Light in the Darkness

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"Yeah, Alright be there in a jiffy. See you in a while then"

"Sure. Be careful. I love you"

"I love you too"

He smiled eagerly on the phone and stuffed it in his back pocket as he prepared dinner. Suddenly, the scene changes and everything was pitch dark and the only sounds that was heard was the rain pattering against the roof. He slammed his fist on the wall as the rain continued to poured down heavily that evening. He chocked down his tears and started thrashing the room as his hands wiped off the utensils and food neatly arranged on top of the table and made loud clattering noises on the ground. His voice screamed in agony and mixed with the heavy rain.

A pair of emerald eyes opened wide and panted heavily on his bed. Slowly, he sat up and messed his sweaty midnight colored hair and sigh.

"Again with that dream" he muttered, ruefully. He rested his arms on his bended knees and stare at his digital clock.


He sighed and tried to close his eyes again but the memories and his dreams were all that he could see. They slowly played like a film without sounds in fast forward. Memories that he tried to repress were all he could thing about. He messed his hair again and kicked his blankets aside. Deciding to get up he pace himself towards his little kitchen and grab a glass of water hoping it would calm him down.

"Fuck, fuck , fuck I'm late!"

She cursed and rushed towards the door and slipped on her sneakers lying at the door step. She tied them hurriedly and made a dash out of her apartment, making sure it was lock in the process as she ran down the old building.

"The last thing I want to do is make a bad impression on inspection day" she screamed at herself as she jogged down the sidewalk and sling her slipping shoulder bag back on.

Twenty minutes later she was cursing herself as she attempted to wear her tights and tie her blonde hair up to a messy bun.

"Cagalli! Hurry up!" the auburn woman called from the door. She waved her hand at her and glanced at the hallway.

"Wait! Give me one more minute" Cagalli cried as she successfully wore her tights and iron her skirt with her hands. She glanced at herself on the mirror and nodded her head. She heard her friend call her for the last time and decided to go out "I'm coming!" She yelled back.

Cagalli Yula, 23, stood embarassed and a little uncomfortable in her uniform as their short haired female supervisor inspected them. They all lined up in a single line like a soldier and remained still as their head checked their uniforms.

"Miss Yula, I expect you to tie your hair more properly next time" She said as she crossed her arms on her chest and stare at her poorly tied blonde hair.

Cagalli blinked several times and nodded her head. "Yes, Miss Badjiruel." She sighed. Soon the inspection was done and they were asked to go to their work and open their coffee shop.

"This black tights are making me itchy, Milly" Cagalli groaned as she grabbed the cake from the display fridge with her tongs and place it on the plate.

"Bear with it!" Milly or better known as Mirriallia, her auburn friend laughed and looked at her, amused. "At least you look decent in your uniform." She teased.

"Shut up!" Cagalli groaned and served the plate on the serving tray as Miriallia punched the customers order on the cash register.

She stared at her uniform and slightly cringed. True enough she did look decent in their new uniform. She wore a plain white blouse with a puffy sleeves that had a lining similar to her skort and a blue gingham patterned skort topped with an apron and underneath she was wearing a black tights and a simple ballet flats.

"I still don't get why we had to change uniforms. The one piece dress was good enough" the blonde scowled and leaned on the counter behind her.

"Don't ask me. Ask our manager and his wife" Miriallia said "Besides even our supervisor isn't that happy with her clothes" she said as she motioned at Natarle Badjiruel who was wearing a one piece royal blue color dress and a permanent scowl on her face.

Cagalli giggled and sighed "Alright. I'll bear with this besides it's a skort so...maybe its forgiven" she said as Miriallia laughed at her. Suddenly, the cafe door swung open and the bell rang along with it signaling a new customer had entered. Cagalli straightened herself up and greeted him with a small smile together with Miriallia. "Welcome to Archangel Cafe! How may we help you"

"One coffee latte and a bagel please"

Miriallia nodded and punched his orders immediately. Cagalli quickly looked at the customer and noticed his murky green eyes. He was wearing a form fitting black dress shirt and jeans and had the most attractive hair color that reminded you of the night sky.

"Here's your bagel all warmed up." She smiled at him but he made no motion to actually look at her and smile back or at least say a thank you like their all their other usual customer do.

After paying he walked towards the farthest table in the cafe and sat there.

"Well, he looks new" Cagalli remarked as she crossed her arms looking intrigued with her encounter with their customer.

"New?" Miriallia blinked and stared at her friend. "Where have you been all this time? He's been coming here every morning ordering the same thing for a whole two months already"

"Are you serious?!"

"Seriously." Miriallia nodded her head. "Wow, you've been serving bagel to this guy for months and you haven't noticed. That's a new record Cagalli" She cluck her tongue at her colleague and teasingly smiled at her.

"Haha very funny, Miss Haww" Cagalli frowned and rolled her eyes playfully at her friend.

A grin swept across the cafe's cashier girl and she leaned towards Cagalli. "He is kinda cute don't you think?"

Cagalli snorted and turned around as she busied herself with wiping the counter. "No, he looks..."She turned her head around and observed the midnight blue haired man sitting silently on the far end table. "kinda mysterious." Her voice trailed off.

He silently stirred his coffee and glance at the newspaper at his side. Everyday he had the same menu. A bagel and a hot coffee. It was always like this. His eyes scanned the news and eyed the stock reports on the upper right corner of the paper.

It said that the Zala corporation had yet again raised its number of stocks and successfully bought 60% of the Muruta Corporations stocks effectively making them major stock holders. He mentally shrugged and turned the page searching for a lighter and more relaxing news.

"Well, Well, well, Who do we have here?"

Without even looking up he could immediately recognize the owner of the voice.

"If it isn't Zala corp's supposed to be heir, Athrun Zala"

Athrun looked up displeased at how he was addressed. He was still the heir of the Zala corporation...except he was taking a so called break. "If you have nothing good to say you can leave Rey."

The long haired blonde young man smirked at him. "What if I don't what would you do?" He grinned tauntingly.

Breathing exasperatedly, he put aside the the news paper and glared at him. "It's not nice to taunt me with those looks Rey. " He said

Rey chuckled and raised a brow at him. "oh really now? Are you going to hit me again like you did last time?"He asked patting his cheeks attempting to provoke Athrun and laughed out loud.

Last time. That hit a nerve and Athrun tightly balled his fist but remained seated. He had to keep calm, he had to refrain himself from launching himself over this man and beat his face crazy.

"E-ehem! Excuse me!" A voice interrupted the two young men. They both turned around and found a blonde female standing behind them, holding a tray in her hands. "Sir, if you don't have anything to order and prefer harassing our customer here who is enjoying his coffee peacefully here, we would like to ask you to leave right away. She said looking at Rey with a threatening smile.

Rey muttered under his breath and turned a heel. He slowly exited the cafe and hop on his black motorbike parked outside before driving away.

"Are you alright sir?" Cagalli asked looking at the tensed Athrun. "He looked like a pain in the ass"

Athrun looked up at her and frowned. "Didn't your supervisor teach you not to interfere with the customers?" He asked as he stood up, towering above her.

Cagalli frowned and raised a brow. "Well, excuse me? I was just being nice and offering help and he was actually bothering the other customers with his cocky attitude." She placed down the tray on Athrun's table and put a hand on her waist. "I was just doing my job here"

"Ugh, whatever! Here" He shrugged and grabbed a small amount of bill in his pockets and place it on her hand. He sighed and turned a heel, walking out the cafe with his unfinished coffee sitting on the table.

"Gee, thanks for the tip" Cagalli said sarcastically.

Reaching the last step of the stairs she heaved a deep breath and exhaled. Gathered in her arms were a few bags of groceries and another bag of her newly bought belongings.

"Seriously, Lacus needs to cut of with all of these stuffs?" She groaned out loud and walked along the small hallway half dragging her stuffs.

She continued to rant about all the things she had to do including some jerk customers who obviously was flirting with them at the counter. If she wasn't in her uniform she would have kicked their sorry asses goodbye and she need her job so she had to hold herself back and give them a icy cold shoulder instead.

she suddenly halted and dropped her bags on the ground as she found a man lying flat on the floor. He had bruises and wounds on his arms and cheeks. She rushed to his side and gently shook him.

"Hey, are you alright" She gasped as she immediately recognize the unconcious man near her apartment. It was the cold, mysterious midnight blue haired man earlier from the cafe.

"What happened to you?!"

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