A/N: Sasuke and Hinata are the only whose gender are switch, everyone else are the same I decide to stick with it. In this chapter it's a guy conversation but in a weird way.

Summary: Hinto; shy, timid, loner, and good friend to Satsuki. Satsuki; beautiful, confident, blunt, and girlfriend to Suigetsu. Though their status tell them to stay apart but their feeling toward each other seem to grow stronger. And Suigetsu doesn't like the fact that his girlfriend hang with the school loser kid and will do anything to keep Hinto away from his girlfriend.
Paring: Hin/Sas (Gender-bender)
Genera: Drama/ Romance/ slight humor
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Virgin or Not?

Later that day Hinto attended (force to) his second detention. Once he walked in he gulped in fear. There more than people than he had image, 'I didn't know there so many troublemaker in this school,'. He approach to the teacher and quietly handed his pink slip before silently sat on a far seat away from everyone. He prayed his invisibility work for the whole hour but unfortunately there was always someone catching his prey.

"Hey Hinto! What's up!" exclaimed the surprise visitor behind the startle teen. Hinto accidentally drop his book while grabbing his heart to settle from Naruto's explosion greeting.

Naruto laughed and kindly gave Hinto book back, "Sorry haha, didn't mean to startle you man. I forgot your shy," he grinned.

"Thank you umm," he blushed from embarrassment but was grateful that it was Naruto who greeted him than the other guys in the room. Otherwise he would've just ignored that person if it were anyone else. With Naruto he's a bit calm and honor to be in his presence. After all it was this man who stood up for him against Suigetsu's friend. And he'll never forget that day.

"Hey do you want to join us over there," he pointed to a group of familiar faces but to Hinto he was friend to no.

"Umm…" Hinto felt shy and unsure if he should join in but thought about what Naruto did for him a few days ago, 'Yeah, he did help me. I should return a favor, right?' he felt nervous but was confident to Naruto's decision. He nodded with a weak smile, "S-Sure,"

"Great. Come on," he smiled and led the quiet boy to a new journey of his young life.

"….how long am I going endure this torture," whined the tired pony-tail teen who sat across from his sunglasses of a weird friend.

A second later the sunglasses boy made a "L" shape knight move on the game of chess that they have been playing for the last five minute. "Your move,"

"Have you ever realize you take forever making your first move," Shikamaru frown at his suspicious friend.

"Every move count and don't pressure me. It's hard to concentrate when you start to snore after you're done with your turn," he said pointing at Shikamaru's drool at the far corner on the desk.

"Shino, stop complaining. I believe you're the one who agreed to this when you already knew the circumstance,"

"Hey Shika, Shino, Sai, Lee!" everyone ceased their friendly quiet activity in detention to greet their messy hair blonde friend but all weren't prepare by a new face.

"Oh Hey-"

"No," the raven hair artistic tapped his excited friend from moving his posing spot, "Don't move Lee, I'm not done yet. I will say Hi to Naruto for you, just don't move," Sai continued with his drawing on his sketchbook.

"Hello there Naruto," Shino greeted with a wave while Shikamaru gave a lazy wave and went back to his game.

"Yes Naruto. Who is your friend?" Sai asked with eyes focusing on the sketchbook rather caring for his simply question but he sensed from everyone that was on their mind so he took upon himself to ask first.

"This is Hinto, remember from gym class. And are you actually drawing Lee," Naruto walked behind his drawing friend and became shock, "Y-Your not-"

"Shut up," he whispered, "It's the only way to keep him still and quiet for the next hour," Sai continued his drawing of what appeared to a squirrel rather than his bushy eyebrow friend who was posing heroically.

"I said don't move," Sai warned.

"Sorry- I mean- I-I'll" he sucked his breath and went back to his heroically pose.

Sai sigh, "I'm starting over," he flipped a page and continued with a new page.

"He's never going to finish," Shikamaru commented with his head down.

"I thought it was a pretty nice drawing," Naruto complimented his friend and took a seat between the two chess players.

"I wasn't talking about Sai," Shikamaru pointed at Shino's calm expression. Naruto turned to Shino in confusion, "Wake me up when you're done with your move," he said before placing his tired head on the wooden desk.

"While we wait, Hinto is it?" Shino eyed the blushed boy standing behind Naruto's back.

"Oh, um. Y-Yeah," he nodded.

"We have biology together, I remember when you presented the class's pervious project on meiosis and mitosis cycle. Overall, you need to work on your speech," he gave a light criticism to the shy boy.

Hinto just felt a stink of pain from criticism comment. "O-O-Okay," he said sadly looking down. This wasn't the first time someone criticize about his shattering but than again it's obvious, that's why he talks less to anyone.

"Aw come on Shino, don't tell the kid that," Naruto tried to defend his new friend but unfortunately his friend were right on the point.

"What did I say?" Shino shrugged.

"If you ask me I think he should get laid," Sai jumped in the conversation with a different topic to fix the first but with his eyes still focus on his drawing on a squirrel.

"Wait! What?"

"What?" Hinto froze in shock.

"Tell me, are you a virgin?" he asked calmly.

"Umm…I-I-I," he felt highly nervous than ever before.

"I take that as a no. Figures," Sai concluded hoping Lee would move a muscle so he could start-all over.

"I heard sex could boost your self-esteem which can improve your personality and or any thing that you need improving, your speeches for instances," Shino stared deeply into one of pawn but declined his attempt to move.

"Hehe and more," Naruto chuckled evilly.

Sai sigh, "Shut up Naruto,"

"I'm not telling you to do it, just saying," Shino finally lift his first pawn on his right than hesitated to move it, "But do reconsider when you go up in front of class and take up the whole class time," than made his move, "Your next,"

Shikamaru snored and woke up annoyed, "About time," he took his right knight and moved than went back to sleep.

"Whatever, don't listen to them Hinto, do what you do best. Keep trying,"

Sai smirked, "Says the guy who had sex with almost all the senior female in this school. You should tell him how Satsuki changed your life after you had sex with her,".

"Huh?" Naruto suddenly blushed a little and stared away from his friend when his ex's name was brought up. Hinto noticed the uncomfortable stated Naruto was hiding but he couldn't avoid the obvious truth from the guys and Hinto. "Let's not talk about it," he frowned.

"I see," Shino focused on the game, "Wasn't she your first?" he asked.

Hinto flinched, "W-What?"

"Shut-up Shino," he mumbled at his weird friend.

"Hehe first of everything if you ask me," Sai chuckled almost done with his drawing of his itching friend.

"Okay drop it you guy-"

"If I'm not correct, isn't she good friend with you, Hinto," Shino glanced at Hinto. He nodded. "Well than has she pop your cherry yet?"

Both Naruto and Hinto widen their eyes in surprise from Shino.

"Shino," Sai turned to Shino, "the boy just said he's a vir-"

"He didn't necessarily 'say' he was a virgin you just concluded he did," than all eyes turned to Hinto intensely.

"Aaaaa?" suddenly his face became heavily light.

"Well? Lee is not going to pose this long if you keep us waiting for your answer," Sai dropped his utensil and waited for Hinto answer.

"Okay that's enough," Naruto got up and blocked Hinto from view.

"What? Did we do something wrong?" Shino shrugged and went back to his game by lifting another pawn, "Just saying, don't take it to the heart you know,"

"I'm with Shino," Sai went back to his drawing, "We all are just being friendly,"

"Who was being friendly?" Shino asked as he placed his pawn back down to it's original spot. "I thought I was helping, humm this isn't simple as I thought," he rubbed his chin.

"Damn it Shino," Naruto growled.

"Maybe next time I should introduce myself before anyone got into my business," he stated.

"What? But no one was in your business," Naruto said.

"Oh really," Shino than made his move, "Your next,". Shikamaru growled from his nap and opened his eyes to everyone intense. He stared back at his game, "Let see," he moved his middle pawn than went back to sleep.

"Forget it Naruto, you'll never understand him, but I agree with him. Please kindly introduce Shino before you get into a serious conversation with him," he lightly laugh, "you'll never know he's serious or just into something else. I for once agree one thing about all of this,"

"What is that?" Naruto eyes narrowed at the sneaky artists.

"Hinto should get laid,".

Naruto dumfounded, "You know what I should've warned Hinto about you guys before introducing you guys to him," he sigh.

"That can work also," Shino nodded and Sai smiled.

Oh come on! I know you want Hinto to have sex with Satsuki. So why not let Hinto get laid. This is a high school fic, anything can happen. Thank you, please review ;)