Kuroko No Basket

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The Seirin High basketball team turned to the door, where they saw their weakest player staggering in with a huge pile of items in his arms. He had just tried to walk through the gym doors but instead ended up walking into them, resulting in several boxes he was carrying to tumble to the floor.

Kagami hurried over to help his shadow with his load. He lifted more than half of the burden from Kuroko's arms, revealing tousled teal hair and eyes of the same colour. Brown stared into cerulean, a silent question in their depths.

Then Kuroko smiled. It wasn't noticeable to most, just a gentle upward curve of the lips, but it was enough for Kagami to know that he was forgiven.

And that was all it took to restore their friendship, no words needed. Visibly more at ease with Kuroko, Kagami helped the pale-skinned teen to carry his load over to a bench. But it was only when he set the pile down then he noticed what he was carrying.

They were chocolates. At the bottom of the pile, a huge, extravagant *gold* box full of assorted chocolates, tied with a huge red ribbon. There was only one hyperactive, blonde model that Kagami could think of who would go to such lengths for a Valentine's gift.

Resting on the box, the hugest chocolate bar he had ever seen, although it was the most plainly wrapped of all; the person who gave Kuroko the chocolate bar was also the hugest person Kagami had ever met, though.

And on top of that, a pale green bag of button chocolates. The tag on the bag read, "Oha-asa's Valentine's Day chocolates! Every sign's lucky item for today!"

Well, no prizes for guessing who gave Kuroko that one.

Now Kagami looked towards Kuroko's pile. An expensive-looking red box of gourmet chocolates, with a card that had "Happy Valentine's Day, Tetsuya. Don't forget who you belong to. Regards, Akashi Seijuro." written in it.

What a creep, Kagami thought.

A thin, pink envelope rested lightly on top, the cartoon rabbit sticker on it looking very out-of-place with the elegant, sophisticated style of the box underneath. And lastly...

"Hey, Kuroko, is this yours?" Hyuuga asked, waving an object he had picked off the floor at him.

"It is, Hyuuga-senpai," Kuroko replied politely.

...A black-and-white husky plushie, small pink tongue lolling out of its mouth, head cocked curiously to one side.

A long string of profanities rattled through Kagami's mind like a freight train.

How-How the hell had he known?! He hadn't ever seen Kuroko with nigou, right? Damn it... Kagami thought, unconsciously patting his bag where his own husky plushie was.

"Is there anything wrong, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko asked.

"N- Nothing!" Kagami replied hastily. "Just that why did you bring your Valentine's Day presents to school?"

"They were in my mailbox this morning; but since I was already running late, I didn't have time to bring them back inside the house, so I just brought them to school."

"Oh… I see." Kagami cursed that idiot Ahomine in his mind. Thanks to that arrogant prick, Kagami would look like a fool if he gave Kuroko the same present! Muttering silently to himself, he decided to wait until after practice before he decided to give Kuroko the present or not.

"So, Kuroko… Did Ahomine give you that?" Kagami tried to act casual and pointed at the stuffed puppy.

They were at the Maji Burger for dinner as usual. Even though Kuroko had already forgiven Kagami, he had still insisted on paying for Kuroko's vanilla milkshake as an apology, something which Kuroko did not insist too strongly against.

Kuroko's eyebrow twitched slightly. "Kagami-kun, you know I don't like it when you two use insulting nicknames to address each other."

Kagami gulped, clearly remembering the incident that had happened two weeks ago. "S… Sorry."

"But yes, Aomine-kun did give me that," Kuroko confirmed.

Dammit, Kagami though to himself.

Kuroko's voice brought him back to Earth. "That's right, Kagami-kun, I haven't thanked you for your present," the teal-haired teen said, setting down his milkshake.

"Huh? But I haven't given you one!" But if that stupid Ahomine hadn't gotten in the way, I would have, he added silently.

"But Kagami-kun bought this milkshake for me, so I would like to consider it as a gift. Is that alright with you, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko said, a black aura leaking out from him. His voice held a slight edge which didn't go unnoticed by Kagami.

"Y… Yeah."

Nodding, Kuroko picked up his milkshake and continued slurping it quietly again, all traces of black aura gone. Kagami let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"By the way Kuroko, out of all these, whose present do you like best?" Kagami asked curiously.

Don't say Ahomine's, don't say Ahomine's, please please please don't say Ahomine's, Kagami prayed in his mind, Momoi's words of "Tetsu-kun likes animal plushies!" echoing in his mind. If Kuroko really liked Aomine's present most, he definitely wouldn't hear the end of it from that blue-haired bastard.

"If I had to choose, I guess I like Momoi-san's present best."

"What?" Kagami stuck a finger into his ear to check his hearing. He swore that Kuroko said that he liked Momoi's present best.

"I said, I like Momoi-san's present best. You should get your hearing checked, Kagami-kun," Kuroko replied, continuing to slurp his milkshake.

"I heard you the first time! I mean, why Momoi's? What'd she give you?" Kagami asked.

Pulling a few thin pieces of paper out of the pink envelope, Kuroko waved them in his face. "A year's supply of vouchers for vanilla milkshake from Maji Burger," Kuroko said, lovingly tucking them into his wallet.

"Right…" Kagami muttered.

Kuroko looked up at him. "Your present comes a close second, Kagami-kun," Kuroko told him (probably because he thought Kagami needed to be comforted), "but it can't beat a year of 10 percent off milkshakes vouchers."

After the two teens left Maji Burger, something was found on one of their seats- a black-and-white husky plushie, completely forgotten.

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