Ulternative Ending!

Naruto Shippuden

Finally they are all gathered, Team 7, Team 10, Team Guy and the rest of the leaf clan and others. Sasuke is facing Naruto as the debris clears from their mists. Naruto is exhausted staring at Sasuke who is also tired as well, they are both breathing heavily through their teeth. Naruto had used his Nine Tails Fox demon to the max, and Sasuke his large Purple Skeleton Summon Susanoo The Second. Shikamaru and Choji watched them, also with the rest of the ninjas, Hokages etc. Sakura cries wanting Sasuke to come back to his senses. They all had a plan in hand they were all waiting for Ino to come back.

Ino hasn't seen Sasuke for four years and yet she was worried about him and everyone else. She ran and kept hopping from tree to tree throughout the wilderness with Lady Tsunade running toward the wide open terrain where the fight is.

"I hope we make it in time," Lady Tsunade says running side by side with Ino.

Ino doesn't say a word she just focuses on reaching everyone in time especially Sasuke.
(I hope everyone is all right.) –Ino whispers to herself.

Meanwhile back to the battle Shikamaru had a few of his shadow techniques under his sleeve. He has not revealed them yet to Sasuke. Choji attacks Sasuke with Naruto using his Rasengan a few times on Sasuke. Sasuke would see through it all with his Mangekyou Sharingan. He activated the highest level of the Sharingan to a higher stage which almost blinded his brother during their fight in the past before Itachi died. Naruto kicked and punched Sasuke but Sasuke dodged his hits swiftly. Then they hit! They were fist to fist! Sasuke yells at Naruto "You have no idea how I feel! No one will ever understand my pain and my suffering, MY ANGER!"

All the Ninjas are watching in suspense and at the same fighting off other reincarnated spirits that Sasuke had summoned from the depths of hell. Gaara uses his sand hand to squeeze the daylights out of many. Naruto then thinks to himself ("dam it where the hell is Ino!" we can't hold on any longer. I don't want Sasuke to get killed.") Narutos eyes water up a bit then he shakes it off.

Ino and Tsunade appear in the distance Ino notices the disaster and finally see's Sasuke with Naruto and Shikamaru behind Sasuke. "Sasuke..", she says as she feels her heartbeat rise up. She holds onto her chest, and Lady Tsunade looks at her. "You know what to do right Ino?."

Ino quickly nods and jumps down as swiftly and as quietly as she can. Naruto continues to talk to Sasuke trying to distract him as he see's Ino. Shikamaru looks behind him watching Ino get closer and smirks. Shikimaru uses his fingers silently signaling everyone to fight with all their might this is IT! The day they give it their all! All the Ninjas, Hokages too use their most perfected skills for this final day. Shikamaru uses his finest shadow technique with all his might using his chakra and all the others, lended him their Chakra using it to hold Sasuke into place. They also held down his Susanoo as well. Sasuke immediately freezes and his eyes widen, "what the hell!?.. You were all holding out on me all this time!?" Shikamaru yells From the top of his lungs, "INO!."

Ino quickly lunges over Shikamarus shoulder stepping on them with her hands together looking down at sasuke yelling out. "Ultimate Mind Bonding Transfer Jutsu!" Sasuke's eyes open wide, thinking to himself ("Dam! No escape!") She hits Sasuke! With her jutsu! Out of nowhere he had no idea he was going to get hit with that, quickly Ino creeps into his mind, since it was a bonding Jutsu he can somehow still be conscious in body and mind.

On the outside his eyes were in shock, red fiery open, Naruto yells, "Now! EVERYONE!" Then everyone uses all their might using the binding Jutso to seal Sasuke holding him down since he was part conscious.

Ino walks through his mind seeing flashes of his memories, they were very bright lights to the point she had to cover her eyes, everything looked like if it were a drawing on a piece of paper, black and white. The images became clearer until she finally see's something from afar and it was a house, a house that had seemed to belong to Sasuke and his family when he was a child. Ino makes it to the house and hears a little boy crying; she runs through the front door and yells out his name.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!?" She see's the little boy's back with the Uchiha sign symbol on the back of his shirt. She knew it was Sasuke in tears because she can see the tear drops on the wooden floor and his moaning. There was this aura of darkness surrounding him. He then disappears and the crying continues. "Sasuke!" She panics not being able to see the kid again. She follows the crying looking for him desperately from room to room. Every door she opened in the house revealed his past memories. His pain and his agony, she starts to cry. All of his emotions were becoming one with hers. She began to understand his hatred. Tears strolled down her cheeks. In one of the rooms she saw memories of his older brother Itachi, the good memories, which made her smile. On the next they were memories of his brother Itachi training with Sasuke. The third room had Sasuke upset because his brother wouldn't spend time with him anymore. As she ran in deeper memories became very painful. The death of his clan and his parents, watching their dead bodies lay on the floor. She got chills down her spine as she saw Itachis dead red eyes not blinking at all.

Ino felt like he was looking right through her. She then got to see the death of his brother Itachi and how he would put his two fingers on Sasuke's forehead. The same gesture he would do when Sasuke was a child. It seemed that Itachi would do it as a loving expression. Finally it switches to Itachi's death. Darkness and lighting flashed before her eyes and everything changed into the night sky, the ocean the moon and the stars were out. In that night sky Sasuke cried heavily after the death of his brother. All of Sasuke's emotions seeped into her, repeating themselves she realized that all of these memories must have played in his mind over and over again. Ino was so affected by all of this she began to crawl in agony sobbing heavily trying to see past her tears. She hugged herself for some time absorbing it all. She didn't want anymore of this pain on Sasuke it had to end she decided. Ino made it to the final door which was closed, it was in the center of the hallway she feared it, and hesitated to open it. She cared for Sasuke so much and everyone else was counting on her so she pushed herself. "We will save… you….. Sasuke."

Back to the outside of Sasuke's head, Lady Tsunade was holding onto Ino. Everyone else was clenching their teeth using all their might to hold onto Sasuke. Naruto was using his nine tail fox chakra flow around his body, making him glow orange and yellow flames keeping Sasuke and his Susanno The Second from moving "Hurry Ino!"

Ino finally opens the final door in Sasukes house. She wiped her tears feeling emotionally crippled by all of this. She looked up as she was crawling into the room on her knees and there he was the small child, Sasuke crunched up hugging his knees, she watches him stand up wiping his tears off his face as it continues to flow down his cheecks. She also decides to stand up too slowly seeing him walk over to his parents dead bodies including Itachis body on top. Sasuke lowered himself down as of to reach into them. Outside there was a massive fire and people screaming, burning in the flames of darkness.

"No! Sasuke!" Ino yells as she finds the strength quickly to run towards the child hugging him from the back resting her cheek next to his little ones. Little Sasuke opens his watery eyes wide, and she closes her eyes, nuzzling him, "Don't Sasuke, not anymore.. I do feel your pain, I do feel your anxiety I understand you.." Right when she said that everything stays still for a while, the screaming stops and all they can hear is the crackling sound of the fire. Things began to fall apart the open window with the flames and the people yelling disappears. The heat from the flames evaporated and the dark house shatters into a million shards. For the first time Sasuke felt at peace. Someone has actually reached into him understood him and have seen everything about him, and his hidden harsh cruel sad memories filled with pure hate with his ice cold heart. He was always alone in his memories mind and thoughts, but not this time. Ino was there holding him. Her warmth he felt, a warmth that he longed for, a warmth that he needed.


Sasuke begins to breathe easily, the child which Ino was holding then disappears and Ino realizes that Sasuke isn't a child anymore. Sasuke then quietly says "Thank you Ino…." with his eyes closed taking in a deep breath.

Naruto and everyone else quickly felt Sasuke's large amount of Chakra leave his body, his purple huge skeleton Susanoo The Second disappears before them. Sasuke's face expression relaxes and his eyes had slowly closed. A tear went down his cheek as everyone watched him seriously, awaiting if theres any danger ahead. Naruto finally finally! see's Sasuke give off a warm smile. It was a smile that no one has ever witnessed from him, a smile of satisfaction and peace. Naruto tears up quickly with a cheeky smile on his face and yells out his name. "Sasuke! Sasuke!" hugging Sasukes body really tight. "YOUR BACK! YOUR FINALLY BACK!" Sakura drops to her knees and cries hugging his body as well.

Inside Sasuke's head Ino was running out of her chakra, Sasuke then turns around to face her, a few tears were still running down his cheek. All of a sudden everything changed they were surrounded in a garden of flowers. The Flowers were the Cosmos Flowers with the blue skies, the clouds and the sun. There was a light breeze that made their hair whip to the side of their face. Sasuke hasn't seen Ino for so long, how beautiful indeed she was he thought to himself. He looked into her large blue fierce eyes they were puffy from the tears she cried. Through the nightmares she has experienced not too long ago."Sasuke.. your free now, no more of this pain and suffering.. No more anger, and how I missed you so much.." Ino hugs him and clings onto him, he moves his arms and hugs her in return. For a while she cries deeply into his bare chest, shaking as she holds onto his robe. "We should go home now.. Everyone is waiting." Ino looks into his eyes and he looks into hers, they pull in closer and closer to one another.

Sasuke then whispers into into her ear. "You do look as pretty as the Cosmos flowers now." She looked at him surprised at what he said, it quickly flashed in her mind reminding her when she was a child with Sakura. She asked Sakura "Tell me do I look as pretty as the cosmo flowers now?" She then tears up again blushing heavily. "Thank you Sasuke.." Her question was finaly answered. She then realized that he can too see into her memories which was part of her Jutsu. Ino didn't like using this Jutsu cause of that reason. But for, Sasuke She would do anything for him.

"I am sorry Ino.." Sasuke says realizing how much she had missed him all these years, and has hoped for his return. Sasuke has finally found someone that understood his pain, suffering, and his thirst for killing and destroying people. Who would have thought Ino had such power? It's like she was made for him. She was made to save him alas and who knows maybe love him eternally. What made it intriguing is that they rarely spend time together, and yet here they are. Ino's mind bonding jutsu revealed everything for the both of them.

Meanwhile Naruto and the others had laid Sasuke in a room by himself holding him down with these paper seals. Just incase Sasuke wakes up and goes insanely mad and decides to destroy the whole village and all after he awakens from Ino's jutsu. Plus they weren't sure if Ino has fully succeeded or not.

Ino was laid down in another room. Sakura was waiting with Naruto he held her arm as they watched Ino. Ino had a smile on her face and Sakura was getting a tad jealous wandering what may have happened between Ino and Sasuke.

Sasuke knew that Ino's jutsu wasn't going to hold on any longer their lips were about to touch as she hugged him tight around his neck. The sun rays warmed their skin. He grips onto her waist, pulling her into him their lips lightly brushing. "Is this how love feels?.," Sasuke whispers into her lips. "yes..", she replied closing her eyes.

Sasuke then awakens from his sleep his eyes wide open, and in the other room Ino's as well. She sits up hating the fact that her jutsu ran out right before they fully kissed. She was tired though mentally and physically, and she laid there in bed. Everyone was cheering really excited seeing her back again. At the same time they were exhausted due to the long fight. Ino was relieved and happy as well, but her mind raced thinking about Sasuke. She wondered if he was alright. She closed her eyes and suddenly yelled "yatta!" lifting her arms into the air like the happiest little child, and falls back into the pillows.

Everybody laughed and suddenly knew that things were all right. They walked out patting her on the arm. Naruto reaches to her and says "GREAT JOB INO!," with tears in his eyes and hugs her tightly. Ino hugs Naruto just as tight rubbng his back for a while as he sobs into her shoulders "Thank you Naruto." Everyone's eyes swelled up with tears of satisfaction and happiness. Gaara was outside the room watching naruto from afar with his siblings close to him. He smiles and sheds a tear. Gaara knew that one way or another their friendship and love would pull Sasuke out of the deepest depths of the ocean. "Finally the war is over."

Sasuke heard the cheering and laughter, some people were yelling, "Sasuke is back!." He laid in bed as well looking up at the ceiling fan. He was actually happy to be back in this four walls. The word home kept ringing in his head with Ino's voice echoing in his mind. It didn't bother him that he was pinned down to the bed, he turned his face looking at the closed door, and laughed a bit and rested with a smile on his face, thinking about Ino and their almost so close kiss. Sasuke felt complete and whole for the first time in his life.

"She loves me?" Sasuke asked himself and smiles looking to the other side towards the window noticing a large vase filled with the same cosmos flowers, that him and ino were standing on earlier. They suddenly became his favorite flowers. They were set on the table next to him near the window. They were Orange Golden Cosmos flowers. "She had me all along.. heh"

Meanwhile Ino was in her room.
"I love you..Sasuke..," Ino said quietly smiling with her eyes closed, covering her face with the sheets blushing heavily.

Well Hope you all enjoyed! if you guys want more do tell! So I can continue SasuIno!
By: LilPandaneseGirl
P.S These characters are not mine they are all Naruto Franchise.

Ino's Skill Ultimate Mind Bonding Transfer Jutsu: it's a skill which Ino came up with invented learned on her own when 2 minds become one. That's why it was called Mind Bonding. She was able to see Sasuke's feelings and he was able to see hers.