Underground for Centuries

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Other warnings and pretty much a summary: future m/m, 'haunted' apartment for rent, annoying coworkers, madness, made-up rituals, Ocness, perverted ancient vampire, vampire learning futuristic things with the speed of a toddler, mentions of a homosexual video, belief of the reality of Mpreg, attempting Mpreg, and a poor, confuzzled Zero.



"All right everyone, let's all toast a drink to our new coworker!"

"Toast? Who the hell wants some toast late in the eveni—blerghhh!…."

" I like…bacon…"

"Beeeer! More beeeer!"

"Why don't you stand up and make a short speech, Kiryuu-san?"

The mentioned new recruit of the local company, CY Corporation, pushed the comfy cushion beneath him to get on his feet. He bowed respectfully to his oppositely rowdy associates and cleared his throat as he began what was requested.

"Thank you for the warm welcome party. Please take care of me from now on."

As he expected, no one from the group he was speaking to spared him any attention. Despite the fact that they arrived here in this roomy bar just an hour ago, almost everyone was already drunk, passed out or infinitely high in spirits.

Zero sat back down and numbly watched everyone go on with their activities.

Kaien Cross guzzled down another whole bottle of alcohol, all the while wearing the usual dumb look plastered on his face. Then he began to nuzzle his intensely red and drunken face into the crook of his stoic business partner, Toga Yagari's neck.

The latter, who was busy smoking a stout cigar, had his eyes gradually forming into slits at the action of the drunken company president. It was bad enough that his temples were pulsating achingly from the loud beat of the stereos and the noisy chatter around.

His irritation was only increasing with each passing minute.

Kaito Takamiya, the district manager was busy hitting on a few scantily clothed ladies from the other table. Sayori Wakaba, who was the flirty brunette's secretary, was busy pulling him away from the giggling bunch.

She was often very level-headed and also very organized; even going as far as fitting a welcome party into everyone's schedule.

Just a while ago, she even initiated the offering of a toast.

But right now, she was preoccupied. She had a few rare moments when she would explode in anger and then transform into the harbinger of wrath and fury—and this was probably going to be one of those times.

The credit would always go to the man she works for, who couldn't act in a dignified manner despite his high-ranking position. He constantly played hooky and asked for numbers from any skirt-sporting creature out there.

A lot of nameless men and women on the stretched table were guffawing and poking fun at others. They were gossiping, comparing shoe-sizes, bra-sizes, and God forbid—even the sizes of some other….equipment. The rest were already slumped on their chairs and even sprawled on the floor, completely out cold.

Zero, who had no one to talk to despite the fact that the party was dedicated to him, was now lost in his anxieties. He couldn't placate himself because the dimly lit place had several closed and guarded doors that looked like they were linked to shady businesses—like a drug or sex den…just like in those thriller-action flicks. Or so he thought, because ever since he arrived in the city, he was always and only feeling antsy.

He was after all, a countryside boy.

Unsafe, unguarded and alone-in this big, strange and busy place.

He needed to toughen up though, because he made this decision. And it was a good decision indeed. Not everyone who decided to find a better future in the city could land a high-paying job like Zero Kiryu.

He faintly noticed another body scooting closer to his side. As he brushed his overgrown bangs out of the way, he was met with the shy gaze of his coworker, Nadeshiko Shindo.

"Kiryu-san, it seems that we are both the wallflowers of your welcoming party."

When the bespectacled girl spoke, it was like a vacuum sucked in and obliterated the uneasy ambiance that was bothering him. He welcomed the conversation with a smile.

"Well, I need to stay away from drinking—that way I'll be sane enough to pay the bill."

"The bill!? Oh, no no…." she frantically waved her arms at the thought of it. "The company will cover that! What an embarrassment to let Kiryuu-san—"

"Shindo-san has a…hic…..crush on Zeeerooo Kirrrr…..hiccup…hehe." The company's accountant slurred before his knees gave way and he dropped to floor, nose crushed against the cool hard flooring.

"Wha—what a liar! He…he must be too drunk to think…ha…straight!" She gasped out the words like a fish out of water and accidentally knocked the condiments to the ground. Zero noted that she had visibly reddened all over, but decided not to say anything about it, not even to mention it discretely as drunkenness. He would probably kill her, the way she was already struggling to breathe right now.

"Don't worry, I know that." He responded reassuringly.

Deciding it was for her benefit to change the conversation, she threw a fairly common question to the silverette.

"Where will you live in, Kiryuu-san? I heard you moved out of the hotel earlier this morning."

"Well, there's this two floor apartment at 45 Fairview Street….."

He trailed off when he saw the enlarged fearful eyes of his companion.


It was way past midnight, but the light was still on in one room of the old apartment at 45 fairview street.

Four people were huddled close to each other, forming a circle.

With one swift movement, Takamiya Kaito thwacked the silverette's head.

"Really, Kiryuu? For a permanent address, you had to choose one that's haunted! Couldn't even do a background check, I see."

His eyes darted warily from corner to corner, as if he was expecting something frightening to pop out at any moment. Nadeshiko, who sensed the fear of her superior, became restless. She mimicked his movements, as he looked from side to side. Sayori only frowned at their sheer stupidity.

"Okay, so people say it's haunted. But let me tell you now, I don't believe in ghosts."

Zero frigidly spoke. He was trying his best to seem brave in the face of his city-born coworkers. The truth was exceedingly far from his statement. When you've lived in the countryside for your whole life, you would learn that ghosts and supernatural entities explained everything unexplainable. And by everything, he meant everything.

His mother used to blame tiny sprites or dwarfs playing tricks on people whenever something had gone missing; be it the spatula, the dog, or his grandmother's blender.

"Hey. If there's someone who would know a lot about this house, then you're currently looking at that someone." Kaito lifted his head for a dramatic effect.

"Translation: he lives right across the street." Yori mentioned as a-matter-of-factly. She only had to look over her shoulder to point towards the orange house from the enormous black-framed window.

"You're house is….orange?"

"What the- that's not the point, you idiot newbie! I've seen renters come and go from this house, because they always said that: 'there's an invisible presence that doesn't want to be ignored!'" He mouthed the last statement, fearing that the said invisible presence would come for him instead. Especially since, if it was listening in, the creepy existence would already know where to find him; no thanks to his secretary.

Zero's eyes went wide when Yori mouthed the words he dreaded to hear.

'Reported deaths...'

"Okay….so you said you know a way to expel the ghost from this place?" Zero could already feel his mouth go dry from the acquired knowledge. He was so hopeful that they would be able to solve this dilemma before he slept in this house…tonight….all alone in the dark.

'Hell, lights or no lights, it would still be fucking creepy' Zero was now leaning forward, waiting for the words of Wakaba-san that would save the day.

"The word for that, Kiryuu—is exorcism."


"Why the hell do we need to be half-naked?" Kaito asked his emotionless secretary as she was squeezing a lemon with her bare hands.

"That's because it's necessary for the ritual that you are about to partake."

"But….why just me and Kiryuu?"

Yori smacked him right across his face, all the while, maintaining her cool aura.

"Please refrain from your perversions, sir. This is a serious matter."

Her superior nursed his bruised cheek. "That was harsh! That question was perfectly innocent! I wasn't asking you girls to flash your boobs!"


Kaito dropped to the ground, and Yori resumed to squeezing fruits; this time, a watermelon slice.

"I am now going to pour this mixture on your heads." She quickly splashed the contents on both males none-so gently.

"Blrrrrghh…..you call that pour? I ought to fire you!" Kaito began to point at her disrespectfully, while Zero stayed quiet and allowed the liquid to flow down at it's own pace.

"You always say that, sir. But you end up crawling back to me very early the next morning, because I always mix your cereal for you."

As they bickered, well more on Kaito's part anyway, Zero caught a few sneaky glances made by the other female towards his bare chest. Feeling a little freaked out, he made a mental note to prepare a gentle speech for turning her down, should the nerdy-looking girl confess to him in the future.

"Now it's time…" Sayori grabbed a bottle of soda, and began sprinkling drops of it on the bare walls and the creaky wooden floor.

"Speak to the ghost, Kiryuu-san. Make it know that you do not want its company!" She told him before chanting indistinguishable words in a very low tone.

"Miga mata, sear, a mata, poro koro for….."

The surreality of the situation turned Zero wordless.

"taka laka, mik a mak, hava breaka, hav a kit kat."

He graduated in a local university as a business major so he could try his luck in the city. He anticipated that there would be trouble with the difficulty of finding a job. If he did get a job, the workplace would be tumultuous, the pay would be meager, the prices of food would be high, and his coworkers would probably put him down due to his provincial background.

"eat a pork o, eat a bif, para me dic, para syt…"

But he wasn't given a problem with any of that.

Instead, he had to deal with something so stupid like-

"Speak, idiot! So we can get rid of it now!" Kaito nudged him roughly, to haul the perplexed silverette from his trance.

Zero straightened his body and decided to get over with it. He swallowed the chunk that had formed in his throat, as he began with the few words he had a little difficulty coming up with in his head.

"Umm…..spirit of this….antique house…..you…no…I mean no harm in being here."

"pick a pock et, tama tomo, sally pock et, bat a bat a, thwack a whack…"

"I just want to live in peace….and it's about time that…you do, too...leave in peace, I mean."

"poro poro he's a man eat er make ….and…..I think we're done here…"

Yori quaintly drank the remaining soda in the bottle and then soothingly patted the back of a clearly nervous Zero.

"Man, expect an ant infestation tomorrow, Kiryuu." Kaito told him as he observed the messy bubbling brown painted on the dusty surface of the walls and the floor.

"It's okay, as long as we got rid of the ghost. It's gone now, right?"

All three turned to look at the strange short-haired girl, who paused for an extensive amount of time. Slowly, her fingers reached and rubbed her chin repeatedly, as if she was in deep thought.

"To be honest, Kiryuu-san, we were just taking a chance of some sort. If it's not here, then it's not here. If it is, then you'll have to deal with it in a different way. I was just helping you psychologically, anyway. Be strong, now."

She casually swung her bag on her shoulder and lifted her palm to say good-bye.

"Well, I got to go, too. I'm just right across if you need me." Kaito moved towards the door, tailing his personal secretary.

"Umm….Kiryuu-san, don't worry! I'm very sure you'll be alright, since you are very brave!" Nadeshiko tried to uplift him, but he never did try to pay attention anymore.

His mind was encircling on what was to come.


The digital clocked glowed neon blue; highlighting the number 3:07 that was broadcasted on its face.

The large, shaded bed right beside it, accommodated a stiff figure, whose eyes were wide open, and whose hands gripped the sheets like it was his very lifeline.

Kiryuu Zero could not sleep. At all.

'Reported deaths...'

Nix, Nil, Nope- not tonight.

He was recently able to decide between turning the lights off and leaving them on. He decided that while it would be scary if the ghost would appear in the dark, it would be absolutely terrifying if it appeared in the light. That would mean that the mornings wouldn't be safe either, and Zero didn't want to be sure of that.

Besides, he hoped that the ghost would miss him in the darkness.

His current predicament as of late was if he should put the covers over his head or not.

If he left them off, he might catch a glimpse of the ghost passing by. If he put them over him, what would he do if the ghost decided to join him underneath the sheet?

He felt a tremor run through his spine at the thought.

Thinking it better to leave the blanket in his grip, he then moved on to decide whether it was safe to sleep or not.

Sudddenly, his ears perked up at a noise from below the second floor.

What was it, that sound?

He concentrated all his senses on the floor beneath him.


All the negative, fearful emotions he could name rushed through him at that very second. His heart jangled in his rib cage uncontrollably.



Now Zero was sure that it was real. He couldn't calm his heart now with the idea or the illusion of it being a figment of imagination.


"Shit! Stop it! Go away!" Zero shouted at the top of his lungs, hoping that his voice would reach the basement, which is where he calculated the sound is coming from.

Right now, he could sense a strangely intense feeling coil around his body. Zero was sure that what he was experiencing right now wasn't a product of his fear. The feeling—it was something external.

Could it be the ghost's doing?




The noise was continuous and insistent. By this time, Zero had paced his heart with the small amount of control he had on his body. His breathing had somehow become ragged, and he had grown a bit scared of the ability of whatever it was that was haunting him. But he needed to fight back, or who knows what would happen to him.

What if he was to be found lying on his bed, dead, in one crisp early morning?

Would he allow it all to end just like that?


"Damn you! I'm….not going to die from a fucking, invisible thing!" Zero gently put his hands on his trachea to prevent the external force from directly acting on his respiratory passageway.

He mustered whatever strength in his body and stood up with a drive to battle against this paranormal being.

He moved into this city to prove something to himself. And if this was fate's way of keeping his life from getting boring, then to hell with everything!

Zero felt adrenaline rush through his veins as he stood up and rushed through the door and ran down the creaky boards of the staircase.



Fight or Flight. There was only one choice between the two, and Zero didn't want to play as the sissy. Did this creature of the night think that he was like the other renters who ran away like a screaming little child? Ha!

He now reached the basement's stairway. He could feel the power hum loudly and prickle his skin. It was here. The basement was the core of this supernatural entity.

He moved forward. He could feel it unconsciously calling him. Telling him to—



Set me free.



The spirit….probably wanted to move on all along. He knew now, that it was right underneath him. The noise was tremulous, creating a quake underneath Zero's bare feet, and causing the old house to sway like a pendulum.

If it wanted the afterlife, then he would make it happen! Zero decided firmly then, to end everything once and for all.

He looked around for something; anything to split the cemented flooring beneath him. At the sight of it, Zero didn't spare a moment to grab the rusty pick axe from a dark corner.

With one powerful swing, the cement cracked, sending splinters everywhere. A few pierced his skin, but Zero didn't care. There was something animalistic about his strength right now, and he felt that he was being controlled to move about like this. He couldn't stop. He would not stop.

Blow by blow, the cement gave way to a mass of moist brown soil. The silverette continued to strike ruthlessly at the ground.

"If you're happy, then I'm happy….get out of here fast!"

The last blow hit something solid underground.

The noise from underground ceased, turning the night into a chilling silence.

Zero breathed out slowly now; aware that his body had weakened tremendously, and that sweat and blood were dripping from his body. The strange force was gone, but his heart still was not calm.

Gathering a bit of strength, he knelt on the dirt and started clawing viciously on the muddy ground. He removed the soil layer by layer, until the pads of his fingers touched the smooth surface of something solid.

It was….a coffin.

Was this the reason for the haunting? Zero began to clear away the remaining soil, revealing the shape of the whole casket. It was a glossy black, with a large golden embellishment of a cross and a rose at the very center. He carefully ran his hand over it. Perhaps, he was feeling a bit sorrowful at the sight.

"Please…..be at peace now."

Slowly, he unlatched the lock and swung the cover open, expecting to see a jumble of bones and dust and hair…only to find something else in its place.

There, lying in glorious red velvet cushion was a sleeping man, so extraordinarily shaped in perfection.

Zero was frozen at the spot and he could no longer hear his own breathing. Could someone from a long, long time ago be preserved so flawlessly? Did they even have the knowledge to do that, when, even at this time, preservation could not even come close to something like this—something so alive, that he looked like he was breathing.

He was breathing…..this body draped with garments that looked like a piece from the renaissance era. Across the coffin was a tangle of long, dark brown hair that seemingly grew throughout the years as if the body was alive.

His hair….was covering a part of his face.

Slowly, Zero bent forward to brush the mess away, to see the god-like features in full view.

As his fingers traced his cheek, the supposedly dead body's eyes abruptly opened.

Red eyes. They were deep, glowing red eyes.

Zero felt his soul leave him. He was rooted on the spot by his fear and the bloodcurdling eyes stared into his very core. His breath hitched at the other's sudden motion. The terrifying creature below him caressed his already bloody cheek, the pressure on his skin gradually growing until a claw dug deep into it.

"Sweet….sweet nectar of life…..you've been calling out to me…"

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Zero Kiryuu- normal salary man/employee, came from a small town, a bit reserved and wary of the bustling city.

Kaien Cross- President of the company, regularly visits the other branches, befriends his employees.

Toga Yagari- Cross's business partner and childhood friend.

Kaito Takamiya-District Manager, leads a branch in one of the main cities, carefree playboy.

Sayori Wakaba-Secretary of Kaito Takamiya. Organized and efficient, sometimes thinks her job is to babysit her boss.

Nadeshiko Shindo- employed as part of the communications. ironically shy.

Ancient Vampire- ? Next chapter will reveal more about this character (I don't know what's the point in this...everybody knows who this guy is already -_-)