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A Strange Komui

It was a normal day at the Order. Bird's chirping, Allen and Kanda bickering like housewives (Hey!), yup, everything was normal. Except… Komui. For some reason, Komui was doing his paperwork without complaints. Reason? No one knows. He just sipped coffee and started signing papers. Everybody was surprised.

"Hey, Supervisor. Are you sure you don't want to make another Sir Komlin or complain about coffee?" asked Reever.

"Hey! Reever, don't encourage hi-!" Johnny started.

"Nope," Komui interrupted.

After 10 hours of paperwork, he started cleaning his office. Now people were really creeped out.

"Supervisor, whatcha doin'?" asked Johnny.

"I'm cleaning my office," answered Komui.

Another 5 hours passed and the room was sparkly clean. Then Komui went to the cafeteria to ask a favor of Jerry, the head chef of the Black Order.

"Hello, Komui! What brings you here? Hmm? Oh. Okay. Gotcha," said the gay chef.

"Thank you so much Jerry! I owe you one!" called Komui, walking past a certain group of excorcists.

"Paperwork, check! Office, check! Favor, check! Now all I have to do is clear the cafeteria of people," said the sister-complex maniacally. "Sir Komlin the 120th Come and wreak havoc!'

The order was wracked with comical fear as people beside Allen, Lavi, Kanda, and Lenalee ran out of the cafeteria, screaming like little girls. As soon as everyone was cleared, Komui used his blow darts to knockout all remaining excorcists with his blow dart, INCLUDING Lenalee. He dragged the sleeping excorcists to a room with everybody else and locked them up.

"Nobody's getting into the spirit of New Year's, so I'm gonna helping them," schemed Komui as he whistled the tune of Ievan Polka.

Komui and Jerry were working non-stop to get the whole cafeteria look nice for the celebration. There were streamers, banners, flowers, ribbons, bows, and the like. 15 hours passed and the cafeteria was all ready for the party. Komui pressed a button and the locked room with all Order members was freed, and an angry mob of Science Division, Finders, and Excorcists flew out to the cafeteria only to find… a fancy-looking room with trays piled high with food.

"SURPRISE!" yelled Jerry and Komui. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Everyone was dumbstruck. Komui was acting strange all day so he can create a party? The science division started crying tears of joy and flocked to their supervisor.

"Well, what are you guys waiting for? Let's party!" exclaimed Komui.

And so they did! They partied all through the night with the adults drinking to their hearts content.

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