Life After Death And Betrayal

Chapter 35

Years Later

So much had happened and been done over the years, reflections upon life as always, occurred at funerals. Fredrick Fabian Weasley had lived a long full life, surrounded by his large family, and of course his shadow and twin George Gideon Weasley and his family. It came as no surprise that the two families were extremely close, having cut off all contact with the rest of the Weasleys bar Bill and Charlie; they were all each other had. They had made up with the loss by becoming extremely close with the Cullen family, through Harry. Although some were no longer using the Cullen name, instead going by their true birth names. When it came to children, they preferred it that way.

It had taken Carlisle longer than Esme to adjust to the fact his coven no longer relied on him or needed him. Which was ironic, after all Esme loved mothering them, yet it had just passed onto her children's children. That's how Carlisle felt, despite the fact his 'children' were constantly in touch, needing and wanting advice, he just didn't think they needed him now. It was to be expected, Carlisle's life had remained the same for so many years, working, children at school, wife waiting on him at home, leaving to hunt. Now his children were moving out, living life on their own, with kids, his wife was always out at their homes, he had felt as if he was stuck in the past while they moved forwards towards the future. As always it was Harry that made Carlisle see sense and stopped him sulking at the changes his family was going through.

Edward and Alice had become Masen's along with their son, Anthony Masen, who had been three years old when adopted by the couple. Alice as always had taken to him immediately, loving him as though she'd known him for years. Edward though had taken a while to trust himself with the child, but with Carlisle's patience and love, he began to be he father he'd always wished to have by his biological father. Yes his father had provided for him, giving him the best of everything, but he'd never been there. Emotion didn't come into the equation between Edward's father and himself. Life as a lawyer made him absent more often than not, but Edward had loved his mother.

Emmett and Rosalie had taken on Rosalie's last name, and become Hales, as always Emmett did whatever he could for his beloved wife. If he was honest he didn't care what his last name was, just about making Rosalie happy and living life, as much as a vampire could anyway. Which included adopting two children, a little boy and girl, allowing Rosalie's dream come true, apart from the aging, they'd never grow old. Fortunately it had never plagued Rosalie since becoming a mother, in fact she loved being young and able to keep 'up with them' so to speak. Her children she had actually renamed since they were young enough. Esmond Emmett Hale and Rosline (Ros for short) Esme Hale.

Harry and Jasper had married, as well as bonding together in a magical ceremony, upon Teddy and eighteenth birthday and Reese's seventeenth birthday. It wasn't just a special occasion for the couple being bonded, but Teddy had joined their family permanently a wish his grandmother Andromeda had begged of him on her deathbed. With or without her begging Teddy would have done so regardless. His love for Harry was strong; Harry and Jasper had been the only father figures he'd ever known. Since that day when the Volturi had attacked, Teddy never stopped calling him dad, the little boy he was back then had gotten his own way. So he had taken the adoption potion, and would never age, Harry would never know the pain of loss gained when losing a godchild/his own son. They were known as the Whitlock-Potter's, after all Harry's name was well known throughout the magical and vampire communities, to get rid of it was stupid and Jasper knew that.

When Teddy had been nine years old he'd demanded a little brother from Harry and Jasper, never mind that it was physically impossible, he didn't care he just kept asking. Leading to Jasper and Harry to become constantly exasperated with him. That's when fate brought a child into their life, it hadn't been easy, with Reese, and he'd been abused and abandoned. However, they were both best equipped to deal with it; the families in Forks had no idea how to deal with an abused child. They'd only ever heard of child abuse, never encountered a case, after all Forks was such a small town, they would have known or so they insist. Harry had gone of the rails at that one; the people in Forks could be so narrow minded at times. With both of them being so patient, and Jasper's gift helping along the way Reese had recovered. He had a very special bond still with his 'grandfather' Carlisle, who had been the one to treat him when he came to the hospital. Unbeknown to Reese, Harry and Jasper had tracked down his parents and they'd paid with the abuse they doled out with their life a year after he'd came to live with them. He too had been adopted, at the age of seventeen along with Teddy. Both boys were extremely close, Teddy had been so very protective of him, taking his duties as big brother very seriously. Reese though had been able to be adopted by Jasper as well, whereas Teddy couldn't since he had the werewolf gene in him. By this point they had to move from Forks with their appearances changing and the Hales and Masen's kids' vampire genes being activated becoming fully fledged vampires.

Despite the fact Fred, George, Luna and Neville going back to the magical world for a brief time, they were reunited again bringing Angelina along. They decided to remain with Harry, feeling so very different about the magical world and its ways. Harry had been amazed at how well they'd adapted to the Muggle world, after all they weren't like him, they'd been raised their entire life in the magical world, being pureblood's and all. Luna and Neville had remained together and married, having two children, thankfully with Neville's insistence they weren't named what Luna had wished them to be. They would have been heavily mocked with such names, and so Luna had conceded, making it their middle names instead - ones they never uttered they feigned that they had no middle name. Nathan Lorcan Longbottom and John Lysander Longbottom.

George had imprinted with Leah Clearwater, at that point she'd been the only female shape shifter. It didn't remain that way; the female descendants began changing, which had been a bad thing to begin with. Until they learned that when they were pregnant they couldn't shift forms. Which in an odd way did bring the pack closer than ever, determined to protect their own with their lives. Especially the male shifters protecting the pregnant females, reminding everyone of a true wolf pack. None of the children were more special than Leah and George's through, with magic, the ability to shift not just when they matured either, they had changed forms before they were one years old. They'd learned Muggle stuff at the school on the reservation, everyone on the reservation knew about their abilities. It wasn't hidden like before, but with Harry's spell they couldn't speak about it outside of their own company.

Fred had married Angelina Johnston, a witch who had followed him from the Magical world, loving him enough to leave it all behind. Their two kids had gone to Hogwarts, only staying long enough to pass their O.W.L's deciding against staying an additional two years and gaining their N.E.W.T's missing their family too much. Fabian Weasley and Roxanne Weasley, both of whom had fallen in love with a wizard or witch at Hogwarts.

"How are you feeling George?" asked Harry sympathy written across his face along with a good dose of pain. He couldn't imagine what George was going through; they'd never been apart for more than a minute. The knowledge that he wouldn't last much longer either hurt more. All his friends were beginning to die, first Neville and Luna…now Fred, he hated this and that's what he'd hoped to avoid by letting them go back to their own world. Standing here now, surrounded by everyone, having known Fred his entire life, he could say it was better to have loved and lost than not at all. Even if he had to help Fred move on so to speak, as he had done with Luna and Neville, the first dose of how hard it was to be the Master of Death. The fact he'd live forever didn't seem to make George bitter, but being surrounded by vampires…it was a daily occurrence for them.

"I'll be okay," said George, his old withered hand placed on Harry's still young one, smiling in gratitude. He'd lived a long full life, had children he adored, and lived to see his grandchildren grow up. What more could anyone ask? He wouldn't change a thing. It was thanks to Harry that he'd seen his brother live so long; he'd saved Fred's life during the final battle. He'd never forgotten that, and always made sure to thank Harry each time something special happened in his life. He'd travelled all over the world; built a chain of stores across the magical globe, made more money than he could spend…yes it had been a worthwhile life. He would soon join his brother and wife, as Harry had said so often…everyone had to die; it was the grand order of things. He should know after all he was the Master of Death.

"Do you want a hand?" asked Emmett staring at George, heartbroken by the death of Fred, and knowing the others would follow. He had known them so long, over one hundred years, invented pranks with them, worked in their new shops they'd been very close. Been scolded by their wives, like an errant school boy with them a million times. Life would be so dull without them.

"I'm not on my deathbed yet," said George, as he'd said so often in the past, but it seemed out of place here, so much so nobody laughed feeling to sad to feel amusement by his statement.

"Dad!" scolded George's son, Jeff irritated by his father's casually speaking about his death after their uncle had died. Jeff's wife pressed a hand to his shoulder as if to calm him down, stop him going overboard. They were all sitting in a small private room, with a bar and food, but half the people there didn't actually eat anything. Fred had wanted everyone to celebrate his long life,

"I'm sorry son," said George his son unfortunately didn't share his amusement on the subject. He was all his kids had left, Leah was gone, and she'd been killed by a vampire, or rather three. Everyone had leapt to avenge her, and so his wife's killers had been brought down with brutal efficiency, they'd messed with the wrong people err vampires.

"I'm going to miss Uncle Fred," said Teddy sadly. Reese nodded along with him, as he always did.

"I know son," said Jasper, "We all are." today he wasn't influencing anyone's emotions, and thanks to Harry he wasn't overwhelmed with everyone's misery.

Harry chuckled slightly, remembering with fondness something about Fred.

"What is it?" asked Carlisle frowning.

"Just remembering the first time I met the twins," grinned Harry wryly.

George smiled as he too remembered the first time he'd met Harry - although they hadn't known at the time.

"When?" asked Teddy his head cocked curiously, his dad didn't speak often about his days at Hogwarts.

"They helped me get my trunk onto the train, before disappearing to see Lee Jordan their best friend." said Harry fondly. "I heard them again once I was on it, promising to send home a toilet seat."

Emmett burst out laughing; oh that was so like the twins.

"Did you?" giggled Teddy amused, sounding like a young boy when he was in fact older than any of the younger generation.

"No, with Harry at Hogwarts it was too…adventurous to be bothered with small things." said George a small smile on his lips. Fred had helped him through the loss of Leah, helped with the kids while he grieved for his wife. Merlin help him he missed him more than anything else in the world.

"It's not going to be the same without him is it?" asked Reese sadly.

"No, but as I said before, those who love us never really leave us. As long as we remember them they stay alive." said Harry, repeating what Sirius had said to him all those long years ago.

"Listen to your dad, he knows what he's talking about," said George out of all of them, Harry had lost the most, but he had Jasper in his life. It had been a pleasure to see Harry so loved up, happy, after all the years of seeing him straining to get by at Hogwarts.

"It's getting late, they are closing in half an hour…we should get home." said Rosalie, holding her granddaughter in her arms as she came over. Sitting herself back down by her husband, leaning against him content like she'd never imagined.

"Come on dad," said Jeff, helping his aging father up.

"Just Apparate, I'll deal with everything," said Harry waving his hand and the humans behind the pub seemed to stand in a daze.

One by one the families all Apparated away, the vampires who didn't have magic drove or got a magical lift home from their magical children. "I'm going to Alicia's alright dad? I'll see tomorrow morning, love you!" said Teddy before disappearing. Reese received enough magic from Harry to be able to do magic after the adoption and he Apparated away as well.

"How are you really feeling?" asked Jasper as he was Apparated back to his and Harry's home.

"I'm fine, honestly," said Harry, leaning into his husband so very grateful to have him. His life had only truly begun when Jasper came into his life. To think it had started of with one possessive vampire declaring Harry his in a kitchen in Forks Washington…Yes he'd finally found life and love after death and betrayal.

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