Star Trek … Sub Zero

Chapter 1: Vulcan

Something very strange had occurred, the skies got dark on the planet Vulcan and they turned pitch Black as night on earth, but with no moon when the skies were usually an orange-red color. Sarek of Vulcan started to worry because Vulcan's usual temperature of 104 degrees dropped to a very chilly 28 degrees. This had never ever happened before and now he and Amanda sat in front of the television watching the news report.
on the other side of town…

A Young Vulcan named Sulak lived with his parents and grandparents near a rocky mountain range. The Boy of 14 was very close friends with Sarek's Adult son whom was away at on the Enterprise. Lucky for the young boy when he went on an adventure with Spock to the arctic circle on earth a place where he saw beautiful colored lights in the spectrum. Spock had told him the named for the lights he remembered him calling them the northern lights. Something else he also remembered was the blizzards. They made the Skies dark like it did here and it made it very cold and Vulcans couldn't live long in it. Sulak saw other kids of his race afraid and run inside worried about the darkness that had never come to this place. Many news reporters claimed it to be the End of Vulcan and the end of time as they knew it. Sulak had to Warn Spock and quick he hard to warn Starfleet of this disaster about to strike. He raced inside and found his communicator when he flipped it open he dialed Spock's Number which was on the inside of his own. "Spock Here!" he heard the older Vulcan male reply "Spock it's me Sulak…"