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Godric is on his way to Seattle on an errand for his Childe. Many years ago, when his son was roaming the State, he had come across a couple killing without regards to keeping the secret. This had lead his Childe to having his own progeny, but the results from that confrontation had been that the Maker had to return to their Maker for a period of time, along with their progeny.

The progeny had been freed, per the agreements of Eric's Queen and the King of Washington. He is currently working off his debt to Queen Sophie Anne as a procurer.

But his Maker is asking for her own freedom, and Godric is making his way to Seattle to speak for his Child since he is a friend of the King of Washington. Neither he nor Eric believes that Lorena should be free to wreck her type of havoc, not this close to the Revelation.

As he is driving, he catches a haunting, enticing smell. He quickly pulls over his car, exiting and inhaling. Without a hesitation, he takes off in the air, tracking the scent.

Flying over the forest, he can smell the rich smells of the wet forest, as it starts to drizzle. As he gets closer to the scent, he can smell other scents in the background, one sweet, the other a heavier earth smell.

But then his attention is arrested by a small form below him and he lands. Seeing the girl on the ground start to shiver as the drizzle starts to get heavier, he quickly strips out of his Black long coat and quickly covers her.

He squats down, and with his gloved hand, softly moves her hair from her face. He can hear her muttering, "He left, He left." Over and over again. Something inside him roars out as he can see the pain she is in.

Then he hears a sound and springs into a crouch above her, his fangs dropped and his aura flinging out from him as a warning to whomever dares to intrude.

A Native American man walks out of the forest, clothed only in a pair of shorts. He stops short of the vampire in front of him, confused. "Who, what are you?"

Godric snarls at the man, his mind racing as he smells the earthy tones coming from the man in front of him.

The man puts his hands up as he cautiously takes a step back. He tells the creature in front of him, "I am not here to hurt her. Her father is looking for her, she has been missing. I am involved as a personal favor to my chief, who happens to be her godfather."

Godric controls himself, with obvious effort, as his hand is still on his beauty's face. As she whimpers, he cocks his head where he can see the man, but also check on her. His face is controlled, but the look of wonder is still there in his eyes.

The man tells the stranger in front of him, "My name is Sam. What are you? You are not human, nor are you a Cold One."

Godric's head whips around and growls at the name. He looks over the man in front of him and finally says, "What are you? I have been around for a long, long time. And I have never smelled anything like you in all of my years."

Sam cocks his head to the side looking at the boy in front of him. But the eyes tell the truth, those eyes have seen many things he could never imagine. He takes a chance and tells the creature in front of him, "I am a werewolf."

"No, you are not." The answer is decisive and quick.

Sam lifts an eyebrow to the man, then decides the easiest way to solve this is to show him. He drops his shorts and changes all in a moment.

Godric makes sure he is able to grab the girl below him, but other than that doesn't move. He tells the wolf in front of him, "You only prove my observation. I have hunted werewolves in many parts of the world. They don't smell like you do, nor are they as big. They also cannot transform that fast on a night without a full moon."

Sam shifts back to his human form and pulls up the shorts, in case Bella wakens. Since it didn't even seem to phase the boy in front of him. He tells him, "That is what we know ourselves as."

Godric thinks on that as he straightens out. He tells the wolf in front of him, "A vampire."

The man immediately replies, "But you smell nowhere as bad as a Cold One."

Godric looks up at him and comments, his mind still going over the information he had just received. "No, they are a younger breed that appeared. They are not true Vampires."

Sam stands back on his feet. He looks at the man in front of him, admiring his cool attitude. In fact the only time he had seen any emotion was in relation to Bella. And something about it reminds him of his own reaction to Emily and Jared's reaction to Kim. He blurts out, "Did you imprint on Bella?"

Godric's mind was wiped with that one question and his eyes are drawn back to the girl below him. He asks as he tries to make sense of the feelings he is having. "Imprint?"

Sam nods as he tries to explain, "Like nothing is holding you to this earth but her. She is everything to you. For us it happens in a single meeting of the eyes."

Then the information clicks. "Not quite. But similar." He grins. "It is a good thing for her that I had on gloves tonight."

Sam moves closer and Godric's head snaps up. His hand slightly move, but taking in Sam's look, he explains. "Mating is rare in my kind. But it takes a look and a touch. Even then, most of us don't know what it is. I didn't until you made the connection. I…am attracted by her very presence." Then his falls as he takes in his little one, "But that may work in our favor."

Thinking, he straightens up and looks at Sam. "Can you protect her?"

Sam straightens, "As a protector, I have a duty to do so."

Godric nods, making a decision. "I am needed for an important meeting in Seattle. Plus, it sounds like she has had a rough time of it tonight. Can you take her home? And when I am done with the meeting, I would like to call and talk with you. I need to know what has happened and I wish to heal her. I also need to know information like who is her guardian and does he know of our world? I take it she already knows of ours."

Sam shakes his slightly. "When you decide something, you are all in aren't you?"

Smiling down at her, he leans down and picks her up and deposits her in Sam's arms, making sure his coat is secured around her. "I'm over 2,000 years old, Sam. I think I know my own mind by now."

Smiling back at Godric Sam tells him, "Her father is her guardian. He can be trusted with our secret. If you like, I will let him in on the secret."

Godric nods. He reaches in his suit jacket and pulls out two cards. He takes one and using a pen he had pulled out, quickly writes something on the back of one of them. Putting the pen away, he hands the cards to Sam. "One is for her. The other is for you. The numbers are my direct cell. The name and number on the back is in case you need something urgently, and cannot get hold of me. It is my Childe, Eric Northman. On my way to the meeting I will call him and let him know what is going on. He is short with people, but will know that she is important and will do what is needed for her."

He frowns and pulls off a glove with one hand and glances at Sam. "I want to make sure she doesn't get sick from this, I think with the state she is in now, it will not be good." And with that, his fangs drop and his tears into his exposed wrist. He quickly cradles Bella's head in his hand, coaxes her jaw open as his blood drips into her mouth. Watching intently, after a few drops have made it in and she swallows, his eyes narrow and the wound on his wrist heals. He negligently lick his wrist to clean it and puts his glove back on.

His hand reaches out to touch her gently on the cheek, pushing her hair away from it. He continues in a softer voice, "Our Blood heals humans. I also will have a way to find her in case something happens. Don't worry about the jacket, in fact leave it with her. She will find comfort in it. Tell her father what you can, and if you give me your number, I will call you after my meeting. Please don't leave her until then if possible."

Sam nods and quickly rattles off his number to which the vampire nods. Then glancing at his watch, Godric nods to the man in front of him, "I am trusting you with the most precious thing in my life. Please watch over her." And with a last longing glance at the girl who his life is going to revolve around, he leaps into the air.

Sam's jaw drops as he watches the man leave. Then glancing at Bella as she shivers, he tells her, "Well Bella, we sure are not in Kansas anymore. Let's get you home before his blood wears off." And with that he lopes into the woods where he had the rest of his clothing. It is going to be a long, dark night.

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