expected AJ of all people to get him on his back. She really wanted the upper hand.

"Ha, I got you now"

Punk pouted at her. He felt humiliated. She sure got the best of him. Although in his head, he was not amused or worried about this, he let AJ have her moment until he caught her by surprise again and lifted himself off the ground with AJ latched onto him and tossed her onto the bed. AJ quickly recovered as she stood up on the bed and jumped at him. Punk on the other hand caught her in his arms and tossed her over his shoulder. He spinned her around while she punched at his back and as soon as the dizziness kicked into her, he tossed her back onto the bed and quickly jumped back onto her.

"Still no match for me sweetheart" Punk said as he stroked her cheek

AJ squinted her eyes and sucked her teeth. "Whateves"

Punk decided to give AJ what she wanted now. He returned himself down to her wet center and removed her panties. He licked his lips in the process and he could see her hot dripping center calling for him, his name written all over it. He didn't waste any time as he leaped in head first and started sucking her clit and tasting her juices. He placed his hands insides her thighs and spread her legs wider just enough for him to get every drop of her. He took no breaths as he did what he does best and sent AJ above oblivion with her first orgasm starting.

"Oh God Punk"

AJ was feeling what she long waited for. This time with Punk. Him loving her again. It was real love.

Punk was just about done cleaning her inside, having her hit her first orgasm. He enjoyed that. Before Punk would continue, he motioned back up to AJ and kissed her, making her taste her own juices. He loved kissing her. She had the softest lips in the world. He then paused and lifted his shirt up over his head. He tossed it to the floor and kissed her passionately. AJ ran her hands along his tattooed chest and traced her nails along his tattoos, leaving goose bumps across his chest.

"Punk I need you inside me" AJ said in between kisses

Punk smirked as he knew she waited a long time for this moment. He was going to give it to her, but she was going to need to do a little more pleading and begging.

"What is it that you want AJ?" Punk asked her jokingly

AJ paused and knew what he was doing. He was going to make this harder on her now. She didn't want to play these games. She loves playing with him but she needed him here and now.

"Punk I'm serious, I need you inside me now" AJ said once again

Punk shook his head in disbelief and ran his fingers through her hair.

"But bad girls don't get treated well like that now do they?" Punk smiled at her while he arrogantly grinned at her.

"If you don't enter yourself inside me now then I'll do it myself" AJ warned him

Punk placed both of his hands on the sides of her cheek. "All you have to do princess is say the magic words and I shall grant you your wish"

AJ knew what he meant and she knew what he wanted her to do. He wanted her to beg for him to fuck her, to make her cum. She did not want to satisfy him by giving into his needs but she desperately needed him to be inside her. To feel him.

Please Punk" AJ pleaded once

Punk titled his head and shook his head in surprise

"Oh come on Sweetness, you're going to have to do much better than that if you want me to satisfy you"

Punk was playing games with her now. She wanted to yell and scream and claw at him but she knew that rough and aggressive side of him. He wasn't a free ticket. She had to earn him.

"Please Punk Please" AJ pleaded a second time

"Please what?" Punk asked as he reached down to his belt and was teasing her in unbuckling it

"Please fuck me" AJ pleaded a third time hoping that would be enough

Punk laughed and blinked at her slowly, burning holes of desire in her

"Hmm, are we going to behave?" Punk asked sternly as he pointed his finger on her nose lightly

"Yes, I'll behave I promise just please I need you inside me" AJ begged him with everything that she had

"Well alight. But only because you asked so nicely" Punk chuckled in the process and he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans slowly in the process making AJ watch his every move. He was making sure she kept her promise in behaving for him while he undressed himself on top of her.

"Almost there" Punk whispered at her as he started circling his hips while he slowly took off his jeans. He finally after what seemed like an eternity to AJ had his jeans removed and as the secrets couldn't be kept secrets, he too was yearning to get himself into AJ as his throbbing member exploded through his briefs.

"Hm, looks like I'm not the only one" AJ appointed Punk making contact with his lengthy member.

Punk smirked as he pulled down his briefs and tossed them to the floor. AJ licked her lips as she saw his big cock throb out before her very eyes. He lowered himself onto her and aligned himself to her opening.

"Are you ready for this?" Punk asked AJ before entering himself into her

AJ looked at him in his eyes "Yes I am"

And with that, Punk pushed himself into AJ and this made her gasp from the force of his cock entering her. She was still swollen believe it or not from the other night when Punk so called "raped her" per say so she hadn't yet adjusted from that night. He tried going easy on her but as soon as he entered her, he couldn't stop. The bolts struck him from that very moment and AJ's heavy breathing and deep bruited moans wasn't making this any easier on him or her.

"Oh God Punk harder, faster please" AJ begged as her second orgasm was in the mist

Punk didn't deny her request and quickly obliged as he pumped in and out of her rapidly, giving harder and faster thrusts each time.

"Why are you still so tight?" Punk asked as he felt her tight walls close in around his cock

AJ heaped "Maybe you didn't fulfill your commitment in breaking me down the first time. Now's your chance" AJ said, moaning out every word

Punk gripped her shoulders and clawed his fingernails into her upper back and started thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. AJ was screaming out words that didn't make sense.

"Scream my name AJ!" Punk demanded as he was near his ending

"Scream it loud and clear, let me hear you say I'm the best"

AJ held onto his back and clawed her fingernails into his back, scraping up and down, leaving scratch marks all over. Punk groaned as he could feel himself reaching his end.

"Say it AJ. Say I'm the best"

AJ was about to reach her peak. She was about to cum and so she had to let Punk know. She had to thank him the proper way.

"Oh God PUNK, Thank you" AJ was holding it now. She didn't want it to end

Punk on the other hand was waiting for one thing. One sentence. He needed to hear her say what he truly was.

"What am I AJ?" Punk asked once more as he pushed himself into her with one more hard thrust.

"You're the BEST IN THE WORLD!" AJ said as she finally reached her limits and cum on his bed.

Punk removed himself from her and cum on her. He threw back his head and laid on top of her trying to catch his breath. He finally regained his strength and looked at AJ in her eyes and saw how peaceful and calm she was. She was his sleeping beauty.

"AJ baby are you alright?" Punk asked as he pushed the few strands of hair off her face

AJ smiled just a little and turned her face towards Punk's. "I am more than alright. I'm fantastic"

Punk smirked and leaned down and kissed her. AJ kissed him back equally and Punk smiled. Punk rolled off of her and laid beside her, acknowledging her beauty and existence.

"How did it feel?" Punk asked

"It felt…like love. Real love" AJ responded back

Punk was happy to see her happy again. She got what he wanted and he got what he wanted. They were back together forever.

"So where does this leave us?" Punk asked as he pulled her closer to him

"I don't know. I guess we can take it slowly for now but I'd like it if we can be together"

Punk looked over at her "Do you want to be together?"

AJ looked at him and then placed her hand on his tattooed chest "I would love nothing more Punk"

That made Punk smile. But the thoughts of hurting her again weighed on his mind. How could she have forgiven him so easily? It still didn't make sense.

Punk rose up and pulled AJ with him. He wanted to know the truth.

"AJ I would want nothing more than to be with you too" Punk smiled at her "But I still don't understand how you can forgive me so easily. I hurt you in some of the worst ways possible"

AJ looked at him and placed her hands on the side of his cheek "Punk, how many time do I have to tell you, that wasn't the real you and I forgive you because I know who the real you are"

Punk nodded his head. If he was going to make this work he is just going to have to look past those horrible things that he's done and look into the future with AJ and enjoy his life with her.

"Well thanks for forgiving me. Even though I think I'm not worth your forgiveness, I appreciate it." Punk smiled before kissing her again.

AJ kissed him back and placed her hands around his neck. "You're welcome"

Punk was now happy again. AJ was happy as well. They both were having an awesome night with each other.

"So where are we heading for the week" AJ asked Punk as she got up and put on the shower

"We're going home" Punk told AJ

"Home?" AJ was confused

"Yeah, Chicago. I want you to spend the week in Chicago with me. Think of it as my gift of saying sorry to you"

AJ smiled "That's sweet. I'd love that"

Punk smiled back "Good. I'm glad"

Punk and AJ both stepped into the shower and cleaned themselves up. It was a hot and steamy shower indeed. They were in there for 35 minutes, cleaning each other, kissing each other. They got out and it was a quarter to 10. They dried off and put on a fresh clean pair of sweats and T Shirt.

"So what you want to do? Dance? Eat? Sleep? Talk?" Punk pointed out

AJ laughed "How about none of the above."

Punk shrugged "Then what you want to do?"

AJ stepped closer to Punk and lifted his shirt over his head

"I want to cuddle with you"

Punk smirked. "You want to cuddle?"

"Yep. I want to cuddle with my Punky Bear" AJ said as she knew what Punk's reaction would be

"Hey, what did I say about calling me Punky Bear?" Punk told her as he cleaned off the bed and rolled the comforter over.

"Opps, well I guess you're going to have to teach me a lesson tomorrow" AJ said as she playfully threw that offer at him

Punk laughed "How about we start right now"

And with that, Punk grabbed AJ by her waist and plopped her onto the bed with him attached to her. He slid under the blankets and she was not far behind him. He pulled the covers up to them and he pulled AJ close to him, hugging her tightly. He held her close to his body, making her stick to him like glue. She was his. He wouldn't want anyone else.

"Punk" AJ whispered


"Do you still want me to quit my job as GM of Raw?"

Punk opened his eyes and looked down at AJ

"Of course not, AJ forget I ever said that. You love that job and so you will keep it" Punk told her as he kissed her forehead.

"Are you sure?" AJ asked wanting a truthful answer

"Absolutely! And besides, you're way better than that cow Vickie Guerrero." Punk gestured

AJ giggled "Right on with that"

Punk and AJ continued cuddling in each other's arms. They loved being together and that's how it was going to be. They wouldn't want it any other way. Together forever and nothing and no one will tear them a part.


Sheamus and Kaitlyn driving in the car!

"How much longer are we from Chicago?" Kaitlyn asked

"We are almost there. I can't wait to see the look on Punk's face when he is busted, caught and thrown in jail."

"Yeah I guess" Kaitlyn was hiding her tears

"I'm still thinking though. Do you think AJ may have possibly done this to Punk?"

Kaitlyn looked at Sheamus "I don't know, maybe. I don't know what to think when it comes to AJ"

Sheamus shrugged "She might have brought this upon herself"

Kaitlyn slightly opened her mouth "What are you saying? this is AJ's fault now?"

"I'm not saying anything. You just seem so concerned about Punk and all"

Kaitlyn ran her fingers through her hair "I just know this is not the real him, the real Punk is hiding in him somewhere"

Sheamus huffed "Well when he is in prison, you can consume all the goodness back into his heart. Maybe he will regret everything that he's done."

Kaitlyn bit her lip and signed "Yeah, maybe"


Punk and AJ were sleeping in each other's arms. It was past midnight and AJ had awoken by the sight of red lights being flashed outside the window. She didn't feel the bus moving and so she knew something was wrong.

"Punk wake up, Punk" AJ said as she was trying to awaken Punk

"What, what happened?" Punk jolted out of his sleep

"Something's wrong. The bus stopped moving and there are red lights flashing outside" AJ said as she pointed to the window

Punk got out of bed appointing AJ to remain there and he peaked out. He didn't see anything.

"I don't see anyone out there" Punk assured her that everything was fine

Punk went to go ask his bus driver what the problem was. He told AJ to stay in bed while he went to go check. He reached the bus driver's seat and noticed how he wasn't there. "What the-" Punk said to himself.

Punk opened the door to his bus and exited the bus. When he was outside, he couldn't see anything. It was past midnight and the sun had yet to rise. He heard wind and tree branches breaking off of trees. He looked around but didn't see anyone so he was going to go back on his bus to check back with AJ until someone reached behind him and pushed him up against the bus.

AJ shook in fear once she felt the impact of someone or something hitting the bus.

"Phil Brooks you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Ms. April Mendez" A police officer said

Punk was in shock. Under arrest? He couldn't believe this.

"What are you talking about, I didn't kidnap AJ" Punk told the officers

"AJ?" the officers replied

"AJ is April Mendez. She is my girlfriend" Punk roughly replied back

"Check the bus" said the officer to his partner

The officer went on the bus and looked around. He went to the back to where AJ was told to remain in the bed and the officer found AJ shivering in the bed. The officer got on the walkie to alert the other officer that AJ had indeed been kidnapped and held hostage on Punk's bus.

"Officer Robinson, calling back Officer Robinson, we have Ms. April Mendez here on the bus"

The officer got the memo and alerted Punk that he indeed had kidnapped this woman.

The officer on the bus helped AJ up and directed her off the bus.

"What's going on?" AJ asked the officer

"Sh, its okay sweetie, you're safe now" The officer assured her

AJ exited the bus and turned to her right to see Punk pressed to his bus with his arms behind his back.

"Punk, Oh my God, let him go please" AJ demanded as she ran over to Punk.

"Seize her" said officer Robinson

The other officer ran over and caught AJ and pulled her back.

"Let him go he didn't do anything" AJ begged the officer

The officer looked over at AJ who was crying her eyes and heart out

"This man kidnaps you and you're trying to save him?" The officer laughed

"Kidnaped me? No you don't understand he wasn't himself. He would never hurt me" AJ assured the officers "Trust me, he isn't a bad guy"

The officers looked at her and back at Punk who was still pressed to the bus

"We got a call early on today from the St. Louis police department saying that this man named Phil Brooks aka CM Punk had kidnaped a woman named April Mendez aka AJ Lee and he was in a black bus with red stars and it says Best in the World. The tracking radar brought us to this bus" The officer showed

"Are you denying any of this?" The officer asked

"I'm not saying you're wrong all I'm saying is that Punk did not kidnap me." AJ pointed out.

"We are WWE wrestlers. We work for WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. You can talk to our boss, Vince McMahon; he would tell you the truth." AJ begged "Please"

The officer looked at his partner and shrugged. "I guess"

The officer was going to get the phone until he saw something on AJ that made him suspicious. He took out his flashlight and pointed it to her neck.

"Bruises" the officer showed "Purple bruises"

AJ shook her head "No, these did not come out of a violent act. We, we had a very intimate night"

The officers couldn't help but to burst out in laughter. "What are you going to tell us now, that he sexually assaulted you? Are those hickies? The officer gestured.

Punk looked over at AJ and calmed her down with his eyes "AJ Sweetheart. It's okay."

AJ looked at Punk "Punk what are you talking about, they are going to arrest you"

Punk was aching in pain by being pressed up against his bus. "AJ, seriously it's going to be okay"

AJ couldn't understand any of this. Why was he turning himself in?

"Punk, you didn't do anything" AJ started to cry

Punk gulped and asked the officers if he could have a moment with his girlfriend

"May I please have a moment with my girlfriend and I promise you can take me jail or prison" Punk begged the officers "Please, that's all I ask"

"Fine" The officer agreed "But we aren't leaving sight"

Punk walked over to AJ "AJ listen to me carefully. I know this is a complete shocker to you and believe me, it's a shocker to me as well." Punk couldn't help but shake as he spoke his goodbye to her.

"You can't protect me from what I did. Truth is, even though I am a changed guy now, I still kidnaped you before. And I won't deny that."

AJ was shaking "You can't leave me. You can't"

Punk was sobbing. "I would never leave you AJ, You will always be mine."

AJ couldn't believe what she was hearing. It suddenly hit her.

"Punk, if this is about guilt, you hurting me, raping me. It's not your fault, like I said so many times already, I forgive you"

Punk shook his head "It's not about guilt. It's getting what I deserve. I deserve to go to prison after everything that I have done."

In the meantime Sheamus and Kaitlyn were driving down the road until they saw red lights flashing. Once they got closer, they noticed that it was a bus…Punk's bus.

"Oh my God, Kait, look, they caught Punk. This is great" Sheamus happily said as he pulled over.

He got out of the car with Kaitlyn by his side and went around finding Punk and AJ talking to each other.

"Ha it's about time you get what you deserve" Sheamus yelled as he rushed over to Punk and pushed him

"What the…Sheamus, Kaitlyn?" AJ said in total surprise once she saw two of her friends appear before her very eyes.

The police officers came running back once they saw chaos starting to unfold.

"HEY, who are you two?" The officer yelled

Sheamus stood up straight and happily told the officer "My name is Sheamus and this is my girlfriend Kaitlyn and we were the ones who alerted the St. Louis Police Department about the kidnapping"

"Oh well, thank you for alerting them and as you can see, we got this under control so I thank you again and we'll handle it from here" said the officer

"Whoa, Whoa, I want this guy to be placed in prison and be put on trial, sent to be rehabilitation center"

"Sheamus" Kaitlyn yelled "What are you saying?"

Sheamus looked at Kaitlyn and smiled "You have to excuse my girlfriend she is a bit out of it from the long drive"

Kaitlyn looked at him and then at the officers "No, I'm not. I'm fine. Listen officers. I know we sent in this alert but I assure you that this man isn't a bad guy nor should he be arrested"

AJ looked over at Kaitlyn and silently whispered "Thank You" to her

Kaitlyn smiled back and said "You're welcome"

The officers looked at the four people standing before them and were more confused than ever.

"Well despite what you think and what you Ms. April Mendez, the victim think, you still have evidence on you that result in a violent act by this man so no matter what you say, we still have to arrest Mr. Brooks and take him in for the time being." The officer appointed her "I'm sorry"

The officer then walked over to Punk and placed the handcuffs on him.

"Mr. Brooks you have the right to remain silent and you are hereby under arrest for the kidnapping and violent act on a woman"

AJ was crying her heart out. "No please don't take him away from me"

Punk looked over at AJ and nodded his head. "Everything will be okay. I promise you"

AJ ran over to Punk and gave him a big hug. She wouldn't let go. She refused.

Sheamus looked over at AJ who was really torn about this. Maybe Punk wasn't as bad as he thought. But he still did it to begin with and so he has to learn his lesson.

The police officers sat Punk into the car.

"Don't' cry Sweetheart. Like you said before, there will be a lot more tears that will be worth crying over. Don't waste them on me" Punk smiled as the inside of him was tearing.

He hated seeing her cry and being upset. He wouldn't leave her. Not now, not ever.

"What about us?" AJ asked before the officer closed the door

Punk looked at AJ and smiled "Together forever…I promise"

And with that the officers closed the doors and told AJ what was going to happen this moment forward.

"Miss, Mendez, this is what is going to happen as of this moment. We are going to take Mr. Brooks down to the Chicago Police Department and have him set for trail. From there he will go to court and pledge guilty or not guilty and if guilty he will be put in jail for whatever his record says. That is all I can tell you as of now"

AJ was choking from lack of oxygen. She can't stand to see him go.

"Punk I-"

Punk looked back at her and breathed three last words that she was going to say to him before he got arrested.

"I Love You" Punk said with a smile and the cop car drove off.

AJ looked on as the cop car drove off and she replied saying "I love you too"

Punk looked back and saw the rapid fall of tears leave her eyes. She was going to waste every last one on him. It was true. This was real. He was really gone and away from her. Punk turned back around and thought to himself about what he said to AJ earlier, about being together forever. That wasn't a lie. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And he was going to, one way or another.

As the police took off, Punk nodded his head and couldn't help but shed a tear. He was going to miss AJ. He was missing her already. And he knew how this would affect her. He bowed his head, cried those painful tears out and promised himself one thing to himself and to AJ, that he will not leave AJ to worry about him but most importantly he will not leave her alone forever. They will meet again and be like he said they were going to be…"TOGETHER FOREVER!"

AJ was frozen in place. Punk was gone. He was going to jail. Kaitlyn walked up to AJ and placed her hand on her shoulder. She felt her pain.

"Everything will be fine AJ. You'll see him again" Kaitlyn assured her

AJ turned around to Kaitlyn and looked her into her eyes. She was crying so much already but couldn't help but cry even more. She wrapped her arms tightly around Kaitlyn and hugged her.

"I'm so sorry Kait. For everything"

Kaitlyn smiled and started crying herself. She returned the hug and wrapped her arms around her best friend and comforted her like a friend should do.

"It's okay. It wasn't the real you. And I know that just like Punk, the real you was hiding somewhere deep inside. You just needed a little bit of tender, love and care."

AJ couldn't help but smile. She was torn but having Kaitlyn by her side made her realize that it's good to have friends. AJ looked over at Sheamus who was crying himself.

Sheamus looked at AJ and bowed his head. He couldn't bare to look at her in her eyes. AJ walked up to him and placed her hand on his cheek.

"It's alright Sheamus, I forgive you"

Sheamus was confused more than ever but realized that AJ was just a good little soul. No matter what someone did to her, she still found it in her to forgive that person because her heart is filled with that much passion, friendship, and love. Sheamus might have teared her and Punk a part but she knew he was only trying to protect her.

AJ walked back to Punk's bus.

"Hey where you going?" asked Kaitlyn

"I'm not leaving Punk's bus here. Together forever"

Kaitlyn knew she was crazy but she understood why she didn't want to leave. Why she couldn't leave.

"Do you want company?" Kaitlyn asked

"It's fine. I will see you tomorrow Kait"

Kaitlyn smiled before turning around and going into her car with Sheamus

"Oh and Kaitlyn…Thank you again…for having faith in him and in me"

Kaitlyn nodded and smiled before driving off with Sheamus.

AJ looked up into the dark sky, awaiting the sun to rise. She reentered Punk's bus and walked back to the bedroom. She laid back in his bed and curled up under the blankets. She rested her nose to the side where Punk laid and smelled his scent. She remembered what he told her, about being together forever. She wanted that. And together forever is what that are going to be. One way or another, they will meet again. One thing AJ will never regret is meeting CM Punk, because without him, she would have never have met such a lovable guy that is filled with, love, jokes, fun, and a lot of danger. He is everything that she loves. Above all though, he is her Changed Champion!

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