Chapter 1

Rating: PG-13(may go higher)

Author: Moonchild DJ



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"I am NOT a chihuahua!! Would you stop calling me that?!" Jounouchi Katsuya (AN: yes, I realize that Jou's his last name, but I put it backwards like they introduce themselves, last name first) growled at his enemy as his friends grabbed his arms to hold him back. "One of these days, I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your face!"

Seto Kaiba smirked, laughing snidely. "You, do that to me? I don't think so, you little yapping dog. All you do is bite my heels and growl. Your bark is worse than your bite. Hey, Yugi, better put a leash on him, he might have rabies."

"I'll show YOU rabies, you sadistic little--!"

Yugi Mutou, Jounouchi's best friend, put a calming hand on his arm and glared at Seto. "Leave him alone, Kaiba! Stop picking on him and leave!" His violet eyes bored into Seto's dark blue, and Seto smirked.

"Typical, Jounouchi..always having Yugi fight your battles for you. That must be how you got so far in dueling, with him and the rest of your pack your little cheerleaders, stroking your ego. Pathetic.." Seto sneered as Jounouchi lunged at him, fists clenched, before his friends managed to haul him back. He laughed and disappeared into the shadows of the woods, his trenchcoat flapping behind him.

Jounouchi growled and pulled away, dashing away angry tears. Yugi glanced at him in concern, putting a hand on his arm. "Jou-kun? He really got to you this time, didn't he? You can't let him push your buttons..."

Jounouchi shrugged, glaring into the forest. "It's something only he can do.." He started to walk away, shrugging his hands into his jacket pockets, blond head bowing.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

Jounouchi turned to glance at Yugi. "I've gotta take a walk. Clear my head. I'll be back.." He continued on into the darkness, picking his way through the growth, not seeing Yugi's look of concern.

"What's wrong with him?" Anzu Misaki asked Yugi as she, Honda Hirohito and Ryou Bakura watched him go. Yugi shrugged.

"I don't know..but something's bothering him. I wish he'd tell us.."

Anzu patted his shoulder soothingly. "He will, Yugi...when he's ready to. We can't force him into it, he has his pride."

Yugi nodded reluctantly, eyes narrowing thoughfully. "Something's up with him. I hope it's nothing bad..."


Jounouchi sighed, pushing back his bangs with slight irritation as he picked his way through the dark forest. He gasped as hands suddenly clamped his arms, whirling him around, pinning him against a tree. "What the..?!"

His eyes widened as a pair of soft, demanding lips crushed against his, hands pulling him close to a warm, hard body. He closed his eyes in pleasure, wrapping his arms around the slim waist. When the seductive kiss ended, he managed to whisper, "You didn't have to be so mean. I got the point after the 'chihuahua' remark, you know.."

Seto Kaiba smirked teasingly. "You're so fun to pick on, Jou, I couldn't resist. Besides, we have to keep appearances that we hate each other."

Jounouchi sighed. "I know. If I didn't know your feelings, though, I'd be seriously hurt."

Seto sighed, raising a hand to caress his cheek. "I'm sorry to be so harsh, Jou. You know I don't mean the words. Forgive me?"

Jounouchi smiled, wrapping his arms around his neck. "Always. You know that, Seto." He sighed and closed his eyes as he felt Seto's hands tangle into his hair and pull him closer, raising his chin for another sweet, demanding kiss. There was too little time for them to be together like this, what with Seto trying to save his little brother, his business, plus dueling against Yugi, and himself striving to become a better duelist..times like this were few and far between. He still remembered how it all started...

-**~ Seto laughed as Jounouchi fell to his knees after being defeated in their duel. "That's right, Jounouchi, grovel. Fall to your knees and whine and beg like the whimpering dog you are. Acknowledge your true master like a good little puppy dog." he sneered.

Jounouchi was tempted to flip him off, but remained silent. It was best to not atagonize Kaiba while he was the loser. 'You'll get yours, Kaiba, I guarentee it.' he growled mentally. He heard Yugi, Anzu and the others come to his defense, but Kaiba just laughed them off.

"Perhaps you should let Yugi duel for you, you might stand a better chance of winning if he does the thinking instead of you. You'll never be a good duelist, loser."

"Kaiba! That's not true! Stop picking on him!" he heard Yugi protest.

"Don't waste your breath on him, Yugi. He likes kicking people when they're down." he growled, raising his head. He glared at Kaiba as he got to his feet, smirking mentally as he saw his eyes widen in surprise. "I'm not a puppy dog, Kaiba. You may have defeated me, but I'm not going to roll over and die just because of that. I'll come back stronger than ever, and I'll see to it that our next duel is different. You can bet your precious company on it."

Kaiba snorted. "Right. You're all talk, Jounouchi. You're nothing but a petty wanna-be duelist, and I look forward to the time when I can bring you to heel." He whistled like a master calling for his dog. "Here, Jounouchi! Here, boy! I'll break you yet."

Jounouchi flushed, half in embarrassment, half in anger. His hands clenched into fists, feeling angry tears pierce his eyes. "Never."

Kaiba smirked. "You wish. Next time you'll be wearing a dog collar with my name on it."

Kaiba! Stop it!!" Yugi growled, eyes narrowing. "That's enough!"

"What is your problem, Kaiba?!" Anzu snarled, resting a hand on Jounouchi's arm. "Why do you have to pick on him so much?! He's never done anything to you!"

Kaiba glared, his blue eyes hard as steel. "Blond-haired little punks who think they know better than anybody else annoy me. They should know their place. Under my heel."

Jounouchi growled at that remark, losing his temper. "I'M NOT YOUR LAPDOG!!" He lunged, surprising Kaiba, his attack knocking them backwards into the shadows of the forest. They rolled end over end over end in their attempts to best the other, both of them evenly matched im strength and endurance, even if Kaiba was taller and heavier. Jounouchi snarled as Kaiba punched him in the face, spurring him to ram his fist in his stomach, smirking when he heard Kaiba grunt in pain.

Several more blows were traded, but one couldn't top the other, even when they got to their feet and circled 'round each other like boxers. Jounouchi growled in frustration, tackling him, rolling end over end once again until Kaiba landed on top.

'This isn't good...' Jounouchi realized as Kaiba pinned him to the ground firmly. He struggled underneath him, pushing at Kaiba and his grip.

"Let me up, Kaiba!" he growled, glaring at him furiously. He struggled more, managing to knee him in the groin, slipping out from under him when Kaiba doubled over. He turned, facing Kaiba, fists raised as he waited for Kaiba to turn and face him.

Kaiba turned slowly, wincing as he slipped into a defensive position. "Why didn't you attack me when my back was turned? You could've had a chance there..."

Jounouchi snorted. "Unlike you, Kaiba, I don't attack when someone's defenseless. You either face me or not at all!"

"What do you know..the mutt's got a sense of honor." Kaiba smirked.

"I'm NOT a mutt!!"

Kaiba laughed. "Touchy..."

Jounouchi's chocolate-brown eyes narrowed. "You'd be touchy too if someone insisted on putting you down every time they saw you! I'm sick and tired of it all!" He lunged at him, fists swinging.

Yet another round of fighting, again no one becoming the victor, until Kaiba had Jounouchi pinned to the ground again, every inch of his body pinning his to to prevent another knee or elbow from hitting him. Jounouchi glared at him.

"Fine. You got me. I hope you're satisfied."

Kaiba smirked down at him. "Not nearly."

Jounouchi blinked in surprise. "...What do you want from me, Kaiba?"

~End Chapter 1~