Hihi! I got the idea for this after I read Chp 204 where Kise mentions his "sis." All chapters after this are going to be muchhh longer; this is just a sort of prologue C: Please let me know if you like this idea/story (or if you don't!). I'll keep it going regardless, but it's always nice to have feedback! C:

Chapter 1 – "Iris"

It's too much.

"Aominecchi, look!"

Stop it. Why do you have to look at me like that?

It was late on a Saturday night and Aomine was currently laid back against a tree at a small spring near his neighborhood. Kise had shown up earlier that evening to complain about his girlfriend, Ari, like always. The two ended up having several beers over the rant, which resulted in Kise now hanging from one of the tree's branches over the water. He had on that same, stupid smile that aggravated Aomine more than anything. That same, stupid smile that Aomine loved more than anything.

"You're going to break your neck, dumbass." He snapped, finishing off the last of the beer in his hand.

"Naaaaaahhh." Kise laughed. "But my head does feel really heavy, hahaha!"

Aomine sighed and got up. "Come on, Kise, seriously. Come down."

"Noooo! Aominecchi should come up here with me. Whydya gotta be such a downer?"

"I'm not a downer, I just would rather not spend the next few months in the hospital." He positioned his body under Kise's hanging torso and lifted him off the branch onto his shoulder.

Kise started banging on his back with his fists "I don't want to come down! It feels good being up high like that. I can't walk very well anyway right now.."

"Tch. At least you realize that." Kise stopped struggling and went limp over Aomine's shoulder. Aomine then became aware of how hot Kise's body was. He gulped and tried to stop his heart from beating faster. "Are you gonna stay over? If Ryoko's home she might tell your mom you were drinking. It's pretty damn obvious."

"Mmmm.. yeah, probably. I'll stay over." Kise slurred. "Put me down, though; it's gonna look weird if you carry me all the way home."

"Haaah. I thought you said you couldn't walk?" Aomine scoffed.

"Shut up."

They stumbled in the door of Aomine's house about fifteen minutes later. His parents were rarely home, so he wasn't worried about getting caught. Kise lived in an apartment with his older sister, Ryoko, while their newly remarried mother lived with their stepfather and his family. The two had lived fatherless their whole lives. To say the least, Kise's family had some major issues, and he didn't exactly get along great with his sister, either, so he frequently stayed at Aomine's place.

Once they were situated in Aomine's bedroom, with Kise sprawled out on the futon Aomine rolled out for him, the night's initial catalystic topic reappeared.

"Sooo.. are you feeling better about Ari?" Aomine asked as casually as possible.

"Ah, yeah. You know how it is. We break up like this all the time. I don't think I want to get back together this time, though."

Aomine's heart stopped momentarily. "..Oh yeah? Why not?" He fake-yawned.

"I dunno.. I just feel like being with her has ruined my mood a lot recently. Like.. my friends at school never want to hang out anymore if she's gonna be there, 'cause they say I act like a total dick when she's around. I probably do, haha."

Aomine laughed, albeit trying to mask his voice's nervous shaking. He had to find out more, though. "Yeah, well, there are a ton of girls after you, anyway. Take your pick of a new one."

"Nope. I'm done for a while." Kise pronounced. "Maybe most girls aren't as bad as Ari, but they still take up all your time on the weekends. I'd rather just relax and watch tv, or play basketball. Plus, the weekends are really the only time I get to see you, now."

And that was the breaking point. Aomine desperately tried to steady his breathing and keep himself from jumping on top of Kise right then and there. He has loved Kise for years now, but has always held back for obvious reasons. However, lately, it's been getting more and more difficult. And now.. now..

What the fuck am I going to do now.