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Chapter 2: Letter


King Derek and Queen Rose were sitting in their private rooms with Christian, Mia, Eddie and the Belikov's. When there was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" King Derek asks

"Your Majesty's a letter has just arrived from Queen Tatiana of the American Court", a courier says

"What do they want?" Queen Rose says in disgust

"Hand me the letter", King Derek demands the courier

"I will be off your Majesties", the courier says bowing and quickly leaving

"What would they want?" Christian asks in disgust the same as Rose's

"Lets read the letter. But we must be reasonable about this. We are the guiding hand here. So we need to be reasonable and calm", King Derek says

"Rose are you alright? You better calm down for the baby" Lady Olena Belikova asks

"I will be Mum. Derek my love read the letter", Queen Rose says

Dear Russian Royal Court,

I am Queen Tatiana of the Court in America. We ask for your protection as the Strigoi have risen up here in America and many of my people our being killed. We have lost many Guardian's and if we don't get help soon we will be taken over by the Strigoi.

All of the Royal Council here and myself ask for us to transport my people to your Court. Together we can stop the Strigoi. And I have heard that your Court is well protected.

Our Guardian's are willing to do their fair share of duties and so are our teachers. All we ask is for a place for you to take our people and protect them and for at least on of each royal family on the Council you keep.

I will keep my people in line. You have my word. The situation is so desperate that I am willing to give all power over to you and your Queen.

We will obey your rules and so forth.

Please get back to us in all possible hast

Queen Tatiana Ivashkov

Everyone was quiet.

"The Strigoi are moving. We can't let children be killed", Lady Viktoria says

"Letting them come here", Queen Rose says

"We do have to think of everyone involved my love", King Derek says

"I know. It is all so complicated. But like Viktoria said the children would get killed. I can't ignore this. I know what you expect me to say. But we need to save the children and all innocents. I say we let them here on our terms", Queen Rose says

"Didn't expect her to say that", Lord Christian laughs

"I HAVE grown up over the years. I am Queen and I have to think about everyone", Queen Rose says

"You really have come far from breaking my nose. I agree we can't let innocent's be turned or killed by Strigoi", Lady Mia says

"I agree with my lovely wife", Lord Guardian Eddie says

"Let's take it to our council. As it is only fair. But I think we have our decision", King Derek says

"I think we do without even taking to the council", Queen Rose agrees, "Anyway it is our decision"

"Remember it is…", King Derek says

"Only fair", Queen Rose finishes smiling

"Now my dear how do you feeling about bossing the people you dislike around?" King Derek asks with a smile

"I do not boss. But it would be nice", Queen Rose says kissing his lips

Everyone laughs.

"Call a meeting of the council", King Derek says to the chamberlain

"I will your Majesty. Right away", the chamberlain says

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