A/N: There nothing else to say but enjoy my new taste of Sasuke/Hinata pairing. (P.S. It's my b-day)

Summary: Hinto; shy, timid, loner, and good friend to Satsuki. Satsuki; beautiful, confident, blunt, and girlfriend to Suigetsu. Though their status tell them to stay apart but their feeling toward each other seem to grow stronger. And Suigetsu doesn't like the fact that his girlfriend hang with the school loser kid and will do anything to keep Hinto away from his girlfriend.
Paring: Hin/Sas (Gender-bender)
Genera: Drama/ Romance/ slight humor
Declamation: I do not own Naruto.


The sky shines with a promises of a fine and peaceful day. A couple of morning birds flew across Konoha High School, mingling in the air, dancing together with no care, no worries and no trouble. These species seem to have so much fun that their audience shoot envious eyes at them from earth's soil. One person in particular. A boy.

"..umm.." the seventeen-year-old boy frown at the window where he took a minute stare at the freely birds just outside. He adjusted his circular glasses than proceed to his destination and shoved the thought of absolute happiness that he'll never reach to away from his empty mind. He carried one heavy mathematic book in one arm and a book-bag full of story books and other curriculum's book that he wish that he didn't have to carry on his other shoulder. The weight on his back annoy him but had no choice because today is Monday (goosbump people, I hate monday!) and that mean an new week, which require him to bring all his books for new assignment and project, so he must be prepare.


He shoot himself upward than calmed, 'The first bell. Damn, the first bell, I gotta hurry up before-' he raced to his locker but suddenly trip. But on what?

"Hahaha!" a familiar laugh cause the boy on the floor to gulp as he try to reach his math book that was a few feet away but just as he was about to pick it up someone else kicked it out of his reach and stop on a puddle of water. Okay who put that there? Where did the water come from?

"Hahaha!" another laugh was added with the first and than it became clear to the boy that this is another bulling section that he'll have to endure because of lack of social style and confidences, "Hey nerd! Are you ready for your morning swirl," he said with a devious grin while the other guy snicker down at the boy.

The boy look up at the two guys above him and became afraid. He began to breath heavy than try to make a run but the two bullies instantly grabbed his baggy clothes and carried him to the boy's restroom. "L-Let m-me go! L-Let m-me go! P-Please," he yelled.

"Shut up dork! Your going to get it this time! Right guys," he stared at the two guys who were fiercely carrying on the boy's legs. They were close to the boy's restroom until a sudden open door block their path, "Hey watch it!" the lead boy try shutting the door back but was hit back with it. "Ow! What that-" he was interrupted by a familiar voice that everyone knew in Konoha high school.

"Excuse me, but your in my way," she said seriously at the bullies.

"O-Oh, s-sorry Satsuki. Y-You see were ju-"

"I don't care what's your excuse, I just want you idiots out of my way," she gave an infinite glare that frighten the boys to lose their hold on the weak boy. He fell with a thud but his glasses fell a few feet away. "Oh no, my glasses," he mumbled as he search for his eyes protection.

"Right sorry," within seconds the boys moved as the hot chick walk with confidence.

With the cockiness blinding her awareness she surprisingly fell, "Whoa!", flat on her face with her butt high air. Suddenly blood burst out of the bullies nose after witnessing the girl's pantie and fresh cover butt. The boys almost pass out from blood lost of the most sexy sight of their young high school life.

But, while the three pervert treasure their view, the girl became piss and growl at the person she accidentally tripped on. "What the hell!?" she lost her temper and cool, as she slowly got up with one hand rubber her nose and the other a fist in the sir, "You idiot! Look what you did," she yell at the hurt boy.

"I'm s-so s-sorry! I-I d-didn't m-mean to, I-I was only trying to-" he try to explain himself but she interrupted him aggressively, "Shut up! I don't know what's your problem but it's obvious I don't give a fuck. But I will let you know one thing though; you will pay for what you did,"

"Hey what's going here?" a loud and stern voice approach the scene and examine the teens, "Well is someone going say something or will I have to give you all detention?" said the threatening teacher.

"Uh no, were just on our way to class," said one of the bullies with sweats on his face while the other try to swipe off the blood from their red nose.

"Yeah, we were," agreed one of his friend. The teacher stare at one teen to another, but the obviousness wasn't block from his thought, he knew what really happen. He was close to punishing all the teen but it seem this is their first warning he let it go, "Fine. If I were you I would hurry my tail fin because the late bell it about to ring in one minute," he stare at his watch and stood solemnly before the student. All three of the bullies made a run to their class in one direction while Satsuki walked to the opposite direction but gave a deadly serious glance at the boy still on the floor than mouth, 'This is not over,' than left.

The boy gulp and than heard a cough from the teacher still above him with his shiny watch, "You better hurry up my boy, time is wasting," he said.

"Damn!" he reach out to grab his unharmed glasses, put them on than pick up his stuff before running to his first class.

Lunch Time

Usually at this time the boy would mindlessly be at the school's library, located at the far end of the school, but just decide to eat his bag of lunch in the quiet shadow. He stare in hurt at Konoha's future business's runner and protector, soon they all will know the true meaning of life if not already. They all will be useful in the city's limit and some, will leave the area and fulfill their career in another location. Funny how everyone will have a purpose, doesn't matter small or big, it's something to live for in this cruel world.

The boy turned away from their happy smiles and dying laughter that he wish to join. Their cheerful life was suffering him but try not to let it get to him, at least not mentally. '...why..' he thought as he open his boring bag and pull out a perfectly shape and delicious red apple, '...' he lightly smile. "Thank you, Hanabi," he said before taking one bite from his sister's gift.

From a distance though he sense someone, not a pleasant presence, was watching him. He ignore it for a few minute until his pale eye stroll around to fine the source. When he did, he question, 'It's her?' he try to look away but Satsuki caught him looking back at her. She smirked but the boy kept his eyes away and finish his apple peacefully. He was uncomfortable during the whole stare but when break was at an end he hurry, threw his full bag in the trash, and ran to class. Satsuki notices his rush escape but thought nothing of it, she simply smirk and went on her way to her class.

After School

Another day down, another day closer to his end. After the bell the boy patiently pack his things and began walking to his next section. Surprisingly to the boy he has detention. "Dad is not going to like this," he mumble to himself as he approach the detention room.

Once he arrive in front of the door, "Well here goes nothing," he took a deep breath before opening the door and observing the inside. He saw the teacher who was on duty for restrict students. He got inside, handed his slip, "Oh, it's you, I never thought you could get detention. Surprising," the grey hair teacher smile at the depress boy, "Okay, take a seat and we will wait for the real trouble-maker,".

"Okay, Mr. Hatake," the boy bow than took his seat close to the window and than took out a book to read before adjusting his round shape glasses.

A few minutes later the door open and reveal the next student who will be joining the quiet kid.

"Ah, Miss Uchiha, finally you could join us. Hand me your slip and take a seat," said the boring teacher to the angry young teen.

"Whatever," she snicker and handed the slip than took a seat two seat away from the boy. She smirk while the boy sweat drop, than Mr. Hatake smile to his suspicious orange book. It was intense. 'Oh no, she's staring, why? Please make her stop,' the boy try concentrating on his book but Satsuki was fully curious at the boy. After two minute something hit him-


"...huh?" he turn to her direction and notice she was writing on a piece of paper. He lift an eye brow and look around to find the piece of weapon that hit him. When he looked down he found a piece of roll-up of paper but when he reach down-

tak! tak!

"Hey," he said.

"There is no talk-"

"I-I'm s-s-sorry, M-Mr. Hatake. W-Won't happen again," protest the boy and quickly went back to his book completely ignoring the tiny pieces of paper scattering on the floor.

A few minute later-

tak! tak! tak! tak!

Okay this is getting out of hand but Satsuki was enjoying it. The thrill of annoying the strange boy made her laugh inside and she couldn't stop. 'Serve him right for getting me detention,' just when she got over herself Mr. Hatake spoke, "I'll be right back. It seem I'm expected to have three more student but not show up. Don't move," he instructed the teens than walked out.

Right when the door shut Satsuki took her opportunity to start a conversation, "Hey you, listen," she call from her seat. The boy gulp and stare at Satsuki in fright. He was scare of her and couldn't stand to speak to her lucky she did all of the talking, "Yeah it's you whom I'm talking to. It's about time you listen because I'm not going to be friendly here. I don't know what's your deal being emo and everything but I won't tolerate being trip and ignore at. Right now you-"

Okay is there a off button on her the boy wonder as he nod in random comment she made. Not only the boy was afraid of this she-devil he is annoy by her long speech, prefer long insult speech, but who cares.

"-you got that," she finish with a solemn frown as the boy just nod, "yeah," than slowly went back to his book in a uncomfortable movement while she was being some crazy lady in the block but that didn't stop her from bother his reading time.

"So, what's your name?" she ask. The boy ignored it and was oblivious to Satsuki sudden approach. She took a seat next to him and ask again but in a louder tone, "What's your name? Are you listening or what!?". Okay this time the boy couldn't take the nagging so he just let it out in one deep breath.

"Your-annoying-and-i-dont-like-you-and-right-now-your-scarying-me-so-please-leave-me-alone-and-oh-yeah-my-name-is-hinto-hyuuga," he breath in than felt good for once, 'There. that wasn't so bad,' he slightly smile to himself but when his delight affection caught the attention of a fire Uchiha girl his smile die before he could enjoy it. "Eh-Eh... l-l-listen I-I'm- whoa! Hey l-let m-m-" he was pull on by the collar by the aggressive Uchiha chick glaring into her black eye.

"Now you listen good," she pull harder which reluctant him to choke on his uniform and be fear for his life, "There is reason why I act the way I do, and its to put guys like you on check, so-" she pull tighter and closer to bring Hinto face to face to his undertaker, "Degrade me once again and I will show you what true scare really is. Understand,".

The boy nod in shiver, "Good," she free him in annoyance, "I would need you to carry my book-bag after detention-"

"W-What?-" his reluctant shock cause his glasses slightly slide off of his eyes.

She scowl, "Did I stutter?"

"N-No, bu-"

"May I remind you t'was you who cause me to fall and hit my nose. Not only that; I was late to class, got a nose bleed, sent to the nurse office, got detention after class, and got a extreme bad headache. Overall I had a bad day," she grimace at the floor while Hinata just twitch in though, 'Are you serious? None of that can compare to what I'm going through. Gezz, drama-queen'.

"Look," stare at him calmly, "in order for you to pay your due to me I will be making you my personal lackey,".

"Humm?" he had nothing else to say except pry for his life and hope it doesn't get rape by the lights of her.

"Deal with it. I will tell you when your finish paying me, until than though, you will be doing my homework. Got it," she finish.

Just when Hinata was about to open his mouth to oppose she hurry back to her seat and Mr. Hatake came back with the three students that tried to skip detention, "Now the three of you sit separately," he order. The boys mumble unnecessary words to themselves before taking their own seat far apart, "Now than, since the three of you try to skip detention you guys will owe me another day of detention-"


"No way!"

"Aw come on!"

"Silence!" the grey hair man exclaim and scowl down at the three young adult, "How about a whole week," he threaten, which got all three boys shut their mouth, "Good, now everyone quiet for the next two hour," he groan after taking a seat behind the huge desk, 'I'm going need a drink after this,' he was agitated and tired but wasn't bored out of his mind when he started reading his special little orange book.

Once after detention Hinto forgot about Satsuki and was close to leaving her until she yell out, "Hey!", the voice send a sharp chill on his spin, "are you forgetting something," she smirk while he stare down in defeat, 'ohh, damn. Why me?'. She held up her book-bag to his direction and hand it to him which he unwillingly took it and had his head down, "Good boy, I know this is going to be a start of a-" she stopped and stare at him than thought for awhile trying to find the perfect word for this weird relation, "Sweet relationship," she sneered than began her way out the door.

'Sweet? What does that mean? Is she being sarcastic?' he mused but was cut off thought when Satsuki command him to move. He groan as he started carrying two book-bag.

While they were walking outside the school ground, side by side, Hinto just realize something shocking. This is his first time walking with a girl (beside female relative). No, for real though, this is actually his first time walking side-by-side with the opposite sex. He reluctant blush and was oblivious to his stare toward her. He looked fascinated and became aware of her appearance, 'Wow, she looks beautiful. How come i didn't notice befo-'.

"If you don't stop staring at my boobs I'm going to make that pretty eyes of yours dye black," she said as she continue on her walk. Hinata was taken back, "Huh? N-No I'm s-sorry, but I-I w-wasn't l-looking at y-y-your b-bo- I m-mean b-b-breast," he stutter horribly that it got him sweating everywhere than began walking slow, 'Maybe she doesn't want me to walk with her after all. I should slowdown'.

"Whatever. I don't care, I'm use to it anyways," Satsuki stare away from Hinto, didn't notice he was slowing his pace, until his foot step rapidly quiet. Satsuki turn to Hinto and was annoy that he was a few yard away, "Hey hurry up,".

"Huh? Oh, I-I- I mean c-c-coming," he speed up his pace and eventually became aware that Satsuki was impatient person when she tap her feet on concrete, "I-I s-sorry, I-I thought y-you-"

"Shut-up and lets go already," she began to walk again, "I'm hungry, do you have money?" she change the subject and letting him talk after three second of shutting up.

'You have no idea,' but he didn't say that, he just simply said, "Y-Yes,"

"Good, buy me food," she said plainly before criss-crossing her arms in front of her huge breast. "O-Okay?" he was slightly puzzle but he still gave in because he just remember he was her lackey. But for some odd reason he kinda like it. It was strange to him but he kinda got the idea of a start of a 'sweet relationship' she put it. Something inside of Hinto began to grow, something warm and fuzzy, almost like that feeling when his mother would hug and kiss him, but it was slightly different. Different in a good and healthy way. And he want it to grow.

But can it last?

It doesn't matter at the moment because Hinto became bliss and free for the first time in his years of life. Even it is with a heartless woman. But can you call her heartless when she's the one who is making you feel warm and good? Maybe. Or Hinto is that desperate.

Thank you for reading this far. You all just made my heart smile and my soul dance for inspiration. A gift to all from me :)