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Rose - OC

Christian Ozera - Viktoria Belikova

Eddie Castle - Mia Rinaldi

Sydney Sage - OC

Karolina Belikova - OC

Sonya Belikova - OC

Mark - Oskana

Paul Belikov- OC

Zoya Belikova - OC

Sonya Tanner - Mikhail Tanner

Janine Hathaway - Abe Muzer

Adrian - Lissa? (Could go that way but have really decided)


Rose left court after all her friends but Christian, Mia and Eddie turn on her. So Rose and the others leave court for Russia. Where Rose meets King Derek Storm the Russian King of the Moroi and Dhampir. Soon they marry and Rose becomes Queen. Now 21 years later the American court and school are in danger. So Rose and Derek agree to let them all come to their court only if they follow their rules. Will they follow their rules? Will Dimitri try to win Roses heart back? Will Lissa try to win Christian's heart back? What secrets are Rose and Derek hiding? Last Sacrifice never happened and Tatiana is still Queen in the US.

Rose's POV

I can't believe Lissa, Dimitri, my mum and dad, and Adrian have all told me to go away and that they can't trust me anymore. I am in tears as I try to pack up my clothing. That's when there is a knock at the door.

"Go away", I yell

"Rose. It is just Eddie, Mia and me", Christian calls

I wipe my tears and go and open the door.

"Are you ok?" Mia asks me gently

"No", I say

"You're leaving", Christian states

"Yes. There is nothing left for me here", I say

"Then we are going with you", they say

"Why?" I ask

"You're friend. You have been more a friend then Lissa and Adrian have", Eddie says

"What about you Christian is it the same for you?" I ask

"Lissa cheated on me. We are over. I am coming with you. You are my friend", Christian says firmly

"Ok then. Pack and we leave in an hour. I will meet you at the front gate", I say

They quickly go and I finish packing my stuff. The only stuff I don't take with me are the pictures with Lissa, Adrian, Janine and Abe. They can go to hell. I am going to live my life. I am only waiting at the gate for twenty minutes when Eddie drives up in a car.

"Where did you get that car from?" I ask him getting in the back seat with Christian.

"I took it. They won't miss it. I will have someone take it back. Where are we going?" Eddie asks starting to drive away

"The airport. I want to go to the Russian court. I want to see if I can help train Guardians", I say

"Sounds like a plan", Christian says rubbing his hands together.

"Well I have something to tell you", I say nervously

"What is it Rose you can tell us anything?" Mia says

"I am more Moroi than Dhampir. So I am technically Moroi. I haven't told anyone else this before. It makes me a freak", I say

"You are not a freak. I always knew something was different about you. Now we know. We still won't leave you", Mia says

"Mia is right. You're friend and we will never turn you away", Christian says

"Do you control an element?" Eddie asks

"Yes I can control Spirit. But I don't use it often", I reply

"Probably for the best. Spirit is unpredictable", Eddie says

We talk about what we are going to do once we get to the Russian Court. Once we are on a plane. I shut the door on my old life and start on my new life. I just didn't know how much the Russian court was going to change my lifeā€¦

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