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So here ya go, back to where we left off:



His blood was smeared across his cheek like paint messily spread by a child.

Zero was shaking heavily as his unmoving body was gravitationally pulled lower and lower to the glossy casket beneath him, and into the arms of the awaiting unearthly creature.

Gleaming red eyes were transfixed at him and though he feared to meet the frightening creature's eyes head on, it was also due to the same fear that he could not look away.

He was not given a choice but to look straight ahead.

Straight ahead towards this breathtaking man, who was just a few seconds ago, in a casket, buried underground with cement spread above, and surely, surely dead for who knows how long!

And that's when his eyes enlarged into saucers. The living dead! Zero's breath delayed in spontaneous irregularity. He now knew what this whole scenario was similar to! He had seen this in several horror movies, and he could not be mistaken about this!

"…Z-zombie…!." Zero forced his voice box to produce a sound. He was determinedly fighting the powerful force that was surrounding the basement and was holding his body helplessly in place, causing him to be readily devoured by this brain-eating creature of the dead.

The attractive brunette simply ceased the soft caress to the smooth flesh and tilted his head in confusion at the foreign word that escaped from the silverette's lips. Guessing that this might be the greeting of the century he awoke in, he flashed a smile that came out too deviously sinister in Zero's eyes.

"Yes….Zombie…." he gently cooed at the trembling silverette as he resumed being delightfully spellbound by the small drops of blood that slowly ran down the unblemished skin.

All Zero could focus on was the gleaming white daggers situated at each ends of his teeth, taunting him, telling him about the fate that would surely befall on him.


He felt his soul lurch, readily leaving him at the realization that there was no way he could win against this. As he thought, he would be found later on, bloody and dead on the basement floor and there would be no way to explain how it happened.

He took in the deceptively stunning features of his predator before his eyelids dropped from the increased force whirling uncontrollably around.

And he fell into the coffin below; darkness meeting his vision as he vaguely felt arms envelop him…


He could hear a familiar song…

It was a tune that all birds knew by heart. A song he used to listen to as he would sit on the meadow's towering tree branches, watching as the sun illuminated the rice fields and the backs of the farmers as they bent and worked.

A song just like that of home…..

He could feel the sweet, simple melody prod his senses to life, turning him aware of the smell of sunlight and morning dew. He could feel his shoulders ache from the continuous contact with the cemented floor beneath him….

Lilac eyes opened immediately.

His heart thumped as the surreal memories barraged into his mind. With shaking hands firmly planted on the cold floor, he pushed himself up and warily turned to see—

The same glossy black coffin, slammed tightly shut, and lowered in the smashed thick cement floor, that he couldn't believe he destroyed with his hands. With a pickaxe…but all the same, he acted so strange last night. And it was all because of that creature.

He had been so sure of it….so sure he would be torn limb-from-limb and eaten cannibalistically. But here he was, instead-lying on the cold stone floor, and the creature was…was he still there? Under the heavy casket lid? Zero was sure he did not have it in him to check.

Instead, he motionlessly stared at the engraved golden cross and rose, as a thin ray of sunlight from the small exhaust danced on its surface, causing flickers of luminosity to hit Zero's eyes.

That man that came to life….red eyes….and pointed white teeth….

..Did….did all that really occur last night? Which part of it was just in his head? And…at what point had it been of fantasy and reality?

Zero knew he could not answer any of these unless he lifted that lid.

But he knew that he was too shaken to achieve that feat. Instead, he ran to the closest ally he could find.


His arms repeatedly slammed at the bright orange door of the house across from his own. From behind the thick wooden door, he could hear a muffled exchange of words.

"Don't get jealous, it's probably just my secretary."

Zero suppressed a cringe as he felt his hair stand up from the cheesy, flirtatious tone of the district manager and the shrill female giggle that followed after.

Once the door creaked open wide enabling him to see who was on the other side, Kaito immediately jumped forward and clasped both Zero's hands tightly with an alarmed look across his face.

"Kiryuu! Oh my God…you look like you hadn't slept at all! So the ghost….the ghost really haunted you!" he reached Zero's shoulders and began to shake him wildly. Receiving only a silent, but anxious stare, he continued to prattle on.

"I did tell you that if you ever felt uneasy, you could stay here, overnight. Didn't I?"

"—Overnight, huh?" both heads whipped to the side to see a skimpily clothed woman; arms crossed, and five inch heels tapping expectantly on doorway.

"He's not your secretary, is he?"

"No, he's not. He's a new employee-"


"Go rot."

Head held high, she sauntered in between them, causing their contact to break. Uneasy at the disturbance he unintentionally created; Zero apologized profusely and bowed repeatedly to prove his sincerity.

"Don't worry about that! Happens all the time. And good timing too! After I woke up, I completely forgot what her name was. Maybe it was Aika? Reika? Solange? I really don't know anymore!" Kaito scratched his head and laughed before signaling Zero to make himself at home in the living room.

"Listen, I'll try to make coffee, but it's not my fault if it tastes bad! I usually wait for Yori-chan to appear…" The brunette laid out a few cushions for Zero to sit on, before he opened a rack and took out a handful of DVD's.

"Watch something for a while, since I'll probably take some time working the coffee maker." He carefully inspected each to make sure he hadn't mistakenly included the pornographic ones-which made up half of his collection.

"And after you decide to actually talk, you've got to share with me your personal experience with the supernatural" He grinned wide as he wriggled his fingers in a motion to scare.

As soon as his superior had left for the kitchen, Zero released a heavy sigh. At least he returned to a part of his life he could consider normal. It was all probably just a dream. Maybe…maybe he got exhausted from cracking open the basement floor that he just collapsed and dreamed of the continuation after that.

Thinking that perhaps, he indeed needed a break; he slowly sifted through the DVD's.

Looking through the collection, he couldn't help but give a wry smile at the covers that showcased attractive actresses. Honestly….Takamiya Kaito's world revolved around lovely ladies.

His hands immediately halted as he reached a case that caught his attention.

The cover had a relatively pretty girl, but it was the one at the background that had him transfixed. The character looked like a human being, but…this person had fangs.

Glistening white fangs.

Just like his.

All of a sudden, a cold bucket of reality was poured all over his head. He remembered it so clearly, too clearly for it to be a figment of imagination. With shaking hands, he gripped the DVD tightly as he mechanically marched towards the kitchen door.

Kaito was still debating on how many coffee beans to crush, when he heard the door swing open.

"Oh, Kiryuu! Picked that one? Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a hot one, ain't she?" he winked jokingly but was surprised to see Zero still rooted near the entrance with a serious look on his face.

"How do you kill one? A vampire, I mean."

"Ehh!?" Kaito stared at him incredulously. The expression on Zero's face was so serious, it was too absurd. "I didn't actually get into the story. I bought it cause she's kinda, well, my type?"

"You don't ask an idiot who doesn't know how to work a coffee maker."

Zero was wordlessly surprised at seeing Sayori Wakaba already inside the house. But Kaito continued to work on the coffee machine normally. Yori tired to wrestle him away from the kitchen counter before resorting to hitting his head with a spatula to make him obey.

"As I was saying, Kiryuu-kun, I would like to offer my help, but I need to hear the whole story."

Kaito's ears perked up at learning that he would finally get to hear the ghost story.

The silverette realized that his heart had begun to hammer heavily in his chest.

"I know that everyone thinks it's a ghost but it's not."

He could see that his audience was giving silent gasps, and this hinted him to not pause any further.

"It's…..a vampire."

"No way!" Kaito remarked in disbelief, but was silenced as Yori struck him with a spatula. Again.

"For a long time, no one realized. But I know it for sure. I was attacked and bleeding!" Zero exclaimed between heavy breaths. "I need help. Please, help me!"

The silverette received momentary silence, as Yori began to rub her chin in between her fingers, and as Kaito continued to stare at him gapingly, in incredulity.

"Well….for starters..don't look into a vampire's eyes."


"Yes..they could control you, or turn you to stone."

Zero took in the information and debated that it somehow might be correct. After all…..that man's eyes glowed red. As for turning into stone, did she mean frozen on spot?

"And don't wear red. The vampire will attack you for sure."

"Like in bull-fighting?" Kaito piped in, but was completely ignored by his two companions.

"Drink lots of water, to dilute your blood. And carry around some silverware. They don't like silverware, from what I watched."

"I hope it's not Twilight." The tall brunette tried to insert once again, but received only a jab in the gut.

"Carry garlic and salt in your pockets…and most importantly…don't be a virgin."

Sayori emphasized the last part like it was Zero's last lifeline.

"You're not one, are you?" Kaito skeptically looked at the silverette as beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead. Zero couldn't meet any of their eyes in embarrassment at his city coworkers.

"Well, well, well. Guess it's gonna be real fun for the bloodsucker tonight." The regional manager whistled as he watched Zero's eyes pleadingly looked his secretary.

"From what I know, they only prey on the blood of virgin women. But, who knows, really?"

Swallowing a hefty lump from his throat, Zero asked the most important thing.

"And these will work, right? I can kill the vampire?"

Once again, Sayori Wakaba placed her chin between her fingers in deep thought.

"Well, Kiryuu-kun, if it's real, then by all means, kill it. If it's not, then take a deep breath and call the closest guidance counselor you can find so you can return to your normal routine."

"What do you mean, it's not real? I'm not lying! I saw him with my own eyes!" Zero tried to convince her desperately. There was no way he could be mistaken.

"You did say you were attacked, but I don't see a single trace of a wound…"

Zero's eyes widened and reflexively reached out to his cheek. He felt it, the puncture from last night, and the blood that was playfully smeared…but as he viewed his face from a polished pan, he could only see flawlessness.



It was still very early in the afternoon, but from the top of the staircase, the basement was as dark as it had been last night. The only difference was the natural spotlight from the sun's rays, directed on top of the coffin's embellishment.

His heart pounded in both excitement and anxiety. But he needed it done. Like Wakaba had said, he needed to get back to his normal routine.

Slowly, he walked down the steps in rhythm to his breathing. And before he knew it, he was already bending over the coffin. Knowing that if he allowed his heart and mind a bit of control in the situation, he would never be able to end this fear that had wholly disturbed his city life.

Automatically, he reached out his arm and put his fingers over the latch.

'This…is the last time I'll be worrying over this.

Yes…I'll make this the last.'

In one motion he pulled it open to its maximum width and quickly put himself in a defensive stance.

But there was nothing.

Just a hollow expanse bordered by velvet red cushions. Nothing else.

Dumbfounded, he fell back and sat, shaking his head. And suddenly he laughed amusingly. Of course, it never did existed.

Nightfall was still nearing, but Zero decided to take a nap before getting supper. With him comfortably snug against a bunch of pillows and his blanket over him, he let his eyes wander on the ceiling until he would fall asleep.

But as his thoughts were about to drift, he noticed something hanging above him. Attached on the wooden beam was a dark furry creature, with leafy limbs wrapping around its tiny body and beady russet eyes staring back. Zero couldn't help but curiously observe the unusual creature, until it revealed the pair of jagged white teeth from underneath its lip.

This cause Zero's heart to jolt back in panic.

The resemblance….red eyes, brown hair and sharp white teeth…..

He tried to scramble back but found that his limbs had returned to the familiar uselessness from last night. The only movement that he was allowed were his uneven breathing and frightened eyes. He helplessly watched as the bat swooped down towards him, until a misty grey smoke overwhelmed the figure completely.

As it cleared, Zero could finally see him. The same man from the coffin underneath his basement floor.

His long dark, brown hair fell to his front as he loomed over Zero, his eyes focused solely on the other's.

"Zombie…" he greeted kindly, as he cupped his discoverer's face.

"S-shut up! You…you can't deceive me any further! I know what you are….vampire!" Zero spoke raggedly as he tried to shift deeper into the mattress, too afraid that the creature would become distracted by the scent of his blood and would decidedly kill him in an instant.

Reviewing his silver-haired companion's statement, he disregarded the first couple of words he could not find any meaning to. Instead he replied to what he understood.

"I have not deceived you. But I am fairly amazed that our race has held recognition in this age. In my last waking, we were still collectively clandestine to all."

This time it was Zero whose eyebrows met. But still his heavy heartbeats were getting the better of him and he realized that this was not the time to understand the creature that could very much drain him and throw out his body left for dead.

He struggled with all his might, but only managed to move his arms an inch.

"Why are you for real, damn it! I was convinced it was all in my head…my wounds are gone after all!"

He felt a cold chill as the fingers traced his cheek once again.

"That is simple. I licked you, wherever you were wounded. I made them disappear." The vampire whispered as he was once again, transfixed at the pale skin beneath him.

"G-go away. Don't do this, please, don't eat me!" Zero was begging for real now, although he knew that his pleading could not help his case if the vampire was too hungry to care. After all, he was the only blood source in the whole residence.

"Sshhhh…don't be afraid." The brunette soothingly stroked the soft silver tresses while his russet red eyes glowed softly from beneath the overgrown fringe. "What I did before, I apologize. It was a moment of weakness, I suppose. To have a human before me in years. But you no longer need to worry, for I have already fed."

This statement only increased Zero's fear. He drank from someone….he killed someone!

The vampire noticed the shaking of the silverette's hands, but more than anything, he could feel the thrumming rush of blood circulating the young man's body.

"Where…who?..." the other managed to choke out.

"When you were in a deep sleep, I left to wander around this dwelling of yours, and then through the windows, I sighted this livestock running about, and digging playfully in the mud."

Zero could barely suppress a gasp. The vampire killed his neighbor's prized and multiple awarded show pot bellied pig! Senior Ichijo is going to go berserk….or worse! If there was a trail of blood and a gruesomely drained corpse, then there'd be no one else to believably blame but Zero! And he could get fined and imprisoned for three months for animal torture! And advertised as a sadistic and heartless man by PETA! Or so Zero thought, because the sad truth was, he had no idea how the animal welfare act worked and he just thought of the most awful things that could happen.

"You're going to get me imprisoned!" Zero wailed in disbelief.

"How so? I will never allow that." The brunette vampire firmly spoke.

"Don't you know!? PETA will get me! Or something like that…" Zero mumbled the last part, though he was slightly glad that he didn't have to deal with the authorities for being a suspect if a dead human body turned up.

"PETA?" The vampire's eyes darkened as the name rolled out of his mouth. "He is your dark overlord of this century?" he questioned Zero seriously that the silverette couldn't help but lighten up at the strange inquiry.

"Do not worry. This PETA will soon see real power should he present himself and challenge me. This assailant from hell will never have the chance to throw anyone I own into dungeons."

"..o-okay…" Zero said, not knowing how to respond to a statement like that. "But that still doesn't change the fact that you killed a helpless animal." he finally felt that it was safe to chastise the vampire. It was best to control his actions in any way he could to keep himself safe. But…..what the hell did he mean by own?

"I did not kill that swine. I merely took a bit, just enough to quench this thirst that has disturbed me for too long." The vampire sneered at the thought of selfishly consuming the distasteful creature.

"That's good. But the owner won't be too happy if his prized pig gets a bit weak."

"None of my concern." His handsome face showed a mirthless expression. "I shall only concern myself with you, you who have awoken me from my long slumber."

Zero flinched a bit as the other's hands held his own, but soon Zero realized that the force that had held him in place was long gone. He had been able to move freely for who knows how long, but was too distracted with their odd conversation.

"You are my favorite underling.." The soft words reached his ears, and he found the statement to be a bit strange. Underling? What underling? Confused lilac eyes peered into domineeringly fascinating red eyes.

"You belong to me…to Kaname Kuran, once and always will be, the king of all vampires."

Zero's heart tugged. He sensed a lingering danger, though he felt it had nothing to do with getting drained to death in the near future.

"Your name? speak."

The king….of all vampires?




What the hell was he getting into?

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