Chapter Two

"What the bloody hell do you mean the Slayer never came home from patrol last night?!" exclaimed a very annoyed Spike into the face of a very serious Xander Harris before he began pacing the length of the floor untouched by the setting sun of the Summers' basement.

"I meant exactly what I said," Xander said trying to, uncharacteristically, remain calm. "The Buffster never returned after her patrol last night. I have a bunch of nervous girls up stairs. Dawn is freaking beyond repair, Giles is trying to keep the potentials and Andrew from bolting, Will is close to going dark, and Anya, well she's Anya but the point being is I'm need here to help keep things calm so we have to count on you to go and try to find her or at least pick up her trail. Can you handle that?"

"You bloody well know I can." Spike was on edge. Buffy was missing, he had Private Boy Toy giving him orders, and the sun just wouldn't go down fast enough for his liking. He was surprised as hell they hadn't called Mr. Forehead about his precious Buffy's disappearance yet, not that Angel could do anything any better than he could, but somehow they still seemed to trust his grand-sire over him. All of this didn't matter as much of course, with the Slayer in action missing and the fact that he could do nothing until the bloody sun finish its descent.

As soon as the sun had, finally, gone down, Spike was up the basement doors and out the kitchen door not saying a word to another being. His mind was set on one thing, finding the slayer, the woman he loved.

Meanwhile Somewhere in L.A.

A petite, blond girl with emerald green eyes awoke on a dirty mattress in a dark, dirty room with arm chained to the wall with an old rusty chain. Not knowing where she was, what she was doing in such a filthy place, or even who she was she pulled futilely at her restraints not feeling quite up to full strength, though she couldn't even remember what full strength felt like at this point.

After five minutes or so of no luck pulling free, she gave up, deciding to get a better sense on her surroundings. Though it was extremely dark, her eyes had adjusted abnormally well and quickly. She made out a few abandoned and broken furniture pieces and some more chains hanging from the ceiling.

"You have nothing to worry about, Buffy." The voice came from all around her, from some sort of sound system who ever held her captive must have hidden from her view. "You're Los Angeles. Soon you'll strength will be begin to return and you'll be able to break free. We only want your safety, and for this reason you won't be followed. Find the Hyperion, there you'll find an ensouled vampire called Angel and his….comrades. They will protect you until you've regained both your strength and your memory. Be careful while you search for these people, Slayer. We wouldn't want all our efforts to be a waste."

The sound system turned off after that and Buffy was alone in the darkness once more. She didn't know who Angel or his friends at the Hyperion were but she hoped they would do more than what her captors said they would do, she hoped they could give her a hint on where Sunnydale was, what it meant to her, and why her captors would want to destroy it…