It was good to be back.

Summer vacation was always one of those bittersweet periods where Emma always felt excited for, but after a few weeks of freedom and escape, she couldn't help but feel that she needed to be productive again. There was as certain happiness that Emma felt when she was working and while the summer break was great and all, being back in the fall season for classes just felt right. Emma finally felt from the top of her head to the tips of her toes that gone were the days where she would lie on the cold, hardwood floor thinking 'I'm so bored, but it is too hot to do anything about it'.

Now that she was back in classes, she knew that the hustle and bustle of prioritizing her time between studying, lab work, and getting to see Killian again were going to take up most of her time. Over the summer, Killian went back home to Ireland. The first two, three weeks were rough because as much as she hated to admit it; she really loved hanging out with her boyfriend and the days without him were spent thinking about him. She missed the way he let his facial hair scruff over, leaving soft stubble, or how he would sit across the room from her strumming on his guitar while humming softly, trying to sneak clandestine glances at her while she would read. But she especially missed the way he would kiss her. He had a very methodical kiss that was predictable and calculated, but they still left her breathless every time.

He would always snake his arm around her waist, pull her in closely while bringing his face into her hair, tickling her earlobe with his nose before gently cupping her face with his free hand. Before kissing her, Killian would almost always look into Emma's eyes, smiling with his eyes, then with his lips before leaning in ever so close. And before that, he would rub their noses together, placing his lips on hers, and with whisper soft flutters, kiss her.

Depending on his mood, their kisses would range from whisper soft and loving to intense and breathless. But no matter the kiss, Emma knew they were all passionate. They all made her feel special, unique, and loved to the very capacity of being loved.

But now that summer vacation was over, she knew she wouldn't have to wait for very long before she could see him again. As Emma stepped off the sidewalk and crossed the street toward her apartment building. As she took the stairs two steps at a time, she opened the door rather giddily. Mary Margaret and David were sitting at their dining room table, surprised that she was back at their flat so early. She had literally just left the apartment no more than two hours ago.

"I got let out early! God! I'm gonna love the first two weeks of school! Classes cut short after syllabus readings are seriously a Godsend." Emma pulled a chair across from David and sat down, resting her chin on her hand and stared at her favorite cousin and his girlfriend expectedly.

"Well? How was your guys' day? Have you been sitting here since I left two hours ago?"

Mary Margaret shot a glance at David before glancing over at Emma. "Well…There is something we wanted to talk to you about Emma…As you know, we're graduating after this semester and we were kind of thinking that maybe we'll be getting our own apartment… David has the income for it because of his paid internship and the side job, and I'm going to be starting my credentialing for teaching, so I'm going to need lots of room and stuff for the process. We just want to know what you and Ruby might want to do, because if I move to another flat with David, we might have to start looking for another roommate – to split all those costs."

It took Emma a good two minutes before she could respond in a coherent sentence. "Uh. Wha- Together? When? What. I. Where? Wait, so you're saying you two are going to find your own place and move out of your apartments together and find another place to live?"

David and Mary Margaret slowly shook their heads to confirm Emma's question. David added, "Well we're not moving anywhere far. Just possibly out of downtown. I mean the rent here is so expensive, and we were thinking maybe we can find a nice apartment a little farther away."

Emma found herself the following sentence, "Yeah, Yeah sure. That sounds great you two. It's a great idea."

David and Mary Margaret moving out? That's fine and all, it was a little sudden. Yeah, she knew that they had been dating for a while, and yeah, it was true that many student couples ended up moving in together. It was all par for the course, but it still wasn't something she was accustomed to. She could really care less about her other friends or peers moving in together with their significant other, but she didn't know what to say. She had always lived with Mary Margaret (and practically David) and now this sudden announcement made her feel stranded and distanced from her best friend and cousin.

Of course she wanted the best for them too. She knew that if two people in college were going to end up marrying each other and have adorable babies, it would be David and Mary Margaret. Emma was just completely blindsided. How would the dynamics for this arrangement be worked out? Would they have to find another roommate? If so, they should start looking as soon as possible and make some sort of arrangement to make sure they move in won't coincide with when Mary Margaret would be moving out. They had to see how they wanted to split the costs too. Emma estimated that they'd have to re-split the costs, come up with new chore schedules, and all this other shit that Mary Margaret was good at organizing. Not Emma and definitely not Ruby.

However, if Mary Margaret was out of the apartment, Emma and Ruby wouldn't be scolded at for procrastinating, partying before the weekend, and leaving their stuff all over. It would be like moving out of your parents' house – only it was their matron-friend that would be moving out. It was definitely appealing, but still. Emma's best friend was moving out.

While Emma weighed the pros and cons, she caught David and Mary Margaret in the corner of her eye. They looked downtrodden, slightly hunched and defeated. Emma realized, who was she to dictate how her cousin and his girlfriend should live their lives? They were happy. They were in love. They were the most responsible couple she knew.

"Yeah. You know what? You guys should do it."

Mary Margaret was the first to respond, "Really?

"I mean, yeah, You guys have really thought this through and I can't see David with anyone else. So why not?" Emma offered a reassuring smile. In the corner of her eye, she saw David's relief that this situation was handled more quickly than he was expecting.

"So tell me Emma, do you have anyone in mind to move in with you? I mean we can put something on the campus bulletin boards, but if you ask around, maybe you can find someone to move in with you and Ruby by next semester!" gushed Mary Margaret in her over-enthusiastic way.

"I don't know. I'll ask Ruby. She hangs out with more girls, and I just hang out with the psych building."

"Well, I'm sure you'll find something…Speaking of which, when is Killian back?"

"Oh…I think he should be back soon, but most of the boys are moving into a new apartment because they can't really stay in the I-house anymore. It is pretty expensive too…"

"I hope you guys can see each other, maybe he can move in!" gushed Mary Margaret.

"ABSOLUTELY NOPE. On a scale of one through ten, that idea is fifty shades of nope." David said, rather firmly, "We are not gonna let Jones live her with Emma. I say Nope."

Emma and Mary Margaret rolled their eyes to his little rant. Anytime someone mentioned Killian, David would go on this tirade about how he's not gonna be allowed back up the apartment or near Emma ever again. Fat chance. David loved his "Jones" as much as any of his bros, he just wanted to constantly show Killian what a great "Big brother" he was.

"Whatever David. He's gonna move in with Graham. His roommate recently moved out, so it's okay. I don't know why you're making such a big deal about this."

"I don't like that kid," grumbled David.

"Oh shut up! David, you love him!" exclaimed Mary Margaret.

"What I feel for him is the farthest thing from love."

"Well, regardless, Killian won't be moving into our apartment," confirmed Emma.

"Good. The farther he is from you, the better. He's sneaky."

"I don't know how well that's going to pan out Cuz," grinned Emma as she continued, "He and Graham are moving into this building," Emma could see David's wide-eyed panic, "Across the hall."

David slammed his head onto the table and groaned loudly. "Mary Margaret," came the muffled words, "We're not moving out."

By the time Emma heard Mary Margaret reprimanding her cousin, she was already back in her room. Emma picked her phone up and called Uncle Leroy, Aunt Astrid, and Henry to check in with them.

After the happy phone call, she texted Killian to ask if he was out of class. Since he didn't get back to her right away; she just assumed that he was in class while she continued to unpack. Right as she finished putting all of her rented books onto her desk, her phone chimed and she picked it up, hoping it was from Killian.

'Hey. Sorry, the prof took forever to finish the lecture. Where are you? Wanna meet up?'

'It's okay. I'm at the apt. What did you want to do?' replied Emma.

'Food, lass. Food. Pizza? Tacos? Something sweet, handsome, and Irish? ;)'

'L O L VERY FUNNY. I'm cool with pizza. The place at the Market Plaza?'

'Yeah, on my way to your apt now. See you soon neighbor.'

By the time Emma finished gathering her wallet, phone, and light coat on, Killian was knocking on the apartment door.

Rushing him out before David could ask her where she was going, Emma shouted, "OUT!" and ushered Killian out the door.

"What was that all about?" Killian whispered into Emma's hair.

"Don't," Emma kissed Killian on the cheek, "Worry," another kiss, "About," and another, "It. David's just being David. Now, let's get pizza."

I know, I know. I'm so flippin' sorry. 6 months and all you get is this? To be honest, I'm about 2.5 semesters behind in graduating and last semester was the semester where I took about 6 classes, instead of my school's policy of 4. It sucked. Language development, social behavior development in children and adolescents, teaching K-8th the conventions of modern English (A whole semester on commas. I swear to God. I hated this class, and thank it for improving my writing), & teaching arts in the elementary schools. I tapped out mentally. I've also been writing something else I wanted to share with you guys, but for the time being, this is what you get and Shot at the Night will be out soon.

How about this? Give me a prompt, and I'll try to fulfill it. I'm shit at coming up with something off the top of my head and everything turns into a one-shot, but if I get a prompt, maybe this story will find a bigger and better plot. :( I apologize again for the HUGE delay.