Lizzy's P.O.V

I was riding through the city, trying to get as much distance away from the orphanage as possible. I was starting to get cold; after all in was late November, but it hadn't snowed yet. Also, I'm guessing riding through the city in shorts and a sweat shirt wasn't the best idea, so I stopped a minute to warm up. That's when I heard crashing and cries of pain. I grab my skateboard and bag, and starting chasing the sounds. When I trace the sound, I find it coming from an ally. I decide to peek into the ally. Then, I see four men, who all looked the same. Same black hair, same distant eyes. They looked like they were on drugs or somethin'. Only one of them was holding a jar of ooze over something… or someone. That's when I see them hovering over a man. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and looked smart, like he was a doctor or scientist. My gut was saying 'RUN! RUN! Run while you still can!' Only my heart was saying 'Help that poor man Lizzy. There was a reason the nuns' gives all the kids' self-defense lessons. Use you knowledge to help him.' I ignore my gut and listen to me heart.

"HEY!" I shout to the strange men turning into the ally. They all turn their heads and look at me. I was positive they were on something. None of them said anything, so I yell, "Hey! What's going on HERE?"

They still said nothing. I looked from the four men to the man on the ground. He was mouthing the word 'run.' I was like he wanted to protect me. Truth be told, I was starting to feel scared, especially when I say one of the men carrying a gun. It looked like it was from some SI-FI movie. I look back to the man on the ground, who was pleading for me to run. I nod. He gives me a small smile. Then fear starts to creep over me, like all my confidence has left my body.

"U-um… sorry to bother you," I say quickly. I drop my and skate away as fast as I could, grasping tightly to my duffel bag on my shoulder. I begin to hear footsteps behind me, so I speed up. The footsteps quicken themselves. I peek over my shoulder and see two of the men. They each held something. One was holding a gun, and the other had the jar of ooze. That's when one of them starts shooting me. I begin to duck, weave, and dodge to bullets… or should I say laser beams. I hear one more laser and then a pain comes over my right calf. Realizing that I had been hit, I begin to swerve. Eventually I crash watching my skateboard skid away. The men get closer and closer. The only thing I can do is back away. I soon feel a brick wall behind my back. The men soon approach me. One of the men pick me up be the neck of my sweatshirt, while the other takes off the lid of the container. He brings it close to my face. 'There's only one thing left to do,' I think to myself. That's when I let out a blood curdling scream.