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Avalon and Halley rode to school with Halley's brother. There was no mention of last night's conversation, Avalon having 'forgotten' what had happened. They got to the school in record time (somewhat due to the constant egging on of Halley). As soon as the school came into view, Halley was no more( she ran away)."what's up with her?" Kendall asked, bemused. Avalon grinned and said " she probably has to pee, the girl has no bladder Kendall."

He laughed and got out of the car with Avalon.


"Waaaalllllkkkkeeeeerrrrr! I totally found out what we should like Avalon was like this and was like yea and she was like OMG and I said better believe it and-" Walker sighed and interuped her " what did she say about me?"

Halley grinned and said "Well, she said that you could be nicer and stuff and lose your posse then she might consider going out with you." Walker looked at her saying" she might? isn't there a sure way of doing this?"

"Well, I did have a plan to, like, make her jealous. Because Avalon has a thing for dibs and stuff, so if you went out with someone she would totally be jealous and be in love with you!" Walker said "so you're suggesting I make Avalon jealous? And can we find someone besides you? She would see right through that scam immediately."

Grinning Halley said " we'll get a girl, don't worry about it." Walker sadi "good. I'm going to class now… so thanks"

"go get 'er lover boy!"

"shut up!"

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