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Here is the fight chapter of Fear of the Heart: Resurrected. For my Sci-Fi story, that was a mistake on my part, I've found an old standby to cover that empty plot though :)
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Chapter 9
The fog was all around Amy, threatening to swallow her up and drag her into the depths of hell, quite literally.
Shadow yelled in the background something about Hades, grabbing Amy by the arm and knocking her out of her fantasy. She stumbled to the ground and Shadow caught her.
"We lost Blaze and Silver." He said, "Only Spark and Destiny, Twix and Twilight and Mighty are here."
"We gotta find Hades. Then maybe this fog will lift." Destiny had stopped struggling now, almost trying to take in what was happening.
"Twilight, do you know where he could be?" Twix asked.
"No idea; This fog could lead us anywhere, even back to where we started."

The group yelled for Silver and Blaze but got no response. What they got, or at least what Shadow got, was a blue hedgehog's kick to the face. Sonic backflipped off his victim and stood in a battle stance.
Spark, not thinking, released Destiny and hot forward, Sonic holding the yellow blur back easily.
"You bastard!" Spark was attempting to punch Sonic's face. "Don't... You... Dare... Do... Any... More... Bullshit!"
Twilight walked forward calmly.
"Sonic, face me." Sonic tossed the yellow hedgehog aside and faced the goddess.
"So, you finally decide to do someth- OW!" Twilight had kicked Sonic in the southern region. He fell to the ground in a heap, and the group merely advanced. Spark gave him an affectionate kick as they left.

Minutes of walking brought nothing, until just before Amy felt like giving up. Hades boomed his voice aloud, echoing in the wide space of hell;
"You have entertained me enough." A huge figure appeared of the mist, that was now lifting. Even when it was all gone, Amy could barely see the gate through which they came in.
"Let's get to the main act." Spark snickered as Twilight, Silent then Shadow stood beside him. Silent put a hand on his shoulder.
"Spark.. Try not to-" Spark took off in a sonicboom, blasting upwards and preparing to fight around Hades' massive head. Hades was a human-like God, red all over and with dark red hair that spiked off down his back and an evil grin. He smiled.

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Twilight sprouted her black angel wings and took off into the air, striking Hades all over with blasts of dark energy. This had little effect, and he merely laughed, swatting her like a fly. Silent lightning struck his leg, leaving a black mark, and he hammered his fist into the ground less than a second after she dashed away. Amy hopped onto Shadow's bike and drew her hammer, which was glowing with holy light. She threw it at Hades, who hissed and recoiled at its touch.

Spark launched an arrow into Hades' eye and it popped painfully. He screeched and clutched it whilst Twilight and Silent continued ransacking his leg. He grabbed Spark from the air and crushed the poor hedgehog in his fist, dropping the animal to the ground in a heap. Destiny, who had since recovered from her spell, yelled and ran forward, crouching next to the pile and crying. Hades laughed, but was cut short by his leg being sliced off, with the help of Shadow's blade. He roared and fell over, landing on the ground and sweeping it with his arms, having the same effect as an earthquake.
Amy hopped onto his back and hammered it, causing him to yell more and try to grab her. Shadow took his chance at his now showing neck, and It split open, gore and darkness pouring out.

He roared and died right there, his entire body fading away into blackness and leaving no trace, beside the huge body-shaped crater of course.
So, the group scanned the area wordlessly. There are no words to say after seeing an evil God die. They spotted Silver and Blaze and ran towards them.
Destiny stayed with Spark, though. Her tears where all over his corpse. She picked him up and cursed herself for not fighting the spell hard enough, then went to join the others.

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Twilight and Mighty and Silent and Zack bid goodbye to their friends and returned to the heavens, never to return until another fight arises. Amy and Shadow said goodbye to everyone and left, back to their beautiful little cottage, and Blaze and Silver, one of which with a broken leg, returned to the princess' realm of fire. Sonic had deserted them, never to be seen or heard from again, and Destiny and Spark had returned to the village from which the male hedgehog came.
The sun beat down on the entrance to the pitiful underworld, as it slid shut and locked, no living creature ever to set foot in for any reason ever again.