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Paw steps echoed around the hollow of stone, making the frozen air shatter like glass. A pool of stagnant water sat at the bottom of the scooped out hollow, reflecting the dark light of the new moon. The warriors of StarClan glittered coldly above in a streak of silver. From the frost-dusted bushes, a cat came. Lithe and powerful, the white warrior settled by the sandy edge. Her eyes were purple, speckled with the light of the stars. Flicking its tail, it motioned for another to come creeping out. A massive tom with a fiery pelt the color of autumn leaves sat on the edge of a rock that jutted out over the pool of still water. His paws were large and white, flexing thorn-sharp claws. He narrowed his amber eyes to slits. "Why have you summoned us, Star? Our time has long passed."

The white shecat said nothing, just twitched an ear to acknowledge his words. A black shecat with smoldering green eyes stalked from the rim of the hollow down to the rocky water's edge, sneering at the tom. "Your Clan are what summoned us, Thunder. A mute cat shouldn't have to answer."

Another cat, a long-furred silver tom, leaped down from the hollow's edge. Another shecat, thin and wiry, followed. The tom stalked around the flame cat, hissing. "Your precious ThunderClan have done wrong. Wind and I agree on it."

Thunder sprang to his paws and yowled, "All cats have done wrong in their time! Even StarClan, River!"

Wind unsheathed her claws. "Oh, really? Explain to us why your Clan is always causing trouble!"

Star, silent and sitting next to five bloomed flowers, hooked a golden thunderflower on her claw and threw it in the pool. The water swallowed the bloom like a hungry beast and glowed. A beam of celestial white light shot from the pool and into the sky, splitting the inky sky in two. Thunder crackled around the hollow, electrifying the cats' fur and making them yowl in fear. The halves, blood-red and ice blue, clashed at each other. Sparks of the stars traced the sky in wispy plumes. The moon in the center of the fighting shattered to pieces, scattering its cosmic dust into the pool. The world around them plunged into darkness.

For a moment, no cat spoke, biting back their words in fear. Then, suddenly, the water below swirled, glowed, and showed an vision of a queen with three kits. The leaders were standing in the warm den as the cats slept in a blue-gray and white pile, snuggling for warmth as the wind and snow outside battered the indestructible den. The wiry tan-brown leader paced to the edge of the nest and growled at it, the light marring her face. "Them!" The vision faded in a flame of red.

Thunder's shoulders had sagged when he recognized the cat. He held his tongue as Wind stalked behind him and hissed into his ear, "That cat there has failed to uphold its destiny."

Shadow and River padded over to the former leaders. River whisked his thick, plumy tail. "Star has more."

The second flower, a white and black shadowblossom sat gently on the water's surface, before sinking. The water below glowed onyx and maraschino, before a funnel of dark energy coursed toward the sky. A star-silhouette of a dark tabby with a break in his tail stood over the body of a kit, red stars creating his paws. Smoke rose from the funnel and clouded around the leaders. Kits charged around them, led by the dark tabby, blood tainting their fur and the air. The image imploded and faded into dark silence, before an earsplitting screech broke the fearful moment. Moonlight once again bathed the hollow. Shadow's eyes betrayed her sorrow, reflected the light, and her pelt bristled.

The next bloom, a pale white windflower, frothed the water as it landed. The image stirred up a gale of wind as it exploded into light. Wind's eyes stretched wide with terror as she stared around her in the vision. Cats were running, pounding the ground as they fled in terror from a horrid monster cat. Claws ravaged the dens around them and shredded any warrior in its path. A warrior, its pelt hidden by the darkness, leaped onto the monster cat and ripped at it. The enemy flung the cat to the ground, and it lay unmoving. The monster jumped onto the fallen warrior and tore it to bloody shreds, ripping and gnashing without mercy. Wind's eyes flooded with pain. "No! Not you!" As she jumped to her paws, the imagery attenuated away. Wind sank to the ground, covering her head with her paws. "No...! My Clan..."

Star's eyes were dull as she dropped a white and silver flower into the water, a riverbloom. It glowed and faded into darkness. Then, suddenly, there were cats all around, scrabbling the ground with jaws parted in silent pleas. River inched backwards, trying to avoid an illusionary tom that hacked up a clot of bile tinged with red, before falling onto his flank. He lay very still. A shecat ran up to him and howled in pain, sinking to her belly. A cat dashed around the vision with leaves stuffed in its jaws. Every cat it touched faded to mist. It turned its pained eyes on River. Before the former RiverClan leader could open his mouth, the scene flickered into light and dimmed.

The old ThunderClan leader leaped to his paws. Before he could pad around to Star, Wind bowled her over. "What is the meaning of this? Why are you destroying my precious Clan?"

Shadow ripped the wiry shecat from the starry warrior. "Don't! She won't show us what is wrong if you attack her."

River stood up, eyes clouded. "There is no point. The Clans will all perish."

Thunder, in the midst of Wind's attack, noticed a final flower by the pool's edge. It was a red rose with jagged black claw-like marks. He picked it up in his teeth and threw it in the pool. A small voice seemed to rage behind him. "No!"

Star, jaws wide in a silent plea and bristling in fear, jumped up from her spot behind Shadow and scrabbled up the side of the hollow. She slid down as dark energy pulsated from the water. No, not water, blood. The blood overflowed from the scoop and flooded the hollow, sweeping the StarClan cats away. As they pushed against the tide, a set of glowing amber eyes shone in the dark sky. White teeth bared and thorn-sharp claws tore at the cats, ripping their fur and sending whirling them into a dry chasm. They five cats shook the red from their fur. Star's purple eyes glared at Thunder in fear. They seemed to say, we are going to perish.

"How are we going to get out?" Wind shrieked. The sides were oozing in red, smooth and smoldering to the touch. Fire crackled around the lips of the cliffs, bringing ash and smoke flooding into the gap.

A trickle of red flowered from a crack and down the side of the chasm. River screeched and tried to run. His paws skidded on the slippery ground and he crashed into a wall and fell, unconscious. Shadow gripped his scruff and tried to scale the wall. She barely made it a tail length before a wave of hot, dry wind swirled around them.

The red burst from the wall and consumed the five warriors. Thunder paddled furiously against the viscous liquid, watching as Shadow and River sank under their weight. Wind was sucked into a whirlpool of frothing shades of cerise. Star tried to dive after her, but did not resurface. Thunder felt his energy ebbing. He stared into the sky. Stars were whirling in a spiral, turquoise, white and carmine. They exploded into darkness, making the moon fade into black.

Thunder gave up his efforts of swimming, of surviving. The last thing he saw was a tsunami of blood and his four other leaders, rushing down the endless tide of blood he saw in his precious Clan's future. The last thing he heard was a cackle of laughter and three words jumbled together.