Life After Death and Betrayal

Chapter 1

Settling down

Harry Potter Drove down Forks Avenue the music thumping away, he had the roof down on his silver convertible Ferrari. Although one look at the clouds made him wonder if he would need to put it up. He couldn't help but smile, it was almost like being back home. The weather in the United Kingdom was never really good, apart from a month or two in the summer. He was twenty two years old, and he had not been in the Wizarding world for five years now. He was looking for a vacant shop to turn into a bakery, he had been to university and trained he wasn't about to let it go to waste now. Plus he liked baking he'd even started his own recipes. Ones he hoped would be rather popular and attract people to his new shop. He was beginning to loose hope for anything, and then he saw it, two doors down from a coffee shop. The shop he wanted, and the beauty it looked as though the top was for safe too. Which meant he could live above the shop, Harry had never cared to show how much money he had. Well he amended thoughtfully except from his cars. He had two, a Ferrari and a Peugeot. He had the Peugeot to use when his godson was with him. He got Teddy at the weekends, giving Andromeda a much needed break. Plus he truly hadn't wanted to be a stranger to Teddy. Having his own godfather appear in his life had instilled that in him. His godfather hadn't been guardian material, and he was making sure he was a suitable guardian for Teddy. He let him have fun but put rules down and Teddy followed them. He had to have some sense of structure for the child's sake.

As it was he had a week to find and get a property in order. He swiftly and efficiently parked the car outside the property. He observed the number before pulling out his blackberry, since he'd come to the Muggle world he knew how to work their stuff. He loved being able to buy lots of stuff the Dursley's would be spluttering in anger and jealousy that he could afford.

"Hello Forks Realtor Ashley speaking how may I help you?" asked the voice.

"Hello I'm interested in a property you have up for sale," Harry replied already imagining his little bakery.

"Which property?" asked Ashley sounding excited.

"Forks Avenue, two shops from Forks coffee shop," said Harry simply. Tapping his thumb impatiently on his steering wheel. Yet his mind drifted to the old fashioned building, imagines of what it could look like consumed him. He couldn't wait to get started; unfortunately it would need to be done the Muggle way. Magic could have the entire thing done in less than two days. Muggle ways unfortunately would take up to two weeks or a month maybe.

"Ah yes the old Chinese restaurant," said Ashley understanding which properly he was speaking about as she clicked away on her computer. Harry had noticed Forks had plenty of food places, motels but hardly anything else. No huge shopping complex or anything like that to attract tourists. It was a shame the town could be so much more than it was, but maybe, just maybe that's how the town liked it.

"How much?" asked Harry impatiently, glancing at his watch. Hopefully he'd have the keys to the place tonight. Otherwise he'd have to book into a motel, something he hated doing. These small towns weren't known for its tourists after all; no doubt the places weren't up to much. Just a bed old TV to use and a lockable door no doubt.

She told him the price $531, 621.94 is what the building was being sold for.

Harry stared at it thoughtfully, weighing its pro's and Cons to buying it. If the bakery didn't succeed at least he had somewhere to stay, there was no point in keeping a shop going if he was loosing money. Not that he needed it; it was just the principle of things. Harry wasn't one for wasting money, having never had any of it until he was seventeen had seen to that. As soon as he'd come of age the money his parents had left him, all of it had become available. His inheritance as it was, he'd until that point only seen his trust vault to see him through Hogwarts. To pay for his books, uniform, sweets and such. He hadn't touched more of it than he had to under the impression it was all he had. Such a naive little fool he had been, but that part of his life was over.

"Sir?" asked Ashley.

"Where are you located? I'd like to buy it immediately," said Harry planning on wiring her the money. The quicker the better, he had his godson coming over at the weekend.

She replied telling him the address, which actually was only five minutes from the way he'd just come. Starting his car, he looked around seeing it was clear he revved his engine and took off. Speeding down the street and parking outside, a few seconds later Harry walked into the building.


"Hello Harry, where are you now?" asked Andromeda, Harry had given her a mobile phone, since she had married a Muggle she knew all about electronics. So it wasn't a surprise for her to use it.

"Washington, Forks," said Harry smiling, "How's Teddy been?"

"He's been at school, I think he likes it, thankfully he hasn't done magic in front of anyone." said Andy, Teddy's shape-shifting abilities had started so much sooner than her daughters. At least she'd know for sure what Nymphadora had looked like as a baby. Teddy continued to change his appearance to look similar to whom he was with.

"Expect it," snorted Harry in amusement, "I don't know how many times I did magic in primary school. He's making friends though right? Happy?" he didn't want Teddy's life to be even slightly similar to his. He didn't care what he had to do, he wouldn't allow his godson to be bullied or at the mercy of anyone.

"Oh yes, he's made two friends he keeps telling me about," said Andy reassuringly.

"That's good," said Harry relieved, talking to Andy as he walked around his new home. The ground floor was large enough for his plans, two separate rooms both good sizes. The back was where he planned on baking, the front where he would sell them. The fireplace was a keeper; he would place a nice brown couch and a few chairs around it. The rest of the place would have table and chairs; he wanted them to feel comfortable. The second floor was his home, and he planned on making its own. There was just no point in buying a big house, as he wanted to, because he lived alone. It just seemed like a waste to him, everyone had dreams that remained unfulfilled why not him? Although it would remain that way, it wasn't as if he could settle down with someone and live happily ever after. Harry had a secret that he had told no one, not even Andy. He was the Master of Death; he hadn't aged much in the past five years. He was immortal, he would never age, and he would never die. He had found out the hard way, but he didn't like to think on that. Thankfully Andy wouldn't live long enough to get suspicious of his non aging existence. All Wizards aged slowly, it was part of their magical heritage just look at Dumbledore, one hundred and sixty years old. Or thereabouts. He would never put himself through something like that. Only too lose his significant partner, that's if he even lived a full life and didn't die. Going on his luck he'd say he'd get a month of happiness before something happened.

"What are you going to do while you are there?" Andy asked him curiously; when he'd lived in Scotland for a year he'd done nothing. She had been worried about him, very worried. Then he'd moved to France and learned to cook, learning from the best she'd been so relieved. Then he'd moved to England to attend university, now he was in Forks and she was curious about his plans now. It was certainly not the life the Wizarding world had envisioned of its saviour. Not that they knew, nobody in the Wizarding world had seen hide nor Hair of Harry in five years. She had believed him when he told her, and she'd helped him get ready to leave. She'd been the one to tell him about his vaults he gained access to upon turning seventeen.

"Opening a bakery, I'm going to put my education to good use," said Harry wryly, "I'm going to use the top of the store to stay in…if it succeeds I might find somewhere more permanent to live." he told her as he looked around. The house had three bedrooms so there was plenty of room for Teddy and himself. Grateful for her interruption, he'd spent a year depressed about that very subject. Never being able to settle down, living forever. If not for Teddy Harry didn't know where he'd be. For that little boy alone he would ensure Teddy wanted for nothing. Lived a very happy life, something the child's father hadn't.

"That's great Harry!" said Andy over the moon for him; he'd been so depressed five years ago. Harry was determined to be a great godfather. For Teddy to have someone in his life that Harry had sorely lacked in his. She was glad Harry had a reason to live; at least Teddy had a male figure in his life, a father figure. Remus would have been a great father and Dora an excellent mother. Sometimes she got angry with Dora though she should have stayed. She should have thought about Teddy, but her daughter had always rushed head along. It's why she'd been an Auror.

"I hope so," said Harry looking around, if it was a good investment he'd know soon enough. He wondered if setting everything up right now would look suspicious. Then again he didn't know anyone here; there would be no reason for them to see his house.

"I'll leave you to get settled in, I need to make dinner," said Andy, she was exhausted and couldn't wait until the weekend. The weekends were her time, she loved Teddy, she really did he just had so much energy like Dora had as a child. She was no longer young, and she missed her husband and daughter so much. Teddy had helped with that, but the ache was still there.

"Alright I'll talk to you later," said Harry hanging up his phone. He fished a small box from his pocket and spelled it the right size again. Removing his laptop, he began buying everything he'd need for his shop, as he bought he realized just how much he needed. Paint, tables, chairs, mugs, coffee machines, sinks, plates, cutlery, that wasn't including the machines he'd need to cook with. Then there were some sweets he could buy to sell at the side of the counter. He sighed warily once he was finished and rubbed his eyes tiredly. The time difference meant that it was his bedtime. Despite the fact it was still daylight outside, he forced himself to stay awake. He could take a dreamless sleeping potion, that way he wouldn't find it hard to get used to the rather large time difference. He didn't brew his own potions, but he knew the look and taste of the ones he ordered to know they were safe.

Standing up, knowing if he remained sitting much longer he'd succumb to the need for sleep. Just because he was immortal it didn't mean he didn't need sleep, a wary sigh left his lips once more as he began to magically decorate his home. Mostly in soft caramel and brown colours. Normally he did it by hand, but he had enough to be getting on with when he had to decorate his shop. That would all have to be done by hand; he thought about getting workers in then nixed the thought. Although it wouldn't hurt to have a few people helping for money. Just temporary workers of course, students at school they were always looking for money. Then again with everything he needed moved they'd have to be rather strong. The larger stuff he'd move magically.

A few hours later Harry finally relaxed, he had everything ordered, next day delivery too. He had a sign posted on his door for those interested in a few days work, with good pay as well. His house was now at least moderately liveable in right now, he would have to purchase carpets and the like but that would wait until he had the shop up and running. He had un-shrunk his and Teddy's toddler bed already. He'd have to wait until very late to magic his Peugeot to its proper size outside. He'd need to get a phone line going and possibly the internet. He couldn't keep using the internet dongle; it cost more than it was worth sometimes. Hopefully he'd have the majority of the shop done before Saturday morning when Teddy was Portkey'd over.

Darkness had finally descended by then, and Harry finally took the dreamless sleeping potion and went to bed. Tomorrow was a whole new day.


Harry jerked awake his heart pounding, as he looked around wondering what on earth was going on. His phone was ringing, with sleep clumsy hands he answered it, "Hello?" he said sitting up in bed.

"Hello I'm calling about the temporary job?" asked a young voice.

"Do you have experience in a working environment?" asked Harry straight away.

"Sort off, I do fix cars for people when I'm not at school." said the voice.

"How are you at lifting heavy objects? And painting" asked Harry.

"I'm good at both," he said confidently and immediately a small secret hint of amusement seeping into his voice. .

"Alright what's your name?" asked Harry.

"Jacob Black," said Jacob sounding hopeful.

"Age?" asked Harry.

"Eighteen," said Jacob immediately.

"School?" asked Harry.

"Senior year, this year we start back up in a few weeks." said Jacob his voice curious now. He was curious to meet this Englishman who was opening a shop in forks of all places. Nobody moved here, they always wanted to move away from this quiet town. His own sisters had gone away, given what happened to Leah it was a good thing really.

"Alright, you start in an hour if you are still interested," said Harry.

"I have a few friends who'd be interested as well," said Jacob.

"Bring them along," said Harry, jumping when the doorbell rang, "I have to go, goodbye." jumping out of the bed, getting some clothes on he immediately went to answer the door. He was unsurprised to see his deliveries already coming. He wondered though if they would all make it today. Hopefully the decorating stuff would come quickly. He needed them first. They were slowly dragged into the shop, where he signed for them and the men left.

More of his past will come out and be revealed, but this wont be a story with the ministry and dumbledore after him lol got enough of them! and another thing this story will be a JASPER/HARRY story the question is would you like to see a possessive jasper? and will the tribe play an important part? would you like to see them in this story from the get go? R&R please!