A/N: Just another little 'thoughts of' fanfic of mine. This time for the Oh-So-Wonderful 'Jane Eyre'. I was going through stuff on youtube, as you do, and stumbled across the scene from the 2006 BBC series where Jane returns to Thornfield, and this little idea popped into my head. As it is from Eshton's point of view, Jane is refered to as 'Miss Eyre' or 'the Governess', as he would not be on a first name basis with her. Sorry if it irritates.

Obviously, I do not own Jane Eyre, and the lines in Italics are taken from the afformentioned TV series, so I don't own them either. Please read, review favourite-what ever strikes your fancy. Although, in your reviews, if you could keep any harsh comments to yourself, I would be much obliged. Constructive critisim is always welcome. Enjoy :)

Eshton saw Rochester and the governess, Miss Eyre, walking his way. The latter seemed to be asking the former a question, as if worried about the answer. But Rochester just smiled at her. This was not the first time that Eshton had seen such an expression cross his friend's face while in the governess' presence. It interested him - instances like this had been know to happen, even if they were few and far between...but they happened.

As they drew closer, Rochester said, while gesturing at Miss Eyre, "See, Eshton? Our swallow has come home." Eshton smiled. Oh, how he remembered the scowls on Rochester's face where that smile now sat as he stared out the window, listening the to talk of swallows, awating the return of his governess. Rochester then told Miss Eyre that Eshton was using his carriage to pursue some twins, and Eshton hastened to explain, knowing enough of the governess to know she would be interested.

"Yes. One, a Belgian, has been in a sort of deep sleep for some eight months, and he has been woken by a twin, now living in Toulouse, by the way, that he never knew existed. It's amazing!"

Seeing Rochester's smirking, Eshton turned to him, glancing beween the pair in front of him as he spoke.

"You don't think it possible that two minds can so be in tune that they communicate across the country and call out to each other across space and time?" Because he certainly did. Not only because of these twins, oh no, but by those two specimens in before him, so comfortable in each other's presence. There would be a time, he knew, when all would become clear between them. He knew that Blanche had no chance, even from before the 'supernatural' game Rochester played on them. He had seen Rochester's ever growing attraction to his employee. He had seen his worry when she left the room when Blanche began at the pianoforte. He had seen his brewing anger at Lady Ingram's belittling of her. He had seen it all.

As Eshton left, he shook Rochester's hand, who sent one more lightly mocking comment his way. He then shook Miss Eyre's hand, and smiled. Yes, she would be good for his friend. She was good for him. Ultimately, station would not be an obstacle, not where true love was concerned. Especially not for Rochester.