Hello again :D. This is the third drabble for JustMeDownHereAgain. This time she asked for Draco/Blaise friendship, but whether or not it's that or more is for you to interpret :3. If you have prompts or pairings (preferably both) that you would like me to write, just send it my way and i'll see what i can do ^^.

Prompt: Tickle

The Slytherin common room was unusually empty. Only two people occupied it, seated beside each other on one of the emerald green sofas, as different from each other as night and day. One of the, all fairskinned and white, was sitting curled up in a corner reading a book. The other, darkskinned and deep eyes, was staring broodingly into the fire.


The fairskinned jumped slightly


He squirmed a bit


"Blaise Zabini. What in the name of Merlin are you doing?"

"I was just wondering something."

"And how, do tell, did that involve poking me?"

"Draco, are you ticklish?"

"Of course not!" Draco huffed.

"Hmm…." Blaise went back to staring at the fire. Draco, thinking he was safe, settled himself comfortably back in the corner and continued his book.


Draco's eye twitched.


He kept his mouth firmly shut.


His grip on the book tightened.


He couldn't hold it anymore and let out a slight giggle.

Draco stiffened immediately after, but Blaise was relentless and Draco soon began squirming around howling with laughter.


Draco, slightly out of breath, finally caught hold of Blaise's hands.

"Why did you do that?"

"You finally smiled."

Draco stared confused at Blaise until he realized that his lips weren't set in their usual scowl, but rather a slight smile. Draco nodded, released Blaise's hands and returned to his reading.

No other words were said, but the smile stayed on Draco's lips for the rest of the evening and that was all Blaise needed.