I'm back! So sorry for lack of updates but summer is here and I have time to write!

Here's a little start of summer chapter. Please excuse any typos. Enjoy!

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Dear Notebook,

It's been a while since I've written. I guess I've been pretty busy lately. The second half of the second semester of school is always a killer, especially at Gotham Academy. Tests, reports, projects, community service requirements, you name it. Prestigious schools often mean overbearing workloads. On top of that Batman and I have been super busy. It's like the criminals know I have a bunch of schoolwork and they want me to flunk. And the Team's also been on more extensive missions. We've been having to travel all over the place lately and encountering more powerful villains, which ofcourse means more training.

So basically my plate has been pretty full. I wasn't sure I'd get it all done, but I managed. Bruce was understanding when I came home with the occasional B instead of an A. He even helped me out with some of my assignments by doing research on the Batcomputer which was much more efficient than any other form of research. Even Alfred stayed up to help me study for calculus. Whenever we had any downtime at the Cave, we all formed a massive study group. We all helped each other, and it worked out for the best since we all ended the semester with A's and B's.

Since I spent a lot of time with the Team, I saw more and more of Artemis and Wally. But it stopped being weird. Artemis and I have a few classes together so that meant studying together. I hadn't realized before but I guess I may have had a bit of resentment towards her. I mean if she and Wally never got together then maybe he and I would never have had a fall out. But with all the studying and training we did, I stopped seeing her as the person who took my best friend for me and realized how much we have in common. We're the only Team members without super powers, we both love seeking adventure, we're the only ones who understand our French teacher who has a very thick accent, we both think our calculus professor could use a date, we laugh at the same jokes, and she lives in Gotham. I can see why Wally likes her so much. I can also see how much they compliment each other. Artemis helps Wally to take certain things more serious and Wally helps her lighten up about things. I guess you could say my eyes have been opened.

It's all been for the better because the most miraculous thing happened. Wally and I have been talking again. Not just a hi and bye, but having actual conversation. It all started when Artemis and I were going over our chemistry notes. I do exceptionally well in every class I take, and with Batman, science and math are a huge deal. But I guess sleep deprivation had gotten the better of me because Artemis and I could not solve an equation no matter how hard we tried. Wally came in, did his nerdy science thing, and solved the problem i seconds. Obviously he then had to explain it to us who prefer math, and I guess it opened a door. We started a conversation with awkward small talk and somehow ended up laughing. I guess we realized how ridiculous we were being by no longer being friends and I don't know I guess we sort of just picked up where we left off.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Things are dying down now. School's over, summer has started, and I feel much more relaxed. Of course, I now have unlimited time to spend patrolling Gotham and training with the Team. But I don't spend all my down time with Alfred anymore. Don't get me wrong I love Alfred, but I missed hanging out with people my age...well around my age, I know all my friends are older than me. Babs has more free time and has been spending time with me at the mansion. And the Team has been doing more group hangouts in public. Last week we saw a cheesy horror flick at an old theater and this week we're going to Gotham Aquarium.

But the most surprising thing, is that Wally and I are actually hanging out like old times. After studying chemistry that one night, everything fell into place. We've been catching up on what we missed out on in each other's lives. We've been playing video games, playing pranks on people, and creating all kinds of havoc. It's really like nothing's changed. Of course he sometimes gets distracted by a text from Artemis every now and then, and he took a half hour phone call from her when I slept over two weeks ago, but it hasn't been bothering me. Artemis is a big part of his life now, I've accepted that. I won't let that ruin our friendship again. He's been a bit cautious about it, but to prove how supportive I am, I invited the two of them to hang out this weekend. I invited Babs, in order to avoid third wheeling, but I hope one day the three of us can hang out without any sort of discomfort.

Look at me being all mature and stuff.


Hope you guys liked it. Again, I'm sorry for not updating. I had a lot of school work, an internship, yearbook committee, and several other things. I know for a lot of you school may have ended a while ago but I literally graduated high school a week ago. Public school in New York usually ends in the last week of June. I'll definitely be updating regularly until I start school in late August. Hopefully I'll be able to write often enough during the school year as well. Keep on reading guys! Please review!

~Miss Walls