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Summary: Hinto; shy, timid, loner, and good friend to Satsuki. Satsuki; beautiful, confident, blunt, and girlfriend to Suigetsu. Though their status tell them to stay apart but their feeling toward each other seem to grow stronger. And Suigetsu doesn't like the fact that his girlfriend hang with the school loser kid and will do anything to keep Hinto away from his girlfriend.
Paring: Hin/Sas (Gender-bender)
Genera: Drama/ Romance/ slight humor
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Senior Life

Two Years Later

One month has pass since the beginning of Hinto's senior year, he sat at his usual spot in his average size high school, alone. He read a book in silent, hoping no one will interrupt his intrigue book but he ask for too much when it come to his friend.

"Really? Every. Time, Hinto, when are you going get a better hobby, one with less 'reading' and more 'doing', I swear your weird sometimes, you know that," said his cunning friend.

He sigh, "S-Sorry, Satsuki," he closed his book and place it back in his book bag.

"You'll thank me one day Hinto," she said pushing her long black hair back.

"We w-will s-see," he smile gently which caught Satsuki's attention. The girl would not admit it but she developed a tiny liking to her weird friend. It's something she never told anyone especially not to Hinto about. She once attempt to tell her brother about it but-


"Itachi have you ever like someone, other than pleasure?" asked Satsuki. She and her brother were quietly eating their dinner meal without their parents because they were, once again, too busy with the family business until Satsuki suddenly brought up an unusual topic.

Itachi froze for a second with his mouth full and stare at his young seventeen-year-old sister in an eerie way.

"You know what, never mind," she said irritated than continue on with her plain salad.

End of Flashback

"Anyways," she said, "here," she handed Hinto a small, orange piece of paper.

"Huh? W-What i-is this?" he ask confuse at the thing that was smaller than his middle finger.

"Here, take it," she commanded.

"Ok," as usual he obeys and never argues. He began to read the tiny thing and was not surprise. He looked more disappointed.

"It's our homecoming game next week. I have invited my stupid brother but I know that idiot would not show due to his laziness, but I'm sure you will," she chuckle with he arms criss-crossing just underneath her C-cup breath which now made them even more huge. Hinto muster up his strength to concentrate on her eyes instead, but they were very obvious and it was for him to avoid such beauty. Damn his raging hormones.

"U-Ummm…." He glance up at her face than back at the floor, he did this three more time until Satsuki flick him.

"Perv," she frowned down at him.

"Ow! P-Please s-stop d-doing that," he rub his forehead.

"Only when you stop being a perv, remember," she stood with her index finger still pointing directed to his forehead.


"If you don't stop staring at my boobs I'm going to make that pretty eyes of yours dye black," she said as she continues on her walk. Hinto was taken back, "Huh? N-No I'm s-sorry, but I-I w-wasn't l-looking at y-y-your b-bo- I m-mean b-b-breast," he stutter horribly that it got him sweating everywhere.

"Whatever. I don't care, I'm use to it anyways," Satsuki stare away from Hinto.

Flashback End

"B-But I wasn't staring!" he protested remembering that day vividly. He did not stare directly at her breast but unfortunately she didn't believe and he tried so hard convincing her by telling her that he is born with white eyes that it look like he doesn't have pupil. Still, in the end, she was not convince and declared him a peeping Tom. It hurt him that his friend thought of his as a pervert.

"Whatever," she dismiss it, like she usually does, "Like I said before, I'm use to it. Before I leave though, I want to know if you're coming to the game, I need a ride home and to the Homecoming dance afterward,"

"Huh? W-What a-about uh-" he was confuse.

"Suigetsu has to drop-off his sister and I hate her presence," she scowled, "I would ask my other friends but I like my space,"

"F-Fine," he declared defeat with his head face down. "Good boy," she pat his head like a sad puppy and smile in her sinister kinda way, "now please due excuse me, my boyfriend can't be alone for ten minute, for I have a leash on him as well. I'll see you later," she said than left to her tall lean and jerk-of-a-boyfriend. Suigetsu. It hurt Hinto to see Satsuki go out with that guy, especially when Suigetsu bully Hinto whenever Satsuki is not looking, it so not fair.

Hinto started to walk to his next class in sadness. Even though class doesn't start in about ten minute, from where his usual stop was at, it's a long walk. From his walk he likes to think. Lately though his mind began to take a different thought, one that involve him and his friend, together.

Hinto P.O.V.

Over the last two years of my life I can finally say that I have reach my happiness. And by happiness I mean by having a good friend. She may not be the most kind-hearted or nice person but she is special.

Before I met Satsuki Uchiha, I was always alone at school. I was always the quiet one, the loner, and the outcast. No one wanted me in his or her games, or to talk to. No one wanted me. My old school became my hell until my father decided to move to Konoha city after my mother's death. It really hit me. Her death took a big toll on me, I eventually shut myself down but it made no difference to my father because he never did paid attention to me. I was a lost cost, a disgrace, and a worthless child. And I believed him for a long time, until she came in my life.

She is something that I have never encountered before. She talks to me, looks at me, and even walks with me. I didn't know what to think when she approach at me and told me that I was to be her personal lackey. I was shock and surprise. And felt a little skeptical. But the main concern was that she might regret being with a weird and quiet guy like me as her lackey. Stupid isn't it, that I had interest being one. Yes everyone I was that stupid. Anyways, as time move so did our 'sweet-relationship', I like that name now. She became a bit friendly toward me and eventually we became good friends.

Also, what I notice between us, the way she acted toward me is a little different the way she act to her 'other' friend. She would be open and be a lot more talkative to me than to anyone else that I know. Sure she has her blunt and cold-shoulder attitude to everyone but not the emotions. I probably know more about her than anyone in this school, including-

Narrator P.O.V.



"Ow…" Hinto hissed from the pain. Not again?! He try getting up but someone's foot force him back down on the dirty cement.

"Why, looky-what we got here," said the foot-stomper, enduring more weight on Hinto's back as his friend behind him surround the area.

"Dude I think you step on a frog!" comment a guy behind the teen with his foot on top of Hinto.

"An ugly frog that's for sure," laughed another guy.

"Looks to me he's more of a beastie," smirked a female voice. The group stared down at Hinto body, towering him and, making him seem like an ant but felt like a bug in pain.

"G-Get o-off. Your hurting me!" Hinto growl but his tormentor was adding more weight making harder for Hinto to push him off. He hated himself for be so weak and despise everyone who had ever bully him. Why do they bully him? It's not fair!

"Look at the bug, I think he's about to cry," said the female voice.

'Oh that's right! I forgot, those guys are friend to Suigetsu, Satsuki boyfriend,' he concluded but was desperate to run away, or….


The bullies ceased their noise and turned to face at the intruder in irritation, "What the freak!? What do you want?" they all glared at the spiky blond teen with his arms cross on his chest with determination on his expression, "Uzumaki,"

"Tsk! Seriously guys! Picky on one of your fellow classmate especially an upper-classman such as ourselves. You guys seriously have nothing else to do in your lives," he stated keeping his cool guy look under control while the bullies got furious at Naruto's speech.

Hinto couldn't see what was happening right behind him, he tried looking back but three bullies were blocking his view, but he was able to recognize the loud-mouth intruder, 'Naruto,'. Hinto knows Naruto as the class clown, the troublemaker, and Satsuki's ex. One of them at least. Overall though, Hinto held some jealousy over Naruto because of his strong spirit and never-giving-up phrase he does in front the whole class. Naruto is complete opposite of Hinto that's why his is envious of his classmate, sadly over his high school years Hinto never made friend with Naruto.

Back at the scene the bully on top of Hinto's back spoke to one of his friend, "Sakon,".

"Yeah," he replied with a smirk as if already knowing what's coming next.

"Beat him," he commanded.

"With pleasure," he said than began walking toward the still standing blond, but before the dye-gray hair male got any closer to give a punch at Naruto's smiling face another male teen jumped out of the bush and stood by Naruto's side in a fighting position, "Not so fast!"

Sakon growled at his surprising new opponent, "What the hell are you doing here, Inuzuka," he said.

"Sorry Naruto but I have to take this one, you see Sakon and I have unfinished business. Isn't that right Sakon?" Kiba scowled with his fist tighten ready to punch Sakon's head instead of his face.

Sakon grinned his teeth as he was reminded of Kiba's aggression toward him, "Yes. That stupid mutt started this not mine! You should put that pathetic mutt down before I do. Next time he comes to my property to bother Ukon I swear I shoot him directly on the head," he said angrily at Kiba, which got Kiba fire up.

"Shut-up!" Kiba made a quick run and leap toward his enemy with a fist targeting at Sakon forehead.

Hinto didn't know who made the first punch but he heard physical attack occurring behind him just a few yards away. 'Damn it. What's going on,' he asked himself just realizing this fight had nothing to do with him anymore but for some reason he felt guilty for starting it, if only he can be stronger, just like-

"Jirobo, land Sakon a hand will you,"

"No problem," comment the big bulgy teen with a small orange mohawk while cracking his finger before coming close to the two fighters. He was about to jump in until another opponent chubby as he was approach him, "Sorry man but you interference,"

"Well than how about a go-in, Choji," he said before starting a second fight on the scene. Of course the big guy had no choice but defend himself when Jirobo threw the first punch. But not far from Choji Shikamaru stood behind in case another interference but what was left of the group was the flute girl, Tayuya the red head. Fortunately for her Shikamaru doesn't fight girl but he can trap her with his strength if she did dare try to interfere or go against him. But there was Kidomaru, the tough guy who was the one giving order and crushing Hinto back with his heavy weight. Shikamaru was going make a move on the guy but couldn't decide to push Tayuya out of the way or just standby and wait for his friends to finish the fight. 'This is too troublesome,' he frowned.

Hinto finally felt his strength and pushed Kidomaru off him, "Hey…" Kidomaru didn't know what to concentrate; his two ferocious friend tie to each other's enemy in a hand-to-hand physical battle, or to the weak Hinto that he was order to beat-up by his senior leader. He try catching Hinto but an assault saved the lavender eye teen from a rough punch on the face, but instead of Hinto receiving a purple eyes today it was Kidomaru who will be walking in school with a black eye.

"You a**!" he barked at the loudmouth blonde with his hand holding on his beaten eyes that he didn't see coming.

"Kidomaru!" Tayuya ran by her friend side in concern, "Are you okay?" she tried to comfort him as she saw how bad his eyes' condition was, "Let me see,"

"I'm fine. I'm gonna kill him!" he roared toward Naruto who happen to look less threatening when gesturing a hand to Hinto.

Hinto didn't know what to say when Naruto reached down to help him up. It was the first time someone helped him up for anything. He never felt so special or deserving to be help at all. At that moment he just wanted to jump toward Naruto and hug him than tell him 'thank you,' but the courage instead of him would not muster up to do so or had any word to speak straight than stuttering pathetic words.

Hinto was slowly reaching up to Naruto until ringing whistles approach the scene with five teachers from the school. They huddled around the two fights and broke them up. All four guys were badly bruised up while the remainder five was okay. Well, kinda with Kidomaru black eye that was given ices to cool his boiling blood while the four who did get injure got send to the near clinic to get bandages and medicine for their gruesome pain. And than later received a message to their parents that they are suspended for two weeks. While the other four only received two weeks of detention.

Hinto looked at her punishment slip and became depress, "Oh no. It's like Sophomore year all over again, but worse," he whispered to himself on a bench alone.

From a far distance Satsuki felt bad for her mistreated friend because she knew why he looked more gloom than before and it has something to do with her boyfriend. 'Hinto, I'm sorry,' she thought before taking one glance back at her helpless friend before confronting her dear love. 'Not again,' she walked sternly threw crowded groupie who tried to steal glance at her well figured body, 'I promise you Hinto this will not happen again,' she thought as the body around her didn't bother her as she came close to her destination.

"Suigetsu!" she yelled and immediately all eyes were at her goddess figure, "We need to talk," she demanded as his friends around him glanced at him for permission to leave.

"Okay," he chuckled handsomely, "everyone leave, now," than his charming facial decayed, "What is it?" he asked no please at his lovely girlfriend interruption.

"I know it was you who told those creepy to gang-up on Hinto,"

"And!? The guy is a weirdo,"

"Why did you do it?" she asked annoyed at Suigetsu's insult toward her friend.

"Why do you care?" he walked toward her, "He's nothing but a stu-"

"He's my friend," she stated while not moving when Suigetsu approached around her with his strong arms prepare to wrap her but she lightly push him.

"Aw, come on," he tried reaching her with his sleeveless shirt arm to let her see his smooth tan muscle but she was no regular cheap girl that he had dated before, this was Satsuki Uchiha, the only girl he had to work to win and worth having sex with.

"No! You listen to me," she glared and crossed her arms, "You dare try to hurt Hinto again and I swear this paradise your living will come crumbling down on your face," she said before Suigetsu pulled her into a hug.

"How about you stay away and we will never have to face this problem anymore. What do you thing?" he grinned revealing his two fang teeth that got Satsuki biting her own lower lip. Damn they look hot!

"Oh Suigetsu your jealously gets more cute each time you try to give an order but it'll eventually gets deny and no matter what you say I'll never be one of your monkey. You hear me," she frowned even though his touch was making her lower region tinkle and her system electrifying with excitement but she was holding her hormones back before giving it up. She is Satsuki Uchiha damn it!

"I hear you but your body…" he came close to her lips as his sneaky hand slithered on her rear making her lightly red, "….is making another noise that I simply can't resist. How about a hot kiss to seal this agreement? If you want it that bad," she scowled at him, "I mean for your friend sake," he said.


Satsuki took this opportunity to try to escape from his seductiveness but he pulled her back, "Aw, don't tell me you're too embarrasses to kiss your boyfriend in front of everyone. I guess you don't care at all about your path-"

Hinto ceased and stared hurt in witnessing one of his friend make-out secession with her boyfriend. This added more pain into his aching heart that made him sad and lonely in his pathetic life.

After their explosive passionate kiss Suigetsu's pleasing expression turned disgusted. Hinto met with Suigetsu's eyes and became afraid of his hunting fangs that were giving an evil sign directly to him.

"This is not over," Suigetsu walked away calmly leaving a depress Hinto more trouble in his mind than.

'Kami help me,' he prayed before walking to his next class.

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