In His Hands - Season 5, Episode 3


Saturday, May 9, 1981

''She's been shot in the head!''

It had been a 'simple' mission, nothing to complicate it on the surface - but as Steve and Jaime were both well aware, even the simplest mission could go bad in less than a heartbeat. In fact, sometimes they could go very, very bad. Steve had just finished bathing Becca (and was still dancing through the kitchen with his daughter wrapped cozily in a towel) when the phone rang. Oscar's voice had been grim, even with the initial Intel report that stated simply that Jaime had been shot. Moving on auto-pilot, Steve got Becca dressed and they headed for National Medical...where the news was even worse. Rudy had also heard those initial reports and whether it was the news or just too many late nights and early mornings...he had collapsed and was being tended to by his cardiologist.

Doctor Corinth waited with an OR at the ready for Jaime's arrival. As they wheeled her in, one of the medics shouted the news to the doctor: one single her head. Corinth and his team (along with Rudy's team) moved into place in the OR and the frantic effort to save Jaime began. Corinth emerged from the big double doors within mere hours...and Steve's heart sank. Was Jaime dead?

''She's alive,'' were the first words out of the neurosurgeon's mouth. ''There appears to have been only moderate blood loss. The medics report no brain tissue leakage on the gurney and the largest bionic component in Jaime's head seems to have acted as a sort of shield, deflecting the bullet and sending it back out of her skull, rather than allowing it further into her brain. This prevented an instant catastrophe but...that's all the good news I have.''

''Tell me the rest, Doc...please...'' Steve said softly.

''There's been some nerve and tissue damage that - especially due to the positioning of her bionic components - I simply don't have the expertise to try and correct. I could keep Jaime alive; that's possible, yes...although right now she's extremely critical so even that is not guaranteed. But if you want 'your' Jaime back - fully functioning both physically and mentally or as close to 'normal' as possible - there's only one man we can get here quickly enough to save her, who has the knowledge and expertise in neuro-reconstruction and regeneration to offer any real hope. And it'll take an act of God - or at the very least, of Oscar Goldman - to get him here in time.''

Steve's eyes closed briefly as the reality hit him all at once. The man who had so nearly taken Jaime's life...was now her only hope. Michael Marchetti...