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Amy had often wondered if Sheldon physically desired her. She knew their relationship of the mind had grown into love, whether either of them said the words aloud or not. But, she still had had a question that nagged at her: Did Sheldon Cooper want her in the most primal, carnal way? The way she wanted him?

The answer to her question lay beneath her hand that now rest between his legs. The bulge straining against the confinement of his khakis was a resounding YES. Yes, he was a man, her man, and his urges for his woman were now a scientific fact.

Amy, growing in confidence, rubbed her hand forcefully against his growing proof. Sheldon let out a small gasp. Amy's eyes met his and he nodded in approval. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Amy pulled them down his legs and tossed them to the floor.

Sheldon pulled her cardigan from her shoulders then unbuttoned her blouse. Amy took off her undershirt, revealing a lacy, leopard-spotted bra. Sheldon took a moment to admire what had been beneath all those layers all this time. He studied the curve of her waist, the way her full breasts heaved under the restraint of her bra.

Sheldon pulled off his tops as Amy hastily slipped out of her skirt and tights. They looked at each other – Amy in matching bra and panties, Sheldon in white briefs. Even though Sheldon had seen her naked body when he bathed her, she felt exposed in a whole new way. It was terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

She settled back next to him on the couch. He leaned in close to her. She felt his breath on her neck as he said, "Maybe we should resume in your bedroom."

Amy was happily startled by his request and him taking her hand to lead the way.

Amy lay on the bed beneath Sheldon. He moved his hands up and down her body, caressing her as if her were trying to map it all out, solve some equation. He pressed his lips to hers, softly at first before breaking away and starting again, deeper this time. Amy parted her lips. Sheldon took the cue and did the same. Amy moaned slightly in delight as his tongue found hers. He responded by pressing his groin to hers, grinding. Amy felt like she was losing her mind. She didn't know two plus two anymore and she didn't care. She pulled at his briefs until they were halfway down his thighs. Sheldon quickly kicked them off.

Her hand traced his chest and abdomen, finding her way to his erection. As she grasped his shaft he called out, "Oh, God, Amy!"

Amy took his hand and placed it on the silky waist of her panties, rubbing up and down in an effort to indicate he should remove them, now. He didn't comply. Instead, he backed away. Why wasn't he peeling the rest of her clothes off, she wondered.

"Sheldon, what is it?" she asked.

"Amy, I'm not ready to engage in coitus,"

"I beg to differ. Your pole is at full mast."

"And hard as steel, I know. I mean, I'm not ready for that step. When we do have intercourse I want to be ready in every way."

Overjoyed by what was happening, she'd missed that flash of fear that spread across his face. Amy suppressed the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Wait, had he said when they have intercourse? Not if? She'd take that as a monumental step in the right direction.

"I understand," Amy stood to retrieve her clothes. She tried to hide her disappointment. The last thing she wanted to do was push Sheldon too far too fast.

"What are you doing?" Sheldon asked.

"Going to get dressed."

"I don't want to stop yet," Sheldon said.

Amy was confused.

"Well, if you don't want to… you know. What do you want?"

"I may not be ready for coitus, but I still want to be with you, physically."

"There other things we can do," said Amy. Her mind was racing back to romance novels and chats with Penny as to what suggestions to make. Until, that is, she considered the activity Sheldon had caught her in earlier on that very bed. "What if we just use our hands?"

Sheldon considered this. "That seems acceptable."

Amy smiled as she walked back to the bed. She reached for him again, but he stopped her.

"I thought you said hands were okay." Amy said.

"I did. But I'm from Texas." Amy waited for more of an explanation. When none came she gave him a puzzled look.

"Amy," he continued, "Certain manners are part of my upbringing. In Texas, ladies go first."

"Do you mean…?" Amy's mouth dropped open.

Sheldon leaned in close and breathily asked, "Show me how to pleasure you."

Amy swallowed hard. She took Sheldon's hand in hers and brought it to the front closure of her bra. He fumbled for a moment before successfully removing the garment. He stared, unashamedly at her breasts. Amy guided his left hand to her right breast, sliding his fingers back and forth against her nipple. She breathed deeply at his touch.

Then she placed his right hand on her stomach. Any other time she would have been embarrassed by her less than flat abs, but right now she didn't care. She only cared that Sheldon was there with her, touching her, wanting her. She directed his hand down below her panty line, deep, until his fingers were stroking her aching bud. Her head flew back in growing arousal. He was a fast learner.

He continued on without her guidance as she reached again for his firm manhood. He was larger than she'd imagined in all of her fantasies. He, apparently, excelled at everything. She stroked his length slowly, stopping to playfully tease the tip. Sheldon moaned. He felt her growing wetness and gingerly began to finger her. Amy was glad they were lying down, if not she was sure her knees would have buckled.

She began stroking him harder, fondling his scrotum. He removed his hand from Amy's breasts. Replacing it with his mouth, he began to tongue her hard nipples. The two moaned at the feverish pace of each other's tender touch. Sheldon felt what felt like tiny earthquakes give way as Amy screamed out. He couldn't hold out much longer himself. With one last stroke of Amy's hand he came, falling to the bed in excited exhaustion. They lay in breathless afterglow. Amy rested her head on Sheldon's chest.

When she was finally able to speak she looked up at Sheldon, smiling, and said, "You cheated."

Sheldon looked at her quizzically.

"Just hands, remember," Amy teased.

"That wasn't cheating," Sheldon said, "I improved the system parameters."

He pulled her up into a deep kiss then said, "See?"

"Your logic is unassailable, Dr. Cooper."

"Naturally, Dr. Fowler."

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