Merlin! Stay out of my head!

I'm sorry but I can't wait much longer!

I am blocking you!

Please don't.

Ariana groaned and readjusted her veil before putting a wall up around her mind. The days that followed Arthur and Gwen's marriage were truly happy ones.

Uther's meeting with his wife had taken a grievous toll on her. They both had so much to say and she'd used her magic to extend the time they had to talk. Ygraine and Uther argued, cried and laughed for an hour. While Ygraine hadn't been able to sway him from allowing magic back into the kingdom, she'd swayed him into letting Arthur marry Gwen. And on the wedding day, he'd cried tears of joy when Arthur claimed Gwen as his bride. The whole kingdom was shocked and surprised that Uther had actually allowed the marriage.

Arthur and Gwen, they were both so happy together. Arthur now usually had a permanent, lopsided grin around Gwen. He didn't pick on Merlin as much and Gwen had insisted that he give Merlin a salary so he could support Ariana and whatever children they'd have. Ariana wasn't sure how many children she'd had. And she hoped that Merlin hadn't heard the ancient tale that when wizards had children, their eighth would become one as well.

She surveyed her appearance and nodded. "Fine." She moved out of Merlin's room to find Gaius waiting for her. He shook his head and smiled. "Do I look all right?"

"You look lovely." Gaius said. "Merlin's very lucky."

"I think I'm the lucky one."

He arched a brow. "Are you sure he's the one you want?"

She nodded. "Definitely." Someone banged on the door. "If that's you Merlin, get back to the chapel now!"

"Well, it's not!" the door opened and there stood Gwaine and Morgana. Morgana looked radiant and she was a few months pregnant. Gwaine grinned. "We just dropped in to see the bride!"

"We're crashing the wedding." Morgana said. "We just heard about Arthur's marriage and it took us a while to get here."

"I'm not surprised." She reached out and sensed Morgana. "Twins? Wonderful."

Gwaine frowned. "What twins?"

He doesn't know yet. Morgana said.

She rolled her eyes. Typical male.

Ariana? Merlin's voice interjected. This is driving me crazy.

Morgana smirked. Oh shut up Merlin. She'll be there soon and she looks lovely.

"Shall we go?" Ariana said. "Poor Merlin is about to be driven to distraction."

Morgana nodded. "I can imagine. Tell me, did Arthur actually have Merlin as his best man?"

She nodded. "He did. And Arthur, is Merlin's best man."

Morgana laughed. "I'd never had thought it of Arthur."

"I know. He can be very kind at times towards Merlin."


I'm coming!

Merlin frowned as Arthur rearranged his coat for the tenth time. He couldn't tell who was more nervous, him or Arthur. Arthur shook his head. "I still don't see how a princess could be persuaded to give up her station in life to marry someone like you."

Merlin bit his lip a moment before shaking his head. "Neither do i." Merlin hesitated before asking. "Do I look ridiculous?"

"You mean more than you usually do?" he shot a scowl at Arthur who shrugged. "Honestly, I couldn't tell."

Merlin frowned. "One of these days she'll turn you into a toad and I won't stop her."

"Shut up Merlin."

"Or possibly an ass."


"I've always said you acted like one, it would be interesting to see you as one."


"She's here!" Gwen said with a smile. "And she's brought company."


"Don't fret Merlin," She smiled and patted his white shirt. "you look very handsome." She grinned. "If I weren't a happily married woman,"

"You'd what?" Arthur asked.

She grinned and kissed Arthur. "I'd have our marriage annulled in an instant and marry you."

The door opened and Ariana entered the room, holding a bouquet of multi-colored roses. Then, Gwaine and Morgana appeared, but he barely noticed them, for he only had eyes for his bride. She arched her brow. Merlin, you look….amazing!

He could only stare at Ariana, a vision in a simple white dress with deep green ribbons. He was so stunned by the sight of her that he could barely swallow. However, Arthur got ahold of his attention the man marrying them asked if there was anyone who could show just cause why he and Ariana shouldn't be married.

"I do." All heads went to Arthur who smirked. "Kidding Merlin."

Merlin looked to Ariana. "Turn him into a toad."

She laughed. "Maybe later. Or better yet, I'll teach you how to do that!"

"Merlin?" Arthur frowned. "With magic?"

"Arthur." Gwen hissed. "The wedding."

"Yes," Morgana said. "be quiet." Gwaine wisely decided just to nod his head and not argue with his wife or the future king.

Arthur pouted before hissing. "Merlin can't posses magic."

Ariana flicked her hand, temporarily closing Arthur's mouth as they continued through their vows. They'd perform a special ceremony, in private later, where no one would observe them using magic.

"I now pronounce you as man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Gwaine crowed. "Make it a good one Merlin!" Then let out a grunt as Morgana elbowed him. He responded by kissing Morgana's cheek and she fought back a smile for a moment, before grinning at her husband.

Merlin smirked and wiggled his eyebrows before grabbing Ariana around the waist! She let out a squeal as he dipped her backwards and kissed her! Gwen let out a squeal of her own and clapped loudly. She could just imagine the look on Arthur's face while Merlin worked his mouth against hers. Gently, he broke the kiss and gazed down at her in complete adoration. And since Merlin was quite adorable, the look in his eyes would be something she'd remember to her dying day.

The end

A special thanks to everyone for making this a completly memorable visit to this fandom. I will definetly be writing more Merlin stories in the near future. Thank you and God bless.