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A song to my heart

(Soul point of view)

I was walking down the rode. Then I noticed a girl singing. Her voice was beautiful. She put all her emotions into her song.

(the girls song)

The night I die

i wont you too know

That I will always love you

the day dies short

and all the lies come out

the night I seen you

with another girl

you broke my heart

you let me down

know my head is spinning all around

It fells like you put me down

and one night

we walk around

you left my side

put me down

you put me down

I though you loved me

know the truth comes out

the truth comes out

when I die

i want you to know

that I loved you

but know it all over

you see me know

and all you think

Is why did I let her down

that night u left me to die

but I'm fine know

this is my life and

i will live to see you say

i shouldn't have let you down

That night

that night

i wanted to die

but I'm alright


so when I die

you'll know

that I loved you

till you let me down

you left me to die

but I'm alright know

i'm alright know

You could tell she meant every word she said.I promised myself that I would find that girl.

(the girls point of view aka maka)

My boyfriend that I have dated for more then six year broke up with me. Well he cheated on me with a stupid cheerleader. I had to let my feelings out. I wrote a song it's the only thing I could think to do. My friend said I was a good singer, so I took her advice. Her name is Tsubaki. She is the only one on my side. Sometimes I hate my life. The song I song I sang was very thing I felt, but I noticed a boy listening to me sing. I told myself would find him. I had a felling that this kid was going to be a good friend. I called Tsubaki what I was going to do and she said she would help. I'm lucky that I have a friend like Tsubaki. She is very nice, but I can't stand her boyfriend Black Star. We all have known each other since we where two. Tsubaki's mom used to baby sit us. Black Star is annoying, but he is like my brother. Tsubaki is like my sister. I always go to Tsuabki's house because my parents are never home.

(Souls point of view)

The girl seems to have noticed me so I run home. When I get home I call Kid. I tell him what's going on and he says he would help, and so would his girlfriend Liz and her sister Patty. Patty said her boyfriend Crona would help too. Tomorrow we are all going to look for this girl.