Kuroko no Basket

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Summary: It's Kuroko's birthday, but Kagami has totally forgotten (shocker... not.) Until a reminder from a certain tall, dark, blue-haired teen, who reminds Kagami... Right in front of Kuroko. A petty argument follows, but Kuroko... gets mad?! Ooc Kuroko, but only in this chapter. Kagami and Aomine need to make it up to him, and Valentine's Day is just round the corner.

A/n: An anime/manga series which has recently become one of my favourites! I know this was really late, it was actually supposed to be uploaded on V-day but... I didn't get the chance to *sob*

But anyway! I put much thought and effort (and countless re-edtitngs) into this one, mainly cos I wanted to write Kuroko ooc but didn't want to overdo it. I plan to make it short, maybe about 4 chapters or so :)

Please enjoy!

January 31st. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I can't for my life remember what it is, Kagami thought, his eyebrows scrunched together in a frown.

Kagami and Kuroko were walking home together like they always did, after their usual dinner of 20 hamburgers (Kagami), and vanilla milkshake (Kuroko).

Kagami glanced down at the blue-haired youth beside him. I wonder how long has it been since I've gotten used to him following him around. He really wasn't kidding when he said he'd be my shadow...

Kuroko gave him a questioning look and Kagami quickly averted his eyes, feeling slightly embarrassed. Unknowingly, a small smile crept onto his face.

But I don't mind the company.

The two teens continued to stroll along the sidewalk, Kagami with his hands in his pockets, thinking un-Kagami like thoughts, and Kuroko innocently sipping his milkshake as if he hadn't just sensed what Kagami was thinking (he always does, but Kagami never knows).

In this way, they continued to walk side-by-side, the shadow and his light.

Then something happened to disrupt their daily "ritual". And that something came in the form of Aomine Daiki.

As Kagami and Kuroko continued along the pavement, a familiar tall figure sporting a head of cropped dark-blue hair came pounding towards them.

"Tetsu! Wait up!" Aomine yelled. Turning around, Kuroko waited for him to catch up, while Kagami glared at him. What the hell does that guy want now?

"Tetsu!" Aomine jogged up, not even out of breath, despite obviously having run quite a distance to catch up with them.

Then noticing Kagami, he nodded slightly in acknowledgement. "And Kagami."

Kagami bristled. Why did that ass always have to be so damn perfect, and make him look so pathetic in comparison?!

"What is it, Aomine-kun?" Kuroko asked. It was unusual that Aomine even noticed Kagami, let alone greet him without an insult.

"I just... Wanted to give you something. Here," he muttered, roughly pushing something into Kuroko's hands.

"Happy Birthday."

"... Arigatou, Aomine-kun. It was nice of you to give me a present," Kuroko replied, giving Aomine a rare smile. Kagami's eyes narrowed. Was he just seeing things, or did Aomine... Blush?

Kagami blinked and stared at Aomine again, who was wearing his usual cocky expression.

...Nah. Kagami snorted at himself. There was no way Aomine would be flustered from just giving someone a birthday present. Then, suddenly, he froze. His eyes travelled back down to the gift-wrapped box in Kuroko's hands.

Finally realizing what he was seeing, Kagami's eyes widened. That's right! Its Kuroko's birthday today! That was what I forgot, dammit...!

Looking at Kagami's expression, Aomine's eyes narrowed in disbelief, before a smirk tugged at his lips. "Kagami... You didn't forget his birthday, did you?"

Kagami was too busy berating himself to answer. Aomine clucked his tongue and shook his head.

"See Tetsu? You should be more careful when choosing your light."

Now that caught Kagami's attention. Snapping his head up, he retorted sharply, "what did you just say? It's not your place to tell Kuroko who to choose. Have you forgotten that I've already beaten you hands-down, Kuroko's ex-light?"

A vein in Aomine's temple twitched, and Kagami smirked. He knew he'd hit a nerve.

"So what if I am? I, for one, never forgot Tetsu's birthday for a single year while we were in Teikou," Aomine shot back, casually slinging his arm around Kuroko's shoulders.

For some reason, that simple action, and the use of his nickname for Kuroko made Kagami blood-boilingly furious. "Well, at least I've never acted so cocksure about my skills and say arrogant stuff like 'the only one who can beat me is me!' then get utterly trashed by your ex-shadow!" Kagami growled, yanking Kuroko out of Aomine's grip and back beside him.

"Actually, I really wish the two of you would stop pulling me around-" Kuroko complained, but was cut off with a "shut up!" from the two.

Noticing the act of possessiveness from Kagami, Aomine snarled, "are you mocking me? You eyebrow freak!"

"What did you call me? Blue-boy!"


"You looking for a fight?"

"Bring it on! Like hell I'll lose to a loser like-"


That was the sound of both Aomine and Kagami getting hit in the face by Kuroko's acceleration pass.

"Stop it already." Kuroko was emitting a black aura, his eyes hidden in shadow.

Landing on his butt beside an equally stunned Aomine, Kagami stared, shocked at his friend's sudden change in demeanor. Gone was the quiet, easygoing Kuroko- in his place was an equally calm but dangerously angry man.

Aomine stammered, "S... Sorry, Tetsu...! Please don't get mad!" Seeing the tan-skinned teen cowering in fear before the new, pissed-off Kuroko, Kagami swallowed nervously. Was Kuroko really that scary when he was angry?

"I don't mind that Kagami forgot my birthday. In fact, I'd be surprised if he had remembered. But," Kuroko said, turning to a visibly sweating Kagami, "Being my light isn't something to boast about."

"And also," he continued, turning to Aomine, who flinched when Kuroko's scathing gaze landed on him, "Not being my light anymore doesn't mean you're not my friend, get it? Now get off the floor. The two of you look really pathetic sitting there like that."

His speech given, Kuroko turned to cross the road. Without a backward glance, he said over his shoulder, "Kagami. Tell coach I won't be coming to practice for awhile. For about two weeks."

Before Kagami had a chance to protest, Kuroko added, with a grim smile, "Don't worry. I'll still practice everyday. See you soon."

Kagami finally recovered enough from the shock to pick himself up from the ground and chase after Kuroko. "Kuroko, wait!" Kagami called, reaching out to grab the boy's sleeve. But just inches before his fingers touched the soft fabric, Kuroko looked over his shoulder, his chilly threat stopping Kagami in his tracks.

"Do you wish to get kai'ed?" Kuroko asked, the softly-spoken threat sounding so much more dangerous than if he had shouted it. He stared right into Kagami's eyes, his usual languid blue ones a sea of stormy grey.

His gaze had almost the same effect as Akashi's Emperor Eye, and instilled twice as much fear, just because Kuroko was the one glaring at him. Kagami stumbled back, not exactly falling to his knees, his heart pounding through his ribs.

After holding his gaze for what seemed like an eternity, Kuroko finally broke the hold he had on him and turned away, crossing the road to the opposite bus stop.

And this time, Kagami dared not follow.

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