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Song to my heart

(kids point of view)

I can't believe what my father said. It's almost impossible. He wiped everyone in death city's minds. There are misters and weapon partners. I guess I'm a mister and Liz, and Patty are my weapons. Maka is Souls mister. That leaves Tsubaki and Black Star. I think Tsubaki might be the mister, but then again Black Star use to tell us that he had dreams about a guy fighting with a girl that turned into a weapon. I have to tell the others.

(Tsubaki's point of view)

I had a nother horrible dream. Just like the ones Black Star use to. I could have sworn Black Star was in my dream, but I'm not sure yet. I have to talk to Kid about this. I can't talk to Death because he always seems to be hidding something. Im going to tell Black Star to. Then we are going to head to his house. I hope he isn't adoring anything.

Tsubaki and Black Star met up like she planned. They are heading over to kids.

( kids point of view)

As soon as I was about to call Tsubaki and Black Star I hurd a nock on the door. I opened it to a scared looking Tusbaki and standing next to her Black Star. Good know I only have to call Liz, and Patty down stairs.

Kid- Liz, Patty will u come down stairs we have guests

Liz- come on Patty

Patty- ok sis

Patty then gets on the railing of the stairs and slides down. Fallowed by Liz trying to make sure Patty doesn't fall. When they get down stairs Patty asks where Crona was. Kid then says he knew he forgot someone. They all look at him confused as he walks into the next room to get the phone and call Crona. In about 10 mins. Crona was there and Kid was ready to talk. Even Black Star was quit because he could tell there was something off when Tsubaki asked him to take her to Kids.

(the conversation)

Kid- ok first have any of you had any weird dreams

Tsubaki- yes I think we all have. That's why I came here today

Black Star - ya I have weird dreams all the time

Patty- I did to but I only told Liz and Crona because I was scared

Liz- me to what about you Crona

Crona- ya but mine might be different than all yours

Kid- interesting

Crona- what

Kid- nothing

Liz- Kid know what's so important about use having weird dreams

Kid- they aren't dreams they are sold memories

Patty then gets up crying yelling" No they can't be" into the next room. Everyone just sits there at first. Confusion written all over there face. Crona then runs into the room his girlfriend disappeared into. Just to find her in a conner crying her eyes out. Crona goes and sits by her as everyone else comes into the room. Crona is trying to cheer her up, but nothing is working. Liz then comes and sits in front of Patty. Lifts her head then says its ok if your scared I am to. At that everyone froze. No one has every seen Liz so calm when she was scared. She was putting on a brave face for her younger sister. After that Patty hugs Liz and everyone joins in. The only thing that they can think is what could scare Patty so much. She all most never crys. They all go back out to the main room. All them looked scared, but were putting on there brave face for the youngest Thompson sister. Then Kid finished what he was talking about.

Kid- like I was saying they aren't dreams

Black Star- what do I you mean

Kid- my father told Maka and Soul I just happened to be outside the door

Crona- this is bad then

Tsubaki- how

Crona- that means I am Crona the demon swords man

Patty- then who is your sword

Crona- I am a Mister with a weapon living inside me

Black Star- say what

Crona- I will show you

Kid- lets see about this

Crona- ok Ragnarock come out

Ragnarock- finally it's been a year since I have seen the light

Patty- C-Crona what's that

Ragnarock- oh look it's little Patty you dont remember me


Crona- Ragnarock leave her alone

Ragnarock- well you shore have gotten mouthy Crona. I wonder if your still easy to beat up

Patty- you hurt him and I swear you will wish you never came out

Ragnarock- know that's the Patty I know and don't love

Liz- don't talk about my sister that way

Kid- Liz calm down

Tsubaki- no Kid she is protecting her sister

Black Star- ya that thing ( Ragnarock ) can't talk to Patty that way

Ragnarock- Black Star it seems you have soften up

Black Star- let me at him right know

Tsubaki- ( grabs Black Star around the waist) calm down Black Star

Black Star- let me go Tsubaki

Liz- no don't let him go I want a swing at him

Kid-(grabs Liz around the waist to) you can't hurt him. You might hurt Crona

Patty- but I can no one messes with Crona

Ragnarock- aw look Tsubaki is fighting a battle for her boyfriend

Crona- shut up I don't like you Ragnarock

Patty- then why is he there

Ragnarock- I always loved making Patty mad

Patty- ( with no one to hold her back) ( punches Ragnarock)

Kid- Patty you could have hurt Crona

Patty- but I didn't

Crona- she is right she just made Ragnarock leave.

So what do u guys think of this chapter

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