"L, I've always wondered how you can eat so much cake and not gain any weight."
"I told you. I burn off calories by using my brain."
Light chuckled a bit to himself.
"Just what I would suspect from you."
L looked up to the ceiling and wondered to himself for a moment.
"Light.. I have a bit of a personal question for you."
L get's a bit nervous and hesitates, he takes in a breath about to speak
but was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open.
"Misa time!" She shouted and flipped her hair in a way to show style.
Then puckered her lips. "Don't I look cute." She flirted with Light.
"Yes you look just fine."
"Oh come on Light. Your not like who you used to be." She sits back on the couch
"What do you mean?" Light asked concerned.
"You just don't seem very interested anymore." She laid down.
"What do you mean by interested?" Light replied.
"You know very well what I mean" She rolledover, now on her stomach .
"Come on lets go out for a while! lets enjoy the snow! It doesn't last forever you know."
Misa flips her cell phone open. Trying to find a new place they could go to.
"There is a cafe just down the street! I heard it is a great place."
Light interrupted by giving her a gentle kiss on the head. He pulled her in his arms.
"You know I would love to, but I have to stay and work." Misa quickly brings up a face of disappointment but relaxes again.
"I'll find a way." Light reassured her.
L sits starring at his computer screen while all of this goes on.
"You know I wouldn't mind, it is Christmas eve." L turns his chair to face them.
"So go, have fun you too. We're not young forever."
"Oh YESS!" Misa cried out, as her face lights up with joy.
"Thank you so much!" She grabbed Light by the hand and they quickly rush out.
L sits there alone. Staring, wondering, thinking things.
He knows very well that light wont tribute to these kind of feelings.
But he still wonders about them.
On a cold winter night all alone.
He reached for his key bored and typed in "Fanfiction" he clicked on the link, and typed in "LxLight" in the Fanfiction search bar, and started reading through the first Fanfic he founds.
He spends the rest if his Christmas night oozing over the most beautiful LxLight.
which are made by Misa.

Authors Note: Well this turned into a crack really fast. Okay so I don't own DeathNote (obviously) and this was made for fun and out of SO much boredom... yeah.