Yeah, a continuation of ! Thanks to 2 good fans of my story, I have decided to continue what happens to Ms. Kirsten Scholtes, who was unceremoniously dragged away from her life by a virus-ridden game sprite of Frodo Baggins. Frightful landscapes, twisted character designs, one-sided, dark romance, torment, and violence shall ensue!

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That was all I saw at the moment, pure black, with the words 'hello darkness, my old friend' practically etched into my mind. My heart was beating fast, like a rabbit eloped from a field totting carrots. Sweat poured profusely down my temples, and I could feel my cheeks becoming hotter with every passing second. All I could do was pray to anyone in the heavens who'd listen that all that had happened was a bad dream, a nightmare fueled from too much creepypasta and an overdose of Lord of the Rings, if there was such a thing.

And then I heard him. I heard his voice. The voice of an angel, straight from the pits of whatever hell existed beneath the Earth. He was talking to me, beckoning me to wake up, open my eyes, anything. I didn't want to, but morbid curiosity pushed me to it.

I awoke. I looked. I hated the sight.

Frodo was there. Well, not really Frodo: More like demonic style. He looked exactly like Elijah Wood, but instead, his hair was a deep coal black, his skin as pale as paper. His eyes were not the beautiful blues I had come to know and love, no, they were black, a deep, dark, chilling black, with only a small ruby dot in the middle, shining out with a sort of attention and attraction I despised immediately. He was garbed in a white shirt and gray vest, black breeches, an elaborate gray-green cloak, and a silvery crown that resembled a tangle of thorns.

"You're awake at last," He grinned to me. When he did so, I could see that they were like a shark's teeth, sharp and dangerous.
"I want to apologize for scaring you tonight," He spoke, as I curled up into a fearful ball. "Not exactly a ceremonious way of bringing you here for the wedding, but it was a last-minute option. I blame paranoia and horniness-I MEAN love."

"WEDDING?!" I shrieked in horror, as I looked down and finally noticed the little ring on my finger.
"Do you like it?" He asked innocently, as I stared at the engagement ring in shock. "I couldn't decide if silver or gold was better, so I went with a mix. And I also got the gem to match your birthstone…"

I was still numb with shock from the whole wedding prospect. "We're getting married?" I asked in a hoarse whisper.
"Oh, you didn't know? Sorry, I forget to mention that, love. I mean, I set it for today at 5, which gives us 2 good hours before we have to get there, which I am not complaining about, I mean, I already know everything about you, but I'm still so very fascinated!"

"WHAT?" I cried out at the words "know everything about you".
merely chuckled at my shock as he pulled me into an embrace, which unnerved me greatly. He pulled me up to his chest, as he stroked my hair all the way down my back, occasionally leaning down and kissing my head. I shivered, and he noticed, wrapping his cloak around me.

"I've been watching you for several months now," He explained, while I quietly whimpered in fear within his surprisingly strong embrace. "I found you when you sent for that bracelet with me and my friends portraits on it, and by the Valar, I have never seen a more beautiful woman in all of my life. I had tried to contact several other girls before meeting you, but they were nowhere near as stunning and clever as you."

I swallowed hard as he continued.

"I continued to lust after you, following you across the Internet, making every attempt to contact you. I sent you reviews for your stories on Fanfiction, hoping we could talk a little, I emailed you on your Wiki account, I commented on your YouTube channel. I always left your videos on, so your videos could bring me comfort as I slept."

I blinked with confusion: The videos I uploaded onto YouTube were creepy games based on various creepypastas (And I had screamed quite a few times during the gameplay). I tried thinking of anyone who sounded sketchy to me who had emailed me. Then I remembered: Middle-EarthBound666. Could that have been ?

"I thought all hope had been lost of talking to you: I couldn't find your number, I didn't know your address or your favorite places outside, in your world, or your phone number. But finally, I saw you on EBay again, looking for something new. So I packaged myself away in my game, made an offer you could never refuse, and soon enough, I was in your hands."

He then leaned down and whispered into my ear:
"I loved the way you fondly caressed my game box. Made me a little excited, dear, and before our wedding? Mmm, I could tell you're the playful sort. I could barely restrain myself when I came to get you." With that, he licked my ear with his long, reptilian tongue.

Somewhere in the house, the clock struck loudly, making look up suddenly.
"Son of an Orc," he growled. "One hour to go. Well, either way, we better get you ready for our big day, hmm, love? I'll be out in the garden, waiting while you get spruced up. Your dress is behind the door in the bathroom. Rosie and Arwen did a real nice job of finding you a nice gown to wear today. I will see you…"

He paused to plant a kiss on my cheek.

"At the altar," He finished, leaving me alone and distraught.