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Warning: This story contains SLASH if this bothers you then I suggest you don't read the story.

Part one:

Black eyes followed Harry as he entered the potions classroom. Harry looked none to pleased to be there, which was the way it had to be no matter how much it pained Snape for Harry to feel this way.

Snape stood in front of the class. "Today you will be making a sleeping potion, and at the end of the lesson you will all be trying it out on your partner." He paused a moment to let his instructions sink in. "the instructions and ingredients are on page 165 of you potions text book, begin now." Snape walked down the centre isle of his dungeon to stand at the back of the room, from that position he cold keep a better eye on the students and since their backs were to him they couldn't tell who he was looking at, the result being that the had to work all the time.

"I don't feel so great," Harry murmured to Ron.

"No wonder, that git has been staring at you, like you carry the plague or something." Ron muttered, trying to get a laugh from Harry.

"I'm serious, my scar. my scar hurts." Snape's head snapped up at the comment. Unknown to the pupils he had spelled his class room so that he could hear everything that went on, most of the time he never acted on what he heard. He didn't need to, they were scared enough of him as it was. Plus contrary to belief he didn't hate al his students, he was hard on them but that was for their own benefit. He only really hated one of his students, Draco, but ironically it was the only one he could not show his dislike of. Draco was too much like his father, whom he hated with a fiery passion, even more than he hated James Potter. But as with Draco Snape couldn't ever show his dislike of Lucius all part of Dumbledore's master plan it defeat Voldemort. To become a Death Eater he had to befriend them first.

"Potter. Come here." Snape instructed. If he was right he needed to get Harry away from the rest of the class. From what he had just heard Snape didn't think he could be wrong, today was the day. "Come along Potter, I'll take you to the infirmary." He had no intention of taking him to the infirmary what he needed was to go to Dumbledore.

"Hermione you will keep an eye on the class while I am gone." There was a hushed silence everyone was wondering what was going on, Snape was actually leaving a Grifindor in charge. And looking after Harry. Snape didn't bother to explain his actions; he knew what needed to be done. At what was needed was for Harry to be as far away from other people as possible.

"Yes professor," Hermione answered immediately. Snape practically dragged Harry out of the room.

"Potter, we are going to Dumbledore he has to know about your scar." Harry nodded mutely, then doubled over in pain. Snape looked down at Harry, there wouldn't be anytime to get to Dumbledore.

"Harry, Harry you need to listen to me." For once using is first name. "I didn't choose to join the Death Eaters, Dumbledore asked me to, please remember that. Please." The urgency of Snape's tone got to Harry and he managed to focus even through the intense pain.

"Why are you telling me this?" Harry gasped out. Snape opened his moth to reply but it was to late, Harry was gone.