This is a random, stream of consciousness rambling I made while bored. Hope you like :)

I own nothing. I'm not sure I WANT to own it :P

This is a song for the broken ones, with murder in their eyes. For every lost and wicked soul who wasn't born that way.

For all the lambs who are led to slaughter for some so-called noble cause, sacrificed fruitlessly when they had so much life to live. For the ones who hide the darkest secrets, who kneel beside their beds each night, and pray for death's release.

This is a lament for the war-weary soldier, for the children whose nightmares are haunted by death. For the orphans whose parents were taken by battle, for the parentless child whose cries go unheard. For the children whose young hands are calloused and scarred, whose bodies are battered long before their time- this elegy is for them.

This is an elegy for the soldier who stands by the grave of a fallen, so numb with grief he cannot cry. For the woman who can only weep, as her child is sent to his death. For the warrior who cannot be comforted, because their lover is dead.

For the woman who is so shattered inside that she's forgotten how to smile. For the man who can only trust money, for the man so desperate for a purpose he'd sell his soul for the faintest hope of a righteous cause. For the boy whose true art can only be seen in death, for the boy who was so scared of death that he stopped being human. For the man who grew up as a forsaken child, raised only to slaughter- our requiem is for them.

For the boy who killed his mother, his father, his lover, his friends, who, while still so young, stands before the bathroom mirror, pulling gray hairs and watching his reflection with dead, black eyes, feeling a tiredness that goes straight down to his bones.

For the war-hardened soldier, for the broken beauty with nothing below the surface, for the trembling child and the weeping father, for the bitter man and the angry woman; for the ones who feel they are all alone, this requiem is for them.

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