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Warning: Sexual content.

Chapter 3: Release

Loud footsteps triggered the Colonel's mental bitch radar alarm, moments before Lust unceremoniously burst through the office threshold. Her features gave a clear indication of unpleasantry in regards to the horror that was about to spill forth from her mouth.

Sadly, no one won any bets. The spew of intelligence received did not come close to anything on the 'guess' list, for who would have thought up this splendid irony? Apparently, not a humane human, only some wicked Homunculus could mastermind such treachery.

Upon hearing the new living arrangements, the comedian, otherwise known as Jean Havoc, kindly remarked, "Sir, you better remember to put the seat down."

If one looked hard enough, a smile crossed the commander's face, and it wasn't due to Havoc's sly remarks. Oh no. Lust's current turbulent attitude was providing glorious entertainment for the Flame Alchemist.

So, Mustang continued on with his day, acting as though this new development was a nonfactor within the Homunculi game. Noting the ever so slight disbelieving glances heading his way from that woman, Why do you seem surprised, Lust? That I, the dignified Roy Mustang, will not divulge into a hissy fit of my own? It would only serve to end your grievance, turning it into pure joy, and… we can't have that now, can we?

That small Mustang mischievous smirk appeared.

But to ponder… a roommate. The commander had a new homunculus/female roommate… The fused queens so close to the king… Hm… quite the conundrum.

Does one remember the first battle that plagued the Colonel's mind? It was after that heart wrenching, tear jerking reunion of the chivalrous Colonel and the renewed lustrious subordinate... The battle in question was along the lines of a conflict of interest: keep the Lieutenant close or put their mission in jeopardy.

Well, look at this! The decision was made for him, even though Roy and Riza had definitively circled choice B: The Mission.

This must feel like a reprimand from a parent to child, "No, stupid son! You shall live with this voluptuous woman. You are very untrustworthy, playing with those meddling kids. See, this is a punishment, since you murdered this entity and killed half of Ishval."( … Oh too soon?) Normally a "voluptuous woman" would be a prize, but this one had the vessel of a comrade, but harbored a cretin inside.

I can't imagine that this would be going over well with the state alchemist. This metaphoric 'parent', the true opponent, was toying, taunting, and anteing up this poker game. Now, there were two ways in which Mustang could be going about seeing this. A check to him, the king, or that the queen was in the green safety zone, more readily available to communicate and extract information from. Keeping optimistic, he chose the latter.

Mustang's antagonist may have a bunch of awesome cards, some chess pieces, and shit loads of cash, but what this thing didn't have was the X factor, in hand, and dare I say, the heart of the cards? Oh, and we know, Roy Mustang has the best poker face.

As the day progressed, despite his collected appearance, Mustang held a pinch of nervousness. His love, oh, I meant subordinate, sorry… eh hem… His subordinate was going to be living with him.

As if the Lust situation wasn't unpleasant enough for Lieutenant Hawkeye, the Colonel could only imagine how this brought on more difficulties for his longtime friend. Lack of privacy within herself culminated with lack of privacy in the physical world, could drive anyone insane (But let's be honest, who on team Mustang was sane? ... maybe Falman… maybe).

How grand. It seemed Lust was still not enthusiastic about these new living conditions. Evidently, this was not her idea. Huh, how nice it was to know, that someone must hate her equally so.

Mustang's meddling mind was currently in the midst of conjuring a mock mission, code named: Smother a bitch with obnoxious kindness. So much fun to be had, later.

Oh shit, later. He had almost forgotten. They had an undercover mission that night. It was minor, over some rumors of an amateur drug ring.

The work day drew to a close. The final briefing from the Colonel was issued. "Tonight, Havoc, Hawkeye, you two will start the investigation at the bar, at 8pm, watch to see if our suspect shows up, you know the drill.

"Thereafter at 9pm, I will pick up Lieutenant Hawkeye. Breda you are to pick up Havoc. We will stake out the warehouse and await any activity. Falman, Fuery you will be back up and communications."

Fuery spoke up, "I installed a new device in the automobiles. By integrating the communication devices into the vehicles, you simply have to press a button near the radio, to communicate. No more loose wires or receivers. Other dials for clarity, frequency, and volume are clearly labeled."

"Bravo communication guru." Havoc was delighted, while Breda clapped appraisal.

"Due to the late night, tomorrow, half day. Starts at 1pm. Dismissed." With that, his team started to exit, joking along the way, at the Colonel's expense.

Sighing, Mustang turned to Hawkeye, who was currently the real Hawkeye. "I have to stop and pick up some groceries on the way back. As you will see, my ice box and pantry is quite spacious." As they descended the front stone stairs leading to the street, Roy gave Riza a small warm smile, "Please make yourself comfortable, your new home."

Nodding and smiling sheepishly, she said, "Thank you, sir." Home, what a nice thought.

They went their separate ways, Mustang walked around the block, returning to the office. There he change into civilian attire; a white long sleeved shirt, black vest, thin red tie and black slacks. Quickly, he climbed to one of the team's vehicles.

Information was to be gathered, groceries to be bought, and what was this? A huge inconspicuous suit of armor? How convenient, Fullmetal and Al were always a wealth of information. (1)

The Flame Alchemist brought the vehicle to a halt, right front of, "Fullmetal."

Slightly peeved at the sight of the Colonel, Ed whined. "GAH! COLONEL?! How'd you find us?"

Peering up at the sight of the younger brother, Roy bluntly stated, "How do you think? You can see Alphonse from a mile away." Resting his right arm on the window ledge, he asked, "What're you two doing?"

Ed stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Looking for someone, but we haven't had any luck, so we were about to head back to our inn."

"Oh, hop in. I've got some business to take care of near there, I'll drop you off." With that the two brothers clamored into the vehicle. With Al's size, he nearly took up the entire back seat. Ed, usually having to be stuffed back there with him, was plainly enjoying the comforts of the front seat.

As Mustang drove, the brother's informed him of a different kind of alchemy preformed in Xing, which had them on the search of "that someone". The Colonel studied the drawing of the unique identifier of this Xingese person, some tiny panda bear looking creature. "I'll put the word out if I have the chance."

Grumbling, Ed muttered, "I hate owing you."

"That reminds me!" Mustang held out his hand. "Give me back my money! I gave you a big chunk of change back at the Führer's!"

"Damn you remembered…" Ed shifted around for his money bag.

Roy narrowed his eyes, This freakin' kid.

Counting his change, Fullmetal asked, "How much was it? 500 cenz?"

"520. Don't try to short change me."

"Why are you so petty? You're a Colonel. Wait," pausing, Ed clasped his wallet shut, "on second thought, I'll pay you back later. Say… after you become Führer."

The atmosphere inside the vehicle drastically shifted. Mustang started, "Where did you...?"

"From Lieutenant Hawkeye. She told me about Ishval too." Mustang fell quiet as Alphonse exited the car, its door snapped to a close.

The fellow state alchemist continued to sit inside the vehicle. "You know speaking about the Lieutenant…" Ed thoughtfully crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "She needs help."

Without moving his head, Roy's eyes shot over in the direction of his passenger. Before being able to utter a word, Fullmetal nonchalantly added, "She'll never admit it."

Stiffly, Mustang responded, "Hawkeye would have no trouble asking for assistance if needed."

Snorting, Ed said, "Yeah, sure, right. I don't believe she would outright ask for the kind of assistance I'm talking about." Fullmetal muttered the side note, "Hm... well that other one might…" Picking back up in his normal tone, "Winry gets like that sometimes. The signals are very slight. She would never state the fact, not now anyway." Unable to hide his smirk any longer, Ed opened his eyes. "Sometimes they need a little extra, edge, to get that release."

What… was this conversation really taking place? Seriously? Ed seemed to be entertained by the rare shocked Mustang that had suddenly appeared.

The damn shrimp, seeing that the Colonel had not exactly thought of this, took out his black book, rattling off with his professional air, "Lust: An intense, uncontrolled, or illicit sexual desire or appetite. A passionate or overmastering desire or craving." Snapping the book closed and pocketing it once more, Ed continued, "Think. Gluttony always ate, Greed wants everything, so it is only natural that Lust also be the embodiment of her name, which would cause Hawkeye problems."

This damn kid… was right.

He pulled the latch to open the passenger door, "Well I better be off." After closing it, Ed glanced back in, "And here I thought you to be the master womanizer."

Contemplating this truth Ed presented him, Mustang became serious. "I appreciate the advice Fullmetal. But you're not off the hook. I'll be expecting that money back."

Fullmetal stood there, putting his hands back inside his pockets, "Fine. But you gotta promise me something else."

Roy sighed, leaned forward, crossing his arms on the steering-wheel. "Like 'Don't Die' or something right?"

"Yeah. Don't give Lt. Hawkeye anymore reason to worry about you. Thanks for the ride." Both Al and Ed gave a slight wave.

Damn runt lecturing me? What the hell was happening to the world? Roy nodded, "Later."

Sighing, why did Hawkeye always have to consider people before herself? She shouldn't waste worry and stress on him, she was the one that was stuck in a sad unfortunate predicament.

Wait a minute. It just occurred to him… did this mean he had to sleep with one eye open? Lust could be on the prowl at night… Infused zipper pants with a belt, would be the new pajama plan.

Grocery bags in hand, Mustang trotted up the stoop leading to his humble abode. A one floor, one bedroom condo, which to his shock did not have a bunch of boxes lined up outside. The door was already unlocked for him. As Roy slipped out of his shoes, Hayate came running to greet his friend hello.

Kneeling down to give Hayate a proper greeting, Mustang said, "Have I mentioned how much I love dogs?"

"Ugh, your one of those people?" It was the lovely Lust who narrowed her eyes at him whilst leaning on the wall. She still adorned her military attire, lacking the military jacket. Unprofessional thoughts: that weapon holster never stopped being sexy on Hawkeye's body.

Mustang smiled warmly up at her. "Well hello to you too!" Getting back on his feet, he inquired, "And pray tell, what do you mean by those people?"

"That thing that has anger issues," pointing to Hayate, "is an animal. Why must you speak to it like it is has an equivalent cognitive function?"

Roy walked up to her. "Weren't you listening? I love dogs," and planted a playful tap Lust's nose, "silly."

On the inside, Riza was in a fit of laughter. She understood what he was up too.

Choosing to ignore, this nicely played set of events, Lust interrogated, "What happened to your uniform?"

"I am a chick magnet in uniform." Placing the bags on the kitchen table, he glanced over noticing his new roommate's level of irritation rise. He best decided to answer more 'honestly'. "I don't like drawing attention in my uniform; they shouldn't thank me for serving in Ishval."

Lust seemed to buy it. Apparently, something was deemed more important than to continue bantering with him. As she took a seat at the kitchen table, Mustang started to put the groceries away. Once again, he eyed his roomie, who had her nose in a Field Manual.

The Homunculus must have noticed his puzzled eye since she glared back. "Looking for a fraternization law that would prohibit this crap."

Putting cans in the pantry, he asked, "Order was from the Führer?"


Turning back to acquire more items that needed proper placement, Roy stated, "That book won't help you then."

The woman slammed the manual down on the table, and grumbled, "Riza said the same damn thing."

"Always listen to her, on rules and regulations. She knows more than I do about the manuals."

Hawkeye's tone and stature returned when she said, "You still tend to bend and break the rules." She stood up, being the thoughtful person she was, started to helping him with his task.

"Some rules are meant to be broken." Mustang took some cereal out of the bags. "I was expecting more moving boxes."

"I don't have much. Some books are near your bookcase, clothes are still in boxes. I was informed other bulker items are in storage." She picked up a can of pineapple juice, looking down at it for a second. Yes, of course he would remember. He introduced it to her, back in the day, and it had been her favorite morning drink ever since. The infectious Hawkeye smile was back.

Sighing, realizing this small space did not give for the comfort for two people. "We'll figure something out. You can have my room-"

With a straight, unfaltering face, Riza interrupted, "No sir, I am not putting you out. You will stay in your room. I am sleeping on the coach."


"I will not obey those orders, sir."

A smile came on his lips, "And what was that about the rules?"

Hawkeye and Havoc were sitting at a round table within the pub. Facing each other but looking around in the other's blind spots. Both were in simple civilian attire.

Mustang was indeed crafty, who would suspect a wheelchair man to be undercover?

Sipping his beer, Havoc said, "How is the new zoo coming along?" The quizzical look received by Hawkeye prompted him to jest, "Hawks, stallions, wolves oh my."

"I wouldn't count Hayate a wolf yet. A pup maybe."

"All you need is the Breda Bear and the Fuery Fox and you could charge admission." Havoc dropped down to a serious note. "I haven't been able to chat with our Roselyn," their code name for Roy, "Have you been able to catch any information."

"Nothing we don't already know." About to explain her worry on an additional vague plan, the good twin bad twin switch occurred. 'Solaris' sat back, "Looks like we can have a bit of a date after all."

Lifting his eyebrow, Havoc was set for this challenge. "Oh joy." He was keen to notice that this sudden intrusion was due to the topic; this struck a nerve. "Do you miss me so much that you want me to move in with you too?"

"It might be too noisy," Lust sneered.

"I don't mind being a third wheel." Well, this was escalating quickly.

Lust quickly pulled a smoke out of Havoc's pocket. It was second nature for Havoc to take out his silver lighter, flicking the top, sparking the flint to light it for her. He pressed on, not afraid of a bite, "Have something to hide?"

A smirk appeared, as she exhaled white wisps of smoke. "'There are no secrets that time does to reveal.' Another Jean spoke those very words."

Havoc clenched his jaw, Hawkeye didn't have complete control. Now he feared that bight. If he continued to pressure her for information or reveal that he had too much… to think he could be slain by Hawkeye's hand.

Lust reclined. Hostility swept away with her remark, "You are an interesting group, I'll give you that much."

"And why do you say that?"

Ignoring the question, Lust stood up, looking out the window. It was 9pm, their rides were here. "I almost feel bad for you." She walked away.

Mustang and Hawkeye drove to the warehouse district, mostly in silence. After pulling the vehicle near the curb, Mustang cut the engine. Pressing the blue button on the panel, Mustang stated, "Roselyn and Elisabeth have docked."

The speaker cracked before Havoc's voice came through. "Roger that. Jacqueline and Bertha have a nice view over here."

The winds were picking up; a storm was brewing in the night sky. There had to be a way for Riza to signal the truth. Lust would take control so not one word could not be put out edge wise. She was truely imprisoned. Fuck the mission, everyone was at risk from the insider, how could they not see that?!

The light rain started to tinker on the roof.

Letting out a breath she didn't realize she was holding, a soothing memory floated forward in connection with that sound…

It had begun to rain. Young Riza Hawkeye ran and stopped underneath a metal awning to keep dry. She was trying to track Mustang down for lunch. The slight chill in the breeze caused her to fold her arms to contain the body heat. It was then strong warm arms wrapped around her from behind. Startled, she looked up; Roy peered down with a small smile upon his lips.

"What are you doing here?" Riza wondered. Here, was a small one room abandoned house. Not an unusual sight; a lot of the places within this town were abandoned and falling into ruin. Her own residence, she, her father, and Mr. Mustang shared, fit right in with the slowly withering area. Nature was already recalling lost space.

Looking down at his chalk dusted fingertips, Riza already found the answer, before Roy promptly said, "I was practicing transmutations when you dropped in."

They stood, there for a moment. Bringing her chilled hands to rest on top of his warm digits. Her mouth seemed to have a mind of its own. "When are you leaving?"

"Next week."

"So you are leaving me with that insufferable git?"

Roy chuckled, and a small smile from the heart found its way out onto her lips. The toasty man, having always had a fire within him, shrugged, "You could travel with me you know."

Miss Hawkeye let out a long sad sigh. "I can't just… abandon him. He will turn out looking like this place."

"I'll have you know, I practiced on fixing this place."

The rain started to come down harder, a waterfall descended.

She rested her head back on his shoulder mesmerized by the dancing trees guided by the wind and rain.

With his cheek, Roy nudged her head to the side. She gave no resistance to exposing the neck he aimed to softly kiss. Immediately her heart began to hammer against her chest as she felt his warm breath dance on her shoulder.

Riza felt the young man trail butterfly kisses from her shoulder up her neck to the back of her ear; she couldn't catch the small whimpering sigh before it left her lips. It was there he whispered, "I wish I had the courage to attempt this sooner."

She turned to him, still with strong arms around her. The young lady brushed the small wisps of hair out of his handsome eyes. "You… You are the epitome of courage; you just don't know it yet."

He brought his lips to finally met hers. At first the kiss was slow and bashful. Why had they waited so long for a moment like this?

She brought a hand to his chest. Against her palm, his heart pounded with the same vigor as her own. Taking a handful of his shirt, she pulled him closer. Her other hand found his cheek. Cautiously, he moved to deepen the kiss. Immediately she granted him passage and what she tasted was him, with a hint of strawberries, most likely form their garden.

Running her fingers through the air on the side of his head, she rested it on the back on his neck. He shivered ever so slightly to the touch of her fingertips. Aware of this, she started to trace her fingers along the sensitive spot, earning a gentle moan.

She wanted this, this ineffable thing, the only thing you can only understand unless experienced.

They matched the passion. The normally reserved, modest Riza Hawkeye guided the strong Roy Mustang backward, though the threshold of the empty dusty house, with a fixed roof.

She needed this, she wanted this, before Roy would be gone and out of reach.

Inwardly sighing, Lieutenant Hawkeye looked at the water streaked window. But she was wrong. She was able to catch up and be at his side. He had never gone because he would never simply leave and abandon anyone.

Glancing over at the man that Roy had grown to be, unfortunately he was certainly out of reach.

There was a chill in the cabin of the automobile now. Fiddling with her fingers, her mind continued to fiddle with her emotions, it brought her back to that warmth.

She swallowed hard, remembering his embrace, neither dominant or submissive, equal…

Resting his check on his knuckles, Mustang gazed out onto the empty roads. He glanced over about to strike up conversation, he noticed a slightly flushed Hawkeye.

Ed's words echoed in his mind. "She'll never admit it…not the kind of assistance, I'm talkin' about."

At first, Roy felt horrible she was put through something the might concern embarrassing. But now curiosity swept though him. I wonder what she is thinking about? His subordinate needed back up.

The young smug mischievous smile was unnoticed.

Not a word was spoken; their communication was already beyond the need for a coherent language. His actions were clear, at any point they could stop.

He touched her as though she could break, sensual in every movement. Holding her close as if he were afraid to let go, supporting her as he lay her down, her legs quickly found their way around his waist. Their shirts already lay forgotten somewhere, as he massaged her breast, kissing and nibbling her neck, she arched her back at his electrifying touch, pushing herself against him.

"Roy," was the only name, the only world. Their bare bodies touched, she was astounded, what she could feel, how much he wanted her.

With his understanding that this love could bring her discomfort, Roy focused patiently on her. It was clear the emotion openly displayed though his eyes, this man who controlled his passion…

The crackle of lightning.

Whatever memories or thoughts she was lost to, they were good. Hawkeye bit her lower lip.
That was it, Mustang could not sit by and watch Lust torment her like this.

Slowly, carefully, and quietly he moved ever closer to her.

A mist of sweat formed on their skin, amongst waves of pleasure rolled on the beaches of paradise. Her name whispered in desperate longing. Their presence brought the empty house to life. Emotions pooled and spilled forth from both…

Brushing her cheek with the back of his gloved knuckles, startled her back to reality. Chestnut eyes bore into his own, trying to understand what was happening.

Mustang smiled and said, "You know, you could just ask for help."


Nervousness crept up in him but he found some courage to explain, cupping her check with his hand the red alchemic array popped off its white backdrop.

"Riza," she blinked at the Colonel, the use of her first name made her forget to breathe. "You have lust inside you. Best defined, in your state current state, as having a passionate, overpowering desire or craving for someone or something. I know how that can feel," thinking back to the hard time he had with the sunburn burn incident. "I will not take advantage of the situation, I am always here. All you have to do is ask."

She had heard right. Making him restate the meaning behind his ways, once again, he veiled his nervousness with a string of knowledge and words… what do you expect from alchemists?

He planted a small, graceful kiss on her check. Her hand shot up grabbing his collar. Vulnerability and embarrassment radiated off of her as much as desire. She needed something and she needed it bad. Her bottom lip trembled, finally, after what seemed like much debate, she said, "Sir, I don't know why I didn't have the courage to attempt… to seek help sooner."

He whispered in her ear, "So that's what you've been thinking about." Warm lips wrapped around her ear lobe as a whimper escaped with her shuttering breath. The scent of clovers… Tails of small kisses were placed along her jaw line, until his warm moist lips enveloped her own. He broke away adjusting bringing himself closer, she followed him like a magnate, until he came back passionately for more.

Inside, Lust kept quiet. If she could smirk at her success, she would.

What fervor, and Roy matched it.

Sparing no time, his nimble fingers had unfastened her pants belt, tugging her blouse free from its confines. Yanking off his gloves with his teeth, his hands started undoing her shirt, only three buttons later; the red Ouroboros tattoo exposed. For a brief second, he damned it.

Refusing to touch it, he nicely avoided the damn thing by taking his finger and freeing her breast of her bra. His pants were confining him, damn it, damn it all to hell.

She let out a small cry as he gave her chest the attention it longingly needed. Merciless, his tongue flicked, sucked, and nipped at her. Her hand gripped the seat, and on his leg. Her body arched toward him.

The rain had become a downpour drowning out the sounds of pleasure, while the windows fogged giving them their much needed privacy.

His hands traveled downward, along long neglected territory. Notably neglected, not uncharted. He softly trailed his fingertips over her skin, goose bumps spread over the soft surface.

This person before him was untouchable… unreachable…

And all Riza wanted to do was something that she had not done in ages- she ran her fingers through his hair, slowly down to the back of his neck.

Roy let out a sigh. Keeping his head clear for the most part, he was successfully distracting her. The flame he kindled was quickly escalating into a fierce blaze.

His hand traveled further down, over, what seemed to be heat emulating cloth between her legs. Taking his finger, teasing her, back and forth, through the fabric, causing her to whimper and moan.

And to think he believed her breathing was erratic already…. Slipping his hand underneath her pants and underpants, how unbelievably moist she was… He let out a low husky grown as he nipped her ear, she had cried out in blissful agony.

Oh god he wanted her, to feel that all again, but no. No, this was for her, only her for her release.

Roy Mustang was on a mission, and had an affinity of finding what he needed. Why did some guys complain that they could never find the clitoris? He never knew.

Throwing her head to the side, burying it into his shoulder, "Ssssi- Roy…" She moaned his name, his name as she instinctively bucked her hips forward at the flick of his finger.

Kissing her passionately, he could only hope she could read his heart. Maybe it had gotten through to her, they didn't need that verbal nonsense right? Not after all these years.

But for her hand, behind his head and the other one now on his arm, to hold on that tight... it was not by mere pleasure, it was if... she held on also due to fear. What, that he would judge her, leave and never return?

How could she think that of him? It was because time had made them second guess their ground.

For a moment he stopped moving. She froze instilled with that fear. Their breath as ragged.

Roy Mustang softly kissed Riza's temple. She melted into his loving gesture, all fears erased.

Quickly, he continued where he left off. His fingers mapped the area once more, accessing what was needed; he slowly inserted two fingers into her tight tunnel, pressing his palm against that small delightful bundle of nerves.

He placed his forehead against hers, and took her lips on his own once more.

The flustered Riza was desperate for that release; she wouldn't last long, matching his steady rhythm with each buck of her hips, pushing herself harder against his hand.

She tightened around him, about to call out him from paradise, he deeply kissed her. She slowly relaxed, he continued to hold her steady and close as she came down from her high.

Riza must know that she held his heart and soul in the palm of her hands…

Carefully, he retracted his hand, fastened her belt, while softly kissing her cheek.

As though coming out of a fog she asked, "Wait… but what about-"

They both jumped as the radio cracked. "Roselyn, your vehicle is, uh, quite fogged up. What have the two of you girls been up to, or should I say three?"

Slamming his hand down on the button, Mustang retorted, "Jacqueline, we got into a heated argument, nothing more." He did not want to cause anymore embarrassment for the Lieutenant, hoping Havoc would let it go.

Releasing the button, Roy turned back to her and kissed her on her forehead. "Relax." Helping her button her blouse.

The radio crackled again, "I am guessing your on the coach tonight Roselyn." Breda's voice came through, "Sharing the doghouse with Hayate."

Roy grumbled ignoring them as Riza chuckled, how far they were now from the truth.

In seeing, there was tent pitched with use of his pants fabric. "But Roy, what about-?"

"As I said, I will not take advantage of this situation." That came out a bit husker then he intended. Clearing his throat he continued, "This was not wholly because of you, okay that is but… damn it you know what I mean." She had to hold back a chuckle, the handsome man was cute, as his own fogged alchemic mind tried to formulate language, "Nothing can distract you from a mission, except for your evil twin...of course."

Did Roy understand how her heart and soul could not live in a world without him?

Mustang had radioed in to the others, ending their stakeout. Turning over the vehicle, they drove home… yes home… She saw a playful smirk cross the reflection on the window, how natural it felt.

The cold glass was feeling delightful against her forehead right about now.

She remembered… his face buried in her neck, while her ragged breath danced off his cheek. He brought himself up, resting his forehead against her own. Smiling and giggling like a bunch of stupid idiots they were. Amazing what you can find and experience amongst the ruins.

And they said the first time always sucked. Obviously, they had never had anything close to a Roy Mustang.

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Chapter 4: Uninhibited


(1) Vol. 16 Chapter 2: A 520 Cenz Promise. Quoted to a point.
(2) Lustrious- Not a word, I know. I made it up because it fit perfectly.
(3) Lust's quote: "There are no secrets that time does to reveal" - Jean-Baptiste Racine Mid-1600s.

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