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This world is not devoid of darkness, this was proven all too well by the Dark Master, Malefor along with his vast army of corrupted creatures.

Even the purest of hearts have some form darkness residing within them, some hide it better than others.

During his fight with Gaul the darkness hidden within Spyro was brought forth. Embracing this newfound power Spyro was able to dispatch of Gaul with little effort by releasing a Convexity Fury of immense power, reducing the once powerful adversary to ash.

Drunk with his own power, he never realized that he released his power in all directions, not just at Gaul.

Although mostly unfelt by her, Cynder recognized this foul energy, but failed to notice that some of this dark power seeped into her own being as she was still numb from the adrenaline caused by the pain.

Cynder and Sparx both cautiously went towards the hole to find out what happened to Spyro.

"What's happening down there?" Cynder asked herself as she reached the edge.

"Spyro?" Sparx asked in worry while searching for his beloved foster brother "You ok buddy?"

Suddenly Spyro flew up from the hole, his scales having turned even darker that Cynder's own obsidian coloured scales as it seems that shadows were dripping from his form. His eyes were glowing a bright white colour, lacking their usual kind lavender colour.

Sparx gave an undignified yell of terror upon seeing Spyro like this and quickly made for the nearest hiding spot.

"Spyro stop!" was all Cynder could muster in her current state of disbelief.

Focusing as hard as he could Spyro was able to briefly overcome the Darkness controlling him, but it quickly started overtaking him once again.

Upon seeing her chance Cynder launched herself at the Corrupted Purple Dragon in an attempt to prevent the darkness from overtaking him once again.

They both crashed harshly into the ground and tumbled on for several meters.

"Spyro?" Sparx called out to his foster brother in concern for his wellbeing.

Quickly snapping to reality Spyro leapt up as realization dawned upon him. He had taken a life.

As if only by an after taught he also noticed the danger they were in. "Just go without me"

"We are not leaving without you!" Cynder snapped at him.

"You should listen to the Black Terror, we will never leave you behind Spyro!"

A look of understanding and happiness crept upon Spyros face as he knew that they would never leave him behind, just like he will never leave them behind.

"Our only exit just caved in! We're trapped!" Sparx screeched in horror.

'This is my fault, I can't let them die for my mistake'. Panicking Spyro tried to think of what he could do to help them survive. He knew that blasting the exit clear was not an option since it would hasten the collapse and shielding them with earth pillars would do them no good since they would probably not hold the weight of what is to come.

Then it hit him. "Get close to me!"

Not losing a second both Cynder and Sparx quickly stood beside Spyro, unsure of what his plan was.

Forcing all of his control of Time to escape his body and surround them he encased all three of them in a Golden Time-Crystal, saving them from death freezing them in time for three years.


-Time Skip to the fight with Malefor-


Malefor was furious, after being defeated by two hatchlings he bellowed out his frustrations as five Dragon Spirits dragged him to the depths of the earth where he will be imprisoned for all eternity.

'We're too late' Spyro thought to himself as the world was crumbling around him.

He knew what he had to do "Cynder I want you to leave here"

"Are you nuts? We are in this together until the end" Cynder told Spyro as he was preparing to embrace his destiny.

He smiled warmly at her "Thank you Cynder"

Spyro started gather all of his energy to right what Malefor has wronged. He did not know how much power was needed to pull this off, so disregarding his own limits he used it all, even if it would cost him his life.

He was floating, pure powering emanating from his entire body in an effort to pull the crumbling world back together. Cynder uttered a near inaudible whisper.

I love you


"Is it over?" Echoed the voice of Sparx from within the cave, voicing what was on the mind of every dragon, mole and cheetah present.

"It would appear so" Terrador then turned around to address the small crowd "The tremors have stopped, I shall go outside to evaluate the extent of the damage the land has suffered"

Walking as though he expects a Grublin to ambush him at any given time Terrador slowly made his way towards the surface. When he finally reached it he froze in shock.

He was expecting the Armageddon, a barren wasteland, cracks in the earth as far as the eye could see. Instead he saw lush green fields of grass stretching as far as he could see. He turned to face Warfang and found that it too looked somewhat in the same state. What shocked him the most however was the distinct lack of bodies the war caused. The only evidence of combat was the damage done to Warfang.

As he turned around he was met with the equally shocked expressions of Volteer, Cyril and surprisingly Sparx.

The silence was finally broken by Volteer "This is unbelievable, unfathomable, incomprehensible, un-"

"Yes Volteer, we know" Cyril cut him short "They did it, the world is whole"

"How is this possible?" asked Sparx while trying to get his mind around what he is seeing "The world was crumbling apart! We all saw it!"

Emanating a sigh of relief Terrador decided to answer "They did it. Malefor has fallen and somehow the world has been pulled together"

Sparx let his jaw drop upon hearing this. He quickly composed himself and screamed to the heavens "The war is over!"

The crowed behind him joined him in his cheers, but he couldn't shake one horrible thought from his mind 'Where is Spyro?'


Cynder was slowly opening her eyes, the first thing she noticed was that her entire body was completely sore 'atleast that means I am still alive'. As she became aware of her surroundings she felt a pleasant warmth beneath her. Looking down she saw she was laying on Spyro. A relentless blush soon followed as she reluctantly stood up from this position.

A spike of worry shortly followed when she remembered the incredible amount of energy he used to bring the world back together. However her worries were soon washed away when she saw his chest slowly rising and falling.

'He really did it, he saved us all' She was so happy that they were both alive that she fell into a fit of relieving laughter.

After she calmed down she picked Spyro up and got a good look of the area around them. They were in a lush green field with many trees dotting the landscape, she also saw a river nearby. She knew they were in the Valley of Avalar.

She carried him over to near the river and put him under a tree. 'He deserves some rest'

Out of nowhere a stray thought struck her like a freight train 'Did he hear me?'

She was walking away from under the tree to fly when she noticed the distinct lack of a certain green chain binding them together.

Deciding to use the advantage of no chain binding them, she spread her wings and took off to search for any threats to her and Spyro in the area.

Several minutes later Spyro stirred from his sleep. He had no idea where he was, for a while he tought he might be in heaven but dismissed that the moment he tried to stand.

'Great, I am completely drained after using so much of my power' he thought to himself. As he slowly recalled the events of his latest fight he was hit by a pang of worry.

Cynder was not with him.

He fought against the fatigue to stand up, but again found that he didn't have the strength to do so. He wearily looked around him and to his relief saw the object of his worries soaring above him.

After finding no visible threats Cynder decided to fish for some food. She approached the river and took a long drink. After a satisfied 'Ahhhh' she walked a bit more upstream looking for any fish to catch for her and Spyro.

She finally spotted a few of them coming past her near the bank of the river. Smiling at her own luck she lashed out with her claws sending a fish flying through the air and having it land a few feet away from her. She lashed out with her tail and impaled another fish with pinpoint accuracy. She quickly ate her share of the catch.

Satisfied with the two snacks she flew back to Spyro.

When she got close enough to where she had left him she saw him squirming around. She was filled with so much joy she darted straight at him, not caring that she dropped her prey in the process.

The only warning Spyro had of his impending fate was a whoosh of wind before he felt something collide with him "You're awake!" shouted the strange entity. To his joy he recognised the owner of the voice as Cynder.

He was very happy to find Cynder again, but felt very nervous when he was unable to draw air into his lungs.

"C-Cynder...can't...br-breath..." he rasped out with the little air remaining in his lungs.

She glanced down and could swear she saw his normally purple scales turning blue "S-Sorry..." she stammered and backed away, breaking the embrace while blushing slightly due to their recent contact. Spyro did not notice this as her midnight black scales hid it well.

"How are you feeling?" She asked him while checking him over, surprisingly enough finding no physical evidence of his recent fight with Malefor.

"I feel like I just got out of a debate with Cyril about dragon nobility" He grunted while attempting to get to his feet again and promptly falling down.

"Wow you must be tired then" Cynder said with a hint of amusement.

They both chuckled at the small joke. They fell into a comfortable silence moments later, enjoying each other's company.

Spyro decided to break the silence "It's finally over isn't it?"

Cynder nodded and simply said "Yes"

"Good, we can finally enjoy some peace, do you have any idea where we are?" asked Spyro as he fell down once more from trying to stand.

Cynder chuckled slightly at his attempts to stand up while replying "Yes, we are somewhere in the Valley of Avalar, though I am not certain where exactly"

After falling down one last time Spyro decided to give up and simply lie down 'This is humiliating'. He glanced up at Cynder and saw her chuckle has now escalated into full blown laughter, earning her a glare from Spyro "Glad one of us is enjoying this"

She quickly put her paw over her mouth to suppress the laughter "Hmhmhm I'm sorry but you look like a hatchling trying to take his first steps! Hahaha!"

Spyro face faulted at this "Cynder...The moment I am able to stand you are SO going to get it!"

"I'd like to see you try purple boy!" she shot back with a smirk "You can't even hunt for your own food in that condition"

Upon the mention of food his stomach rumbled loudly causing a tinge of red to appear on his purple scales, feeding the flames of Cynder's laughter even further.

"Keep laughing, at least you were able to eat while I was unconscious" Spyro grumbled while looking at the grass in front of him.

"Well I think it's a good thing we are so close to a river full of fish then. If you can stand up then I will go catch you one, deal?" she said in mocking tone.

She scampered towards the river to catch a fish when Spyro started to get up once again. This time he got very close to standing upright but fell down again much to his dismay.

With all his strength he stood up again, this time he was certain he would make it. But Cynder had other ideas. Just as he was about to be up on all fours a fish hit him on his muzzle causing him to yelp in surprise and comically fall down.

"Sadist" he said indignantly while devouring his meal.

"I know" she said with an amused grin "I'll go find a cave or something to spend the night in, we can look for Warfang tomorrow."

"hmmh ghm-" he was promptly smacked playfully on the head by Cynder.

"Swallow then talk purple boy"

He gulped his food down and tried again "Hehe, sorry. I said I'll be waiting here"

She gave him a mischievous grin "Much better"

"Yes mom" he mumbled under his breath.

He froze when he saw her slowly turning around "What was that?"

He suddenly became very interested with a blade of grass in front of him "N-N-Nothing!"



In a large room all the guardians could be seen gathering along with two cheetahs and a glowing ball of yellow light. The room was decorated marvellously, four banners representing each of the four elements hung from the walls with a golden trim. They were currently discussing what course of action they should take to regarding their saviours.

"It is of great urgency, no of utmost urgency to swiftly and successfully find the abse-"

"Thank you Volteer!" Cyril snapped at the Electricity Guardian "Though he does make a good point, finding Spyro, Ignitus and Cynder quickly would be wise seeing as the stragglers of war might want revenge on the three that caused the death of their leader"

"Indeed, we owe them an immeasurable debt" said the chief of the cheetahs while glancing at the dragons present in the room "Though I am not comfortable asking for help from dragons, this will require a larger search force this time than just Hunter, how many dragons will be able to lend aid Terrador?"

The Earth Guardian seemed deep in thought for a few seconds before speaking up "Most of those who survived the assault are badly injured, I am afraid we might only have enough able bodied dragons for one or two small search parties"

"Whoa whoa big guy, you're telling me that even with those magical healing gems that you only have minimal forces at the ready?" Sparx asked with a scowl.

Terrador glanced at the hovering ball of light "I am afraid that those 'magical gems' only stimulate recovery, they lack the power to fully heal a dragon instantly"

"Great, just great" Sparx muttered while his face became close friends with his palm "What about you house cats? Don't you have anybody that can look for him?"

Hunter spoke before his chief had a chance to thoroughly scrutinize the dragonfly "We do Sparx, but like the dragons most of them are injured beyond duty"

Sparx seemed to think for a few seconds "What about the moles? They barely did any fighting, can't we send them?"

Again Hunter replied "They may have the numbers Sparx but what would they do if they encountered any Grublings?"

That seemed to have silenced the dragonfly, he was out of ideas. As were the Guardians since Sparx managed to voice almost every option available to them. Then a thought came to Volteer.

He cracked a smile "I seemed to have stumbled upon an unorthodox, possible solution to this very problematic situation"

Cyril seemed taken aback when he could have sworn he saw a hint of pride hidden within that smile "And what would that be?"

Volteer's mouth then began moving in a blur as he spoke "Youallknowearthdragonscanfee lslighttremorsbyinstinctandI knowelectridragonscan-"

"Slow down!" both Sparx and Cyril snapped in perfect unison.

Volteer took a deep breath and calmed himself down "Yes quite. As I was saying. We all know the inherit abilities of the different types of dragons, like earth dragons being able to feel tremors in the earth when somebody steps on the ground within their detection range. Electric dragons also have a similar ability regarding the various, uncountable, varie-"

This time Terrador decided to cut him off "I think I see what you are getting at Volteer. The inherit ability of Electric dragons is to sense the energy within their detection range, am I correct so far?" Volteer nodded so quickly Sparx thought his neck would snap if he didn't stop soon "and you want to use that ability to find Spyro since his energy could have been felt all around the world by said dragons, correct?"

The mouth of the Electricity Guardian started moving at an incredible pace once again "Preciselyexactlyindu-"

"That won't work" Cyril cut in "Since Spyro used that energy to mend the very earth we stand on you would most likely be sensing Spyro at every tree if you were to search for the energy he used"

Volteer sighed in defeat while Terrador decided to speak up once more "So our only option would be to send a few search parties. All in favour?"

Everyone slowly raised their paw.

They all made their decision, the search parties would be sent out in the morning.

Terrador nodded in approval "Good, then our last order of business would be to contact the dragon settlements that have gone into hiding and convince them to come to Warfang. Seeing as the academy is still standing we should start teaching the next generation while we are on the end of war"

"Might I suggest heading to the eastern settlement then? Last I heard they had a vast populous of young dragons and they might be able to lend aid in the search for our missing saviours" Suggested Cyril.

Terrador seemed to consider this "Yes that would be wise, convincing the closed off community that the war has ended might be a challenge though, especially if Axen is still in charge"

Nods of approval were given by all as the meeting ended.


The next morning Spyro woke up feeling noticeably better than the previous day, he found that he was able to move around without much trouble, though he did not feel 100% quite yet. He then glanced over to the other temporary inhabitant of the cave. He saw Cynder sleeping peacefully without a worry in the world. Spyro knew he had to change that and get his revenge.

With a mischievous smile he swiftly went outside towards the river. Once there he found a leaf large enough to contain a fair amount of water. Wasting no time he filled the leaf to the brim with the cold water.

Knowing once he did this he would have hell to pay, he caught a fish to sooth the soon-to-be foul mooded dragoness. He made his way back to the cave, ready to give Cynder her just deserts. 'He who laughs last Cynder...'

He was about to give her the surprise wakeup call but to his confusion could not find the black dragoness anywhere in the cave.

"Good morning Spyro!" called Cynder from behind him, causing him to nearly leap out of his scales in surprise.

"Mornin' Cynder, sleep well?" asked Spyro while handing her the fish he caught for her.

"Breakfast in bed? Aren't you a thoughtful one. At least you can move now without my help" she said snickering.

Spyro merely sighed in defeat "Well eat up so we can get to Warfang, I don't want to spend any more time away from there as necessary, I bet the Guardians are worried sick" but as those words left his mouth he suddenly felt extremely sad. Ignitus came to his mind at that moment.

"Is something wrong Spyro?" Asked Cynder in concern, abandoning all mischievous ambitions.

For a while he did not answer, he refused to meet her gaze.

Deciding to try again, Cynder spoke but in a much more caring tone "I want to help Spyro, you don't have to suffer alone, please tell me what's bothering you"

Spyro still averted her gaze and with a pained expression as he spoke "It's Ignitus, how will the other Guardians react when they find out that I caused his death and didn't even go back to help him?" he paused for a moment, forcing back the building tears "he was like a father to me and I just left him to burn when I could have helped him"

Cynder suddenly understood and gave him a comforting hug, draping her wings and forearms around him "He gave his life to protect you and to ensure that that you were able to stop the Dark Master. You succeeded in stopping Malefor before he could kill everyone important to either of you, he would be very proud of you. Don't blame yourself for his death, it was his own choice"

Spyro let his head rest on her neck "Thank you"

Out of nowhere the same thought that plagued her yesterday sprang to her mind 'Did he hear me?' Deciding that now would not be the right time she pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

"We should probably leave now to look for Warfang" she said as she hesitantly broke the embrace.

Spyro just as reluctantly let the embrace break. He suddenly felt a strong urge to embrace her yet again, but he was unable to gander why. Putting it off as nothing he agreed with her "Yes we should" he thought for a bit while "The cheetah village couldn't be far from here, since we are obviously not in the Tall Plains or in the Swamp we should reach the cheetah village in a few hours of flying if we follow the river upstream"

"Okay, we fly to the cheetah village today then we can see if we can use the secret passage to get to Warfang" she walked over to him and gave him a quick lick on the cheek "Race you there!" she suddenly shot off, leaving a very stunned Spyro behind.

Spyro stood frozen by shock only for a moment longer "You aren't getting away from me!" He then shot off after her, spending the rest of the trip trying to catch her but never coming close to the elusive dragoness.


Somewhere on an uninhabited island, so far out of the way that even the armies of the Dark Master could not reach it, the silhouettes of several dragons were stirring in the darkness of a poorly illuminated room.

They slowly rose and some of their features became more recognizable. Two of them were giant dragons, easily up to the same size as the current Earth Guardian, Terrador. The first had two horns sticking straight back from its head, the figure had a long tail which curled up dangerously at the end, forming a scythe like tip.

The second big dragon had similar horns to the first, but this one's horns were slightly curved at the end. Its tail was shorter than the first, but at its tip there were multiple spikes protruding from a ball like formation giving it a very similar appearance to a mace.

The third dragon was slightly shorter than the first two, but not by much. This one had no horns, but its tail seemed to make up for it. On the very tip of its tail was a bright yellow formation looking almost exactly like a lightning bolt, it was emitting a faint yellow glow as well as the occasional stray spark of electricity escaping from its tip.

The final dragon was much shorter than the other three, about as big as Cynder and Spyro is now. It had three horns, one on the forehead going straight back like it's other two horns, which also looked like the first two dragons' horns. The tip of the forth's tail could be easily interpreted as an empty tip, but upon closer inspection it becomes very clear that the tip is in fact sharp enough to easily puncture through any enemy on the receiving end of the terrifyingly sharp tip.

The second figure spoke up, breaking the silence in a deep voice "The spell is broken. We are free to claim our rightful positions"

The first figure spoke next in a voice demanding respect from all "Don't get ahead of yourself, we are still trapped within this chamber, no doubt riddled with various traps to keep us sealed in. We will surely perish by them in our weakened states. We need to hope that the Elementals were somehow awakened along with us"

The third figure spoke up in a bored voice "That's unlikely, to have done that the fool would have to travel great lengths. Their slumber shall not be as easily broken as ours" as he said this his tail unleashed a small shower of sparks.

Finally the forth figure spoke in a feminine voice "Don't be so sure, the elementals are unpredictable creatures, I wouldn't put it past them to already be gathering in force"

Again the first one spoke up in the same tone as before "We can only hope that you are right, they are our only hope of escaping this forsaken prison. The guardians will pay for what they have done to us"


-Dante's Freezer-

Below the frozen surface, encased in a cube of dimly glowing ice, the very essence of cold seems to be leaking forth from the newly made cracks in the icy formation.

The last of the chilling essence seemed to have left the cube just as the glow died down, shattering the cube along with its imprisoning magic.

The strange essence then seemed to enter the very ice it was buried within. Mere moments passed before a single hand shot out of the tundra followed closely by a strange figure.

The figure was bipedal, but it was made entirely out of ice, its joints seemingly kept in place by nothing but the cold. Its arms were made out of a multitude of frozen spheres, and like the rest of its body, was transparent. Its hands contained three icy spikes, each ending on a lethally sharp tip.

The legs were similar to the arms, but only had a half sphere with no protrusions for feet. The most striking feature of this creature was most likely its chest area. It was made of a single slab of ice, curving where needed to give it a large form, no indications of muscles are given but it is obvious that this creature was by no means weak. In the very middle of the strange creatures chest there was a glowing energy, glowing a blue colour so light that it could easily be mistaken for white.

Lastly was the head. It was in a clear oval shape like the rest of its body. For eyes this strange creature had two hollow sockets glowing the same eerie colour as the light within its chest. Its mouth contained jagged icicles for teeth, looking sharp enough to easily pierce even the hide of an earth dragon. Lastly it had five icicles floating near the top of its head.

Out of nowhere the creature gave a piercing shriek before the icicles on its head started to shine brightly. The four icicles on the side all made a small beam of light travel to the tip of each other, the two icicles on the side seemed to make an even brighter light go to the middle one. It then shot a single bright beam of light into the ice in front of it.

Almost immediately a second, smaller icy creature came forth, looking almost exactly like the first, but it only had three icicles on its head.

The Ice Elementals have been awoken.



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