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Allison Cameron sighed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had just spent the better part of an hour trying to cover the cuts and bruises that marred her usually flawless porcelain skin. She was glad the weekend, as well as several ice packs, had allowed the swelling to go down a fair bit. She glanced down, her hauntingly sad blue – grey eyes looking over her outfit; a black long sleeved, high necked, slightly baggy sweater teamed with long black trousers and pointed ankle boots. She was glad it was cold outside because what she was wearing was not her usual work attire but she couldn't risk her colleagues seeing any evidence of that night.

She sighed sadly and went to collect her things for work, her every movement slow and tentative as she was still in a lot of pain, despite the painkillers Princeton General had recommended she take. She knew she shouldn't really have discharged herself but she couldn't stand the looks of pity she was getting from everyone. From the nurses, from the doctors – her peers.
With her slow and careful movements she eventually made it to work, although, rather unsurprisingly, still arriving earlier than the others. She quietly made her way to the conference room, hoping that no – one would stop and talk to her, as her face was too sore to smile and she didn't have the energy to pretend to be happy. She didn't really have the energy to be unhappy she was just...numb. When she arrived at the conference room she didn't really want to make the coffee or sort House's mail but she knew if she didn't act normally House would get suspicious and start asking questions, which was the last thing she needed. She put the coffee on and went to sit down at House's desk, wincing in pain as she did.
Had it not been for House's unending curiosity she would have called in sick, but knowing House like she did she would not have put it past him to have gone round to her flat, demanding to know why she wasn't at work. No, it was just easier this way. She sat quietly as she waited for the pulsing pain in her ribs and thighs to subside before starting on House's mail.

She had not quite finished going through his email when her stomach sank as she heard the familiar step – thump of House's limping gait. As quickly as her aching body would allow her she moved out of his office and into the conference room, rather sadistically hoping he was having a bad pain day and would not want to be disturbed. Unfortunately for her, this was not the case.
When House entered the conference room and saw his littlest duckling he immediately knew something was wrong, simply by the way she was standing. As quietly as he could he limped up behind Cameron who was busy pouring his coffee. When she put the coffee pot down House leant down and said loudly into her ear "rough weekend Dr Cameron?"
Cameron screamed in terror and promptly dropped House's favourite red mug, which fell to the floor with a smash, spilling coffee everywhere. House straightened up and leaned on his cane, raising his eyebrows in surprise. That was not the reaction he'd been expecting. "Well, somebody's a bit high strung today. You didn't do meth again did you?"

Cameron didn't reply. She was simply standing there, her petite body shaking. Although he would have denied it later, House was getting worried about his immunologist so he gently said "Cameron?" whilst placing his hand on her shoulder. It was his touch that roused Cameron out of her catatonia as she jerked away from his touch, screaming "don't! Just don't touch me!"

She didn't know what to do or where to look so she did the first thing that came into her head and that was to get the hell out of there. She painfully pushed past him to grab her things, willing her aching legs to move faster so she could get away. As she rushed out of the door she bumped headfirst into Foreman, Chase and Wilson, who were looking at her with concern. However, she did not see it that way, all Cameron saw was three male faces looking at her and so, in an agonized tone she whispered "p – please...don't hurt me..."

They moved out of her way to allow her to pass, staring at her retreating form in horror. Wilson turned to House and said in an accusatory tone "what the hell did you do to her this time House?"

House looked perplexed as he watched his delicate immunologist dash away before replying "I didn't do anything. But I'm going to find out who did."

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