Chapter 38

Santana woke up and a smile immediately appeared on her face because she was in her new favorite position. She was the big spoon with her left hand resting on the baby bump that was starting to show on Brittany's belly. Santana closed her eyes thanking God that Brittany was now 3 ½ months pregnant and the pregnancy was proceeding along with no complications. It was obvious their twins were growing inside her because Brittany's baby bump was already quite a bit larger than it would be at this stage if she were carrying only one baby.

Brittany's pregnancy has gone smoothly so far. She has had some morning sickness but nothing like Santana suffered when she was pregnant with Collin. Brittany is going into her second trimester which has taken a lot of stress off from her because of the miscarriage she suffered last time. She has continued to work at the dance studio with Puck being her right hand man and doing all of the traveling to the studios in NYC.

Santana's thoughts of Brittany's pregnancy were interrupted when she heard a noise coming from the baby monitor they still had in Collin's room. She laughed when she heard Collin grunting which meant he was climbing out of his race car bed. He had been sleeping in his big boy bed since Christmas. Santana opened her left eye and saw Collin standing in the bedroom doorway looking at his mothers with his finger in mouth while holding a piece of red construction paper in his other hand. Collin was wearing his baby blue footed pajamas with the yellow ducks on them. He knew he wasn't supposed to wake up Brittany and that he had to be careful around her belly.

Santana lifted her head up off the bed and looked at Collin. "Come here sweetie." She whispered.

Collin ran over to her side of the bed and Santana picked him up sitting him on the bed between her and Brittany. "We've got to be quiet because Mom is still sleeping. Do you want to lie down and cuddle with me for awhile before we get up?" Collin shook his head no and handed Santana the red piece of construction paper he had been holding. "Is this for me?"

Collin once again shook his head no but then he nodded yes which made Santana laugh because it was like he couldn't make up this mind. "For you, Mom, and babies." Collin whispered. "It's a Valentimes."

Santana smiled at the way he said Valentine but she didn't correct him because it was just one of those moments to treasure. "Thank you. Today is Valentine's Day. How about I wait and look at your Valentine when Mom wakes up so we can look at together?" Collin smiled and nodded his head.

"Are you two talking about me?" Brittany said in sleepy voice and she rolled onto her back.

"Britt, I'm sorry if we woke you up we were trying to be quiet." Santana said and then gave Brittany a quick kiss on the lips.

"Actually, I could feel you staring at me before Collin came in the room."

Santana felt her cheeks get warm knowing she had been caught staring at her wife. "I can't help it Britt, I love to you watch you while you are sleeping. This morning while I was watching you I couldn't help but keep thinking that at this very moment our babies are growing inside you with every breath you take. Oh God, please tell me I didn't just say that. I'm turning into such a dorky sap."

Brittany smiled, "I love it when you're a dorky sap."

"Mom, Valentimes for you, Mami, and babies." Collin said as he handed the red piece of construction paper to Brittany.

Santana sat up in bed and put Collin on her lap before moving close to Brittany so they could all three look at the Valentine's. "This is the best Valentine I've ever gotten Collin. Can you tell us who's in the picture?"

Collin used his cubby little fingers to point at each person. "This is Mami. This is me. This is Mom with the babies." In the picture it was clear Santana, Collin, and Brittany were holding hands. He had drawn two little circles on Brittany's belly for the babies. For an almost three year old his drawing was really good.

"Thank you for the Valentine sweetie." Santana kissed Collin on the cheek.

"Thanks little man this definitely going on the refrigerator." Brittany kissed Collin on his other cheek.

"Ok, who is hungry for heart shaped pancakes?" Santana asked and both Collin and Brittany shouted 'Me'.


Maribel and Linda had picked up Collin to take him out for the day. Santana and Brittany knew that it meant he would be coming back with a couple of new toys because his grandmother's spoiled him rotten.

Santana had been looking for Brittany all over the house and was started to get worried when she couldn't find her. She decided to check the garage to see if Brittany maybe had gone somewhere even though it was very unlike Brittany to leave without telling her.

When Santana opened the door that led into the garage from the house she was relieved to see Brittany sitting in her black Mustang with the driver's door open. Brittany hadn't noticed her yet so she watched for a few minutes.

Brittany was staring at her belly and holding hands a part to measure the distance between her belly and the steering wheel. Santana scowled wondering what on earth Brittany was doing so she decided to make her presence known. She walked closer to the car clearing her throat to get Brittany's attention.

Brittany looked up and smiled when she saw Santana. "Hey baby."

"Hey yourself. Can I ask what you are doing sitting in your car? Are you trying to decide whether or not to go somewhere?" Santana tone was teasing and playful.

"No, I'm not going anywhere. I was just trying to figure out how much longer before my belly will hit the steering wheel and I won't be able to drive my car anymore. You know I love driving my car."

"I know how much you love your Mustang and I also know you look incredibly sexy sitting in it." Santana said with a wink.

"How can you say I'm sexy? Look at me I'm in shorts with a tank top that is tight on my belly with no bra on. Oh yeah that just screams sexy."

Santana moved closer and leaned in the car kissing Brittany sweetly on the lips. "It screams all kinds of sexy to me. You know there is something we were going to do in your car that we have never gotten around to do."

Brittany scowled and scrunched her eyebrows but suddenly her eyes went wide and grin came to her face. "Oh that."

"Yeah that. We said after Collin was born we would make love in your car but we never did it so I was thinking now might be a good time. Soon enough we are going to have two newborns and a three year old to take care of and I don't think sexy car times will be happening, at least not for awhile."

Santana reached down by the side of the driver's seat and pushed the control button moving the seat back as far as it would go. She then carefully lifted her left leg into the car so she was straddling Brittany with her bent knees on each side of Brittany's hips.

"Baby that can't be very comfortable for you keeping your knees bent so how about we go in the house to the bedroom." Brittany rubbed Santana's thighs.

"No we are going to make love in your car. I have wanted to since the first time I rode in this car. I work out so my knees can handle it. You should know by now just how flexible I can be. We are wasting precious time so just shut up and kiss me."

Brittany didn't argue she captured Santana's lips in a passionate kiss keeping her hands on the Santana's thighs. Santana's arms were around Brittany's neck as the both women tried to dominate the kiss. They were sucking on each other's lips and their tongues where dueling like they were fighting to the death. Finally they both had to come up for air.

Santana started kissing Brittany along her jaw and then her neck. She especially loved kissing Brittany's neck and she hadn't given her a hickey in quite awhile and since it was Valentine's Day she decided to give Brittany a present. Santana attacked Brittany with her hungry lips which made Brittany moan in pleasure. Santana felt herself getting wet and decided to speed things up. She sucked on the one particular spot on Brittany's neck that she knew was most sensitive. She could tell by the series of moans coming from Brittany that she was definitely leaving her mark.

After Santana was satisfied with her work on Brittany's neck she kissed her on the lips quite a bit more gently than the way she had attacked Brittany's neck. While they were kissing Santana reach down to the hem of Brittany's tank top and started pulling it up Brittany's body. Brittany lifted her arms as Santana lifted the top over her arms and head. Santana grinned down at Brittany's breasts which had already grown a little.

Santana kissed down the valley between Brittany's breasts before kissing her right breast. Santana's carefully massaged Brittany's left breast with her left hand while she kissed and sucked on the nipple of the other breast. Brittany's breathing was starting to become heavy as she leaned her head back on the car seat and closed her eyes. Finally she couldn't take the assault on her breasts any longer. "San baby are you going to fuck me or what?"

Santana smirked as her mouth let go of Brittany's nipple. She knew when Brittany swore during sex she was getting frustrated. Without saying a word Santana put her hands into Brittany's shorts and started massaging her clit in a circular motion. "Fuck", was the only word that Brittany kept repeating. Santana could tell Brittany wasn't going to last long so she carefully inserted two fingers into Brittany's vagina. "Feels so fucking good." Santana couldn't help but giggle because Brittany was hardly ever this vocal during sex so she knew she was enjoying it.

Santana had built up a good rhythm and was concentrating on Brittany when she felt Brittany's hand slip into her shorts. Santana was soaking wet from hearing Brittany's moans and the words of pleasure she had shouted out. Brittany immediately started massaging Santana's clit. She couldn't get her fingers into Santana's vagina because of the way Santana was straddling her lap but that didn't matter to Santana. Her clit was throbbing and ready to burst so Brittany touching it felt like heaven.

Santana continued to thrust her fingers into Brittany while Brittany continued to speed up her rubbing of Santana's clit. They both were breathing hard and close to bursting. "I love you San." With those words from Brittany they both climaxed and their orgasms overtook their bodies for the next couple of minutes.

Santana leaned her forehead against Brittany's as they both tried to catch their breath. Brittany initiated a kiss a Santana responded immediately. They spent the next several minutes just kissing each other feeling the love they shared.

"Santana, Brittany we're back." They looked at each other in a panic hearing Brittany's mother's voice yelling from the kitchen. Santana quickly got out of the car while handing Brittany her tank top.

"Ow, shit shit shit!" Santana screamed out in pain the minute she got out of the car.

The garage door that led into the house flew open. "Santana, what is all of the screaming about?" Maribel stood there staring at her daughter who was doubled over in pain. Maribel looked at Brittany who was still sitting in the Mustang with a flushed face and beads of sweat on her forehead. It didn't take Maribel very long to guess what her daughter and daughter-in-law had been up to while they were gone.

"What's going on?" Linda appeared in the door way looking over Maribel's shoulder.

"It seems our daughters decided to grab a little afternoon delight while we were gone and by the looks of it Santana has gotten herself a sex related injury." Maribel laughed and Linda soon joined in realizing what was happening.

Santana was just still standing there leaning over with her hands resting on her knees. "Where's Collin?"

"He fell asleep on the way home so I put him in bed." Linda said still laughing.

Brittany finally found her voice. "Are you two going to stand there laughing all day or are you going to help my wife?"

Maribel and Linda suddenly realized they really should help Santana because she was in some intense pain. Maribel walked over and put her arm around Santana. Brittany had gotten herself together and gotten out of the car.

"Baby, where does it hurt?" Brittany asked while kissing Santana on the temple.

Santana just shook her head as winced in pain as she managed to stand up straight but when she attempted to walk she once again doubled over in pain. "Santana please tell us where it hurts." Maribel pleaded with her daughter.

Santana once again just shook her head. Linda got a smile on her face but hid it with her hand. She then whispered something in Maribel's ear which caused her to laugh and she covered her mouth too. "What is wrong with you two? Santana is really hurt and all you can is laugh." Brittany was getting angry with their behavior.

"Calm down Britt. You shouldn't get yourself so upset think of the babies." Santana's voice was strained from the pain.

At the mention of the babies both Maribel and Linda got serious. "I'm sorry we laughed mija. You need to get to bed and put some ice on that as soon as possible. Linda and I will stand on each side of you and support your weight so we can get you in the house."

Brittany watched as Maribel and Linda helped Santana into the house and then into bed. Maribel left the bedroom and quickly came back with a bag of frozen peas. "Here put this on it and I'll get you some pain killers."

Brittany watched as Santana carefully put the bag of peas up the right leg of her shorts. It was then Brittany realized where Santana was hurt and she couldn't help but smile. Santana noticed the smile. "It's not funny Britt."

Brittany sat on the bed and took Santana's hand. "I know baby it's just no one has ever injured their groin having sex with me. I've pulled my groin several times while dancing though and I know how painful it can be. Later I'll massage it for you if you want me to."

"Um…we are still here." Linda said after clearing her throat.

Santana and Brittany looked at their mother's who both seemed to be a little uncomfortable. "I'll have your father call you and tell you what you need to do to treat your injury. We are going now. Call if you need anything." Maribel said as her and Linda made a hasty retreat.

Santana and Brittany laughed out loud. Brittany got on the bed and laid down beside Santana. "I'm sorry you got hurt. Guess that was our first and last time having sex in the car. Just so you know I really enjoyed it. It was one of the top ten best orgasms you've given me."

"You have a top ten list?" Santana asked with a smirk on her face.

"Absolutely and maybe someday I'll share it with you." Brittany laid her head on Santana's chest.

"Britt, the car sex was so worth getting injured for and believe me we will be doing it again." Santana kissed the top of Brittany's head and grimaced in pain as she moved slightly but the pain was worth it.