He was an asshole, a foul bastard, an idiot. Zagan knew that would be just a small selection of the things his master would call him for this later, but it was so worth it to see his prince writhe and pant while around others.

He timed it as well as he could. Hakuryuu was in the Kou gardens, practising with his blade in which Zagan himself was imbued, and as chance would have it the Magi happened to come along and seemed to want to talk to him. Zagan laughed internally; it was far too perfect.

A single vine grew slowly from the arm that the djinn supported on his master, snaking it's way back up the prince's sleeve and slowly down his back. Zagan grinned to himself; Hakuryuu had gone rigid, clearly wondering if there was a bug in his clothes or if it was Zagan playing another one of his dirty games. Judal asked the boy if he was ok, to which he nodded vigorously, smiling too wide and talking with too much ferocity. The vine reached the band of his trousers and eased itself in, sliding down the cleft of Hakuryuu's rounded ass. Zagan was thoroughly enjoying himself as Hakuryuu's arm twitched, evidently suppressing the urge to slap himself on the backside in an attempt to stop the wondering vine. Judal raised an eyebrow.

The vine slid into him with ease, pushing into him slowly as Hakuryuu actually squeaked now, jumping a little and colouring red at the feel of being penetrated out in the open and in front of the Magi. Judal looked him up and down before expressing his opinion ("you're a weird one, aren't you?"). Zagan licked his lips at the delicious sight of his master trembling as the vine thickened, pressing and rubbing perfectly inside him, slick with the residue that it's owner made sure was present.

Hakuryuu started talking again, his voice shrill now as he trembled, trying with all his might not to collapse on the floor and just let Zagan take him out there. His body shook with pleasure and indignation as Zagan's vine worked him harder, sliding slick within, just hard enough and fast enough for him to really enjoy it.

With a spluttering cry, Hakuryuu stumbled forwards and grabbed Judal by the shoulders as he orgasmed hard in his trousers without his cock being touched at all, his face contorted with pleasure; Judal held him by the elbows as the prince sagged against him, shaking hard as he came down from his high, utterly bewildered at what had just happened.

"Hey, did you just...?"

Hakuryuu sincerely wished to die at that moment. That, or murder his djinn.

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