Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and fictional places do not belong to me; I am merely borrowing them for playtime before I (respectfully) put them back. Thank you JKR, for allowing such things to happen.

Thank You: To JeniDRalph for introducing me to GrangerSnape100 on LiveJournal, and creating the art piece "You Will NOT Take Him" that inspired this.

Story Summary: SSHG Drabble- The dark decision Hermione made in order to save Severus Snape... based on a drawing by JeniDRalph.

By: TycheSong

It was wrong; Hermione had known that. The price when one bargains with Death is never simple or easy, regardless of how effortless the ritual had turned out to be. She hadn't even read the section all the way through—there hadn't been the time. She hadn't known what she was promising away in order to keep Severus alive, and she hadn't cared. If that made her no different than Voldemort and his own quest for self-preservation, so be it. She had made her choice.

She wondered for years afterward if Harry's sudden collapse on the field was her fault.

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