Summary: A series of four drabbles (each exactly 100 words long) fr the Granger/Snape 100 Challenge "Darkness Goes Deeper Than Light." Written to accompany a graphic page by the incredible JeniDRalph. Be warned: mention of non-con.

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and fictional places do not belong to me; I am merely borrowing them for playtime before (respectfully) putting them back. Thank you JKR, for allowing such things to happen. For the record, so that we're very clear, Hermione is of age in this fic.

Pairings/Main Characters: Hermione Granger and Severus Snape

Warnings: AU-this story is rated M for mature themes. Based on the Stockholm Syndrome-mention of non/dub-con and violence.

Thank You: Thanks to JeniD for letting me play with her art. Thanks to Carrie Fisher for letting us borrow her dress, and thanks to the amazing city of Stockholm for teaching me valuable lessons.

Written By: TycheSong
Art By: JeniDRalph

He wasn't certain why he had been summoned here—perhaps the Dark Lord thought the recently captured girl might spill more secrets to an Order member? No, Hermione would have been Legillimised by now. She would have no secrets at this point. Thank Merlin she didn't know enough of his secrets to spill. Why then, had he been brought here? To Imperious and return her?

"I have a present for you Severusss, since you like mudbloods so well."

His pulse leapt. He knew what he should do… but he had not originally joined the Death Eaters because he was altruistic.

"There are many masters less lenient than I, they keep their pets in chains and filth; they beat them and abuse them. You have been treated very well in comparison, have you not? You are given clean clothes and hot baths; I gift you with books, allow you to aid me in my research. Nonetheless, do not forget for a moment that you are my property—and I will not be denied access to what's mine. If I wish to have you splayed naked on my dinner plate to eat rather than my usual supper, it is my prerogative, Hermione."

"I wonder sometimes if my hunger for you is going to be my death, rather than my capacity as a double agent. You were always so strong—will you use it against me and turn on me someday, sweet girl? I know I should have returned you long ago—I will be lying when I tell the Order that I kept you because I had to, that I was only keeping you safe. Will you forgive me if you ever find out that truth? I am a very bad man, but I do love you in my own sick way."

"Master Severus, the Order is attempting to rescue me—Ron is in our chambers even now. I've told him that there's something important that I've got to get… I… I don't want to go. Please? I want to stay."

"Ah, sweet girl, would you have me kill your friend so that we might stay secluded? As an Order Member I would have no other excuse not to give you back."

Hermione's lip trembled. "Could… couldn't you tell him I've been caught, and to run?"

"If Dumbledore wins, you'll have to remember this lie."

"Please… I want to stay with you."

A/N: I hesitated to post this for a couple reasons. First, it is definitely darker than what I usually post to FFN, and second, FFN will not let me post it as it really should be viewed, with JeniDRalph's accompanying art. Even so, I wanted to know what your thoughts were. Do you like this darker side of my writing? Hate it? Please let me know. To see it as it was intended, please visit my livejournal page (it's listed in my profile). Eight Months in Stockholm can be found on the master list to the left under "My Drabbles."