Hi everyone, thank you for being this far with me. Despite the 1 bad review that I promise to improve upon, I am releasing the remainder of the book. Reminder: I Will continue the series only if it is well received. Sorry if I sound a bit arrogant saying that, it's just that I do not want to continue a bad story. Enjoy the story!


"I now move on to the daughter of the Dragonborn, Jodi." I say, preparing to flip the page.

"Hold it, take the book with us, I am sure it will be better to read with some mead and a warm bed with you." Thonor says.

I nodded in agreement and exited the cave. When we left the cave the sun was setting, clearly we were in the cave all afternoon.

"You lose track of time when you read..." I say, looking at the beautiful sunset along the Western Watchtower.

"Yeah, when YOU read. I was keeping track the whole time, why did you think I poked you to go?" Thonor said, laughing.

"No you weren't you hollow-headed oaf!" I say, playfully pushing the tired Breton.

Thonor laughs "Maybe, maybe. We should head to Whiterun, tell Anton the cave is clear, he might be worried about us"

I nod and we run to Whiterun.

By the time we arrive it was already nightfall, Anton was waiting at the door to the now 3-story Gaurd Headquarters. He was bald, atleast balding, he had brown eyes and distinctively clean face, rare for a Nord his age. He was large, too large. At first sight, you can tell he shows it off just by looking down upon you.

"Where in Oblivion have you been? I thought you had been killed!" Anton yells in a rather passive-aggressive tone.

Thonor nudges me, signaling that I am the one to tell the story. Usual in situations like this.

"We uh-finished clearing the cave, then I stumbled upon a book, let me show you." I say, reaching into my bag.

"Oh please! I care little for the stupid book." Anton sighs. "Atleast you cleared the cave out. Head on in for some mead and rest. I will see you two in the morning." Anton says, walking away towards Dragonsreach.

Thonor sighs in relief "Thank the gods he didn't do anything to drastic. I could of sworn we would of been sent to Riverwood or Helgen-Duty!"

"Yeah, he is probably off to see Jarl Burned-Mane." I say, looking at the big Nord guard moving toward the keep.

"Let's head on in, I think a storm is brewing." Thonor says.

We walk into the headquarters, I never made much friends so I hardly know any names. There was Merski Battle-Born, the youngest of the Battle-Born Family at the time, there was Auguran, the Imperial who was more like the Moral Leader of the guards, and then there was Urinlin, literally, his name was Urinlin. He was an orc, and we don't belittle him to much about his name, because the last time someone did the medics were barely able to heal the poor guy. If you don't get the joke, well, Urinlin was the name of a Orc who tried to kill Jarl Linda about a century ago, however the Orc fell down the steps of Dragonsreach and died of a broken neck, he became an embarrassment to Orcs across Skyrim, especially one with the same first name. Anyway, those were the only people I actually know that are guards here, except Thonor, of course.

"Jakob! Thonor! Come come, sit down with us, have some mead! We were just talking about the serial killer in Riften!" Merski said.

He had Blonde curly hair, and a rather large beard for his age, he had blue eyes and was more thin then most of us, but his height makes up for it.

"Serial killer in Riften?" I ask, sitting down with Thonor.

"You don't know? This man kills fisherman and sends the bodies back with a Axe in all of there necks! Brutal don't you think!?" Merski says, rather excited to tell the story again.

"Gods, that man must be a violent one." Thonor says.

Everyone around the table laughs and takes another shot of mead.

"Did any Riften Guard find who it is yet?" I ask.

"Nope, not yet. Hopefully soon, because soon Black-Briar would have to start a reserve!" Merski says, laughing with his peers. I laugh as well as Thonor.

Auguran walks in and puts his hands roughly on the table. The large Imperial examines everyone with a excited smile on his face.

"You lads talking about the fierce murderer of Riften again!?" He says.

"Yeah, Auguran, care to join us?" Thonor says.

Auguran takes off his helmet, showing his black-red hair and blue eyes. The man is so attractive we try to encourage him not to inns when we are on duties in other holds so that we can atleast take some of the women to bed.

"Eh, its all a load of willy." Auguran says, blowing his hand and then taking a aggressive jug of mead. "It's probably some old hag who decided it be fun to camp out on the island and kill a few fisherman. He ain't a threat."

"You wouldn't know, where you there?" I say.
"Whatya say, las?" Auguran leans towards me, I felt my heart drop.

"I, uh...sorry?" I say.

Auguran stares closer towards me and then smiles. "You should see the look on your face, lad!"

Everyone around the table laughs and takes another sip of mead.

Eventually we all head off to bed, while this goes good for everyone else, I preferred to stay up and continue reading this wonderful book I stumbled upon. I open my napsack and take out the book, I flip to chapter 2.

"When I arrived in Windhelm that day..."