A/N: This story takes place during Buffy season seven and Angel season 4. This is my first Buffy/Angel story so I would appreciate reviews both good and bad. I hope as I go to have longer chapters as I am attempting to put more details into my writing so please bear with me. Title is subject to change do to the fact that, though Buffy does regain her memory of the forgotten day, this story does not focus on just that, there is a bigger plot than that.

Summary: Buffy goes missing just as the seventh season's plot comes into play. Angel finds her weeks later wandering a street in LA with no memory of who she is and her strength gone. Can he help her regain her memory in time? Will she remember more than he planned her to? And why does she seem to recognize Connor before Angel?


He could smell and sense her before he actually saw her but he knew it was her. When Giles had called Wesley to see if they had heard from her in the last week he knew something was wrong, even with the Watcher's false assurances that everything would be fine.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, he followed her scent down a random street in the poorer part of downtown L.A. Angel had gone five block before her spotted her.

Her hair was dirty and a tangled mess. Ripped clothes clung to her body, arms crossed against her chest, trying to keep herself warm in the chill of this mid – November night. She seemed weak and timid among the people around her. There was one thing he knew for certain. Someone somewhere had done this to his Buffy and he would make them pay.