Chapter1 the start

-With Ichigo-

Ichigo sighed happily. She had just returned from her date with Aoyama, and was completely unaware that a shadow was following her every move. While Ichigo kept daydreaming about Aoyama, the shadow scolded. 'I'm way better than that pathetic human boy. So, why can't she see that? It's that entire boy's fault. He gets in the way of everything! But, not this time.' The shadow thought with a wicked grin, before teleporting out.

Ichigo snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the wind blow past her. 'It's just my imagination; there is nothing creepy out there. L-Like ghosts.' Ichigo thought, looking around.

"Hi kitty." Kisshu said behind her, scaring her so much her ears and tail popped out. "Kisshu! What are you doing here!?" Ichigo asked.

"I can't visit my kitty? I was just casually strolling down the park and saw you." Kisshu said with a smile.

"You were strolling in the park at night?" Ichigo asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

"So are you. No, wait let me rephrase that. You were daydreaming about that human boy." Kisshu said with disgust. Ichigo was angry of how Kisshu was able to talk like that about him; even thinking about it was bad enough for her.

"That boy has a name and it's Masaya!" Ichigo yelled, spinning around and started walking home. Kisshu growled, but left.

-With Kisshu-

Kisshu appeared in Pai's lab. Kisshu looked around, until his eyes found a thing covered with a cloth. He walked towards and read the sign that was on it. It read, 'Do NOT take off or forever be cursed.' Kisshu shrugged and took it of. It was a mirror. He stared at it.

'Nothing's happening. Stupid sign.' Kisshu thought. He met his reflections eyes. It was amber, but then, it turned red and was grinning evilly. Kisshu took a step back surprised. His reflection took a step up and grabbed Kisshu. Kisshu looked bewildered. Right when there eyes met, his reflection disappeared. Kisshu suddenly felt cold and pasted out. Only if he knew that was the beginning of it all.

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